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'PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, COOLGARDIE. TENDERS will be received up to Noon, April 2, 1896, at the Public Works ? Depart ment, Coolgardie, For the ERECTION of ADDITIONAL OFFICES, etc, to Warden's Offices, Kal goorlie. Plans and Specifications to be seen at the Public Works Department, Coolgardie, and Warden's Offices, Kalgoorlie. Deposit with tender £30. Endorsed Tender for Addition to Warden's Office, Kalgoorlie. rp en d' e 'r s Are called for the ERECTION of a SUITE of OFFICES at Kanowna. Full particulars can be obtained from Keeble, Johnston & Co, Hunt-street, Cool gardie. The lowest or any tender not neces sarily accepted. rp E .W D E R S. TENDERS are invited till Tuesday, April 7, for FENCING a RESIDENTAL AREA, 66ft x 165ft. Specifications can be seen at the office of Mr H. E. Laslett. Auctioneer. EDWARD HUCKER. T^J 0 T ~ C ji! During our abseiice. from the colony we have appointed Mr H. URQUHART to act as our Agent under ' Power of Attorney.' ELISE GORDON PETTIGREW. ROBERT PETTIGREW. March 7, 1896. ?pwR. MATT El, Of Paper Buildings, Middle Temple, London, (Late Medical Officer Poole Hospital and British Hospital, Alexandria), Has Commenced Practice And may be consulted at his Tent (Next Walsh's Store), etween 9 a.m. and 11a.m., 2 p.m. and ? 3 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. ? \TIT J. COTTER, M.P.S., L.D.S., Chemist and Surgeox Dentist, Has Removed into New Premises opposite W.A. Bank, Hannan-street. -: Prescriptions Accurately Dispensed with Purest Drugs. Teeth Extraction a Speciality. ; T\R J- A. LANG DON (Edinburgh and Dublin), Registered in Western Australia, formerly Government Medical Officer Kimberley GoldFiold, Surgeon of the Coromandel Hospital, New Zealand, BROAD ARROW. EH. B. MACARTNEY, B.C.E.. ? Government Mining Surveyor, I 0 U (Bulong). . Mining Companies and others can obtain up-to-date position plans of Surveyed Leases at Bulong, Taurus, Ballagundi, or Mount Monger. Plans, Flotation Plans and Under ground Surveys of Leases made at shortest notice. Apply to above, Survey Camp, Bulong. . JCOLLETT MOUL DEN, ? F.G.S., Associate Royal School of Mines, London, Mining Enginer and Metallurgist. (Diploma 1st class) (Bessemer Medalist). Offices next to Sheard and 'Mapson, Hannan street, Kalgoorlie, W.A. Reports on Mines or Claims. Assays conducted. Mining Commissions executed. Cable Address—' MOULDEN,' Kalgoorlie. Codes— Bedford McNeill, Moreing & Neal. T W. G R A Y S 0 N, Associate of the S.A. School- of Mines, Mining Engineer and Metallurgist, (late Manager of the South Australian Government Cyanide Works, Mount Torrens), is prepared to Furnish Reports on Mining . Properties, advise as to the most suitable metallurgical plant for the treatment of the various auriferous ores of the field, and to act as Consulting Engineer to Mining Com panies. Mining Representative for the Grayson Syndicate, and Wilkinson, Harrison, and Porter, of Adelaide and London. Companies Promoted, Approved Mining Pro perties bought. Office and Laboratory : Soloman Chambers, Hannan-street, ? Kalgoorlie, W.A. CAPTAIN Trios. Hy. Sprague, late Mining Manager Hannau's Reward South G.M. Co., open to Engagement, management or inspect and report onmines. Strictly confidential. Terms as per a range ment. Thirty years practical experrnce in Australia. Assays made. Addresse— Kal goorlie Post Office. Letters promptly attended to. J? J. F 0 W K E, LABOR AGENT. GRESHAM- STREET, ADELAIDE, S.A. : All Classes of MALE and FEMALE SERVANTS (Including Certificated Engineers . and Practical Miners) Waiting Engagement for Western Australia. Letters and Telegrams Promptly Attended to. Patronage Respectfully Solicited. £JONDENSE~I- 'WATE R. Delivered at Current Rates. Orders handed in to No. 11 Kalgurli Exchange Buildings, opposite Warden's Court, will receive prompt attention. 1N1NG PROPERTIES, Developed and Undeveloped, For Sale. LINTON & SAUNDERS, Brokers and Agents.

NOTICE. Tl/f UNICIPALITY OF KALGOORLIE NOTICE is hereby given that a SPECIAL MEETING of the COUNCIL of the above Municipality will be held TO-DAY (Satur day) at 2 p.m. in the Council Chamber. JOHN WILSON, Mayor. rpHE TOWN CLERK'S DISMISSAL March 31, 1896. To His Worship the Mayor, of Kalgoorlie. Sir— We the undersigned Ratepayers of the Municipality of Kalgoorlie, hereby re quest you to Call a Public Meeting to obtain an expression of opinion as to the action Of the Council in dismissing the Town Clerk. We shall be pleased if you will publish this requisition and your answer in the local newspapers. Yours faithfully, Tom Bower F. A. Plumstead Hocking and Co Deland and Ellis H. V. Seymour Wells H. Burton Corbin W. R. Knight Fred Morris G.R.Addis :? Rampling and Antill Win. Jno. Cotter J. H. Pellevv W. J. Reynolds George Lovett Edwd. Bruce A. W. Rodda M. S. Solomon Walsh and Son W. T. Linton A. J. Burrows J. G. Allerdice R. W. Stringer R. R. Pilkington D. J. Carmichael. : Gentlemen— -I have the honor to inform you that I nominate SATURDAY EVEN ING NEXT at QUIGLEY'S HALL, at S.cO p.m., as the time and place for holding the Ratepayers' Meeting the subject of the re quisition. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, . . Yours obediently, . ? JOHN WILSON. rpHE BRUNNERTON MINING ± DISASTER. Kalgoorlie, March 30. To His Worship the Mayor of Kalgoorlie. Sir, — We, the undersigned, residents of Kalgoorlie respectfully request you to con vene a Public Meeting at the earliest date convenient (Saturday evening next) to express the sympathy of the residents of this goldfield with the relatives of the unf ortunate victims in the deplorable mining catastrophe at Brunnerton, New Zealand, and to raise funds towards the assistance of the sufferers, 250 of whom have been deprived of their breadwinners. We are, Sir, yours respectfully, Frank Kelsall John Quigley James P. Hallahan A. J. Quigley P. Quealy Jas. D. McLean t Charles Williams Alex. P. Powell A. Rufus Powell T. Hepburn Gentlemen,— I have the honor to appoint SATURDAY, the 4th day April, at 7.30 p.m., at QUIGLEY'S HALL, as the time and place for the consideration of the subject contained in your requisition. I have the honor to be Gentlemen, Yours obediently, ? JOHN WILSON. 'IZALGO ORL-IE . RAILWAY. . Kalgoorlie, March 31, 1896. To His Worship the Mayor, of Kalgoorlie. We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you will CALL a PUBLIC MEETING at an early date, for the purpose of forming a GENERAL DEMONSTRATION COM MITTEE for the. OPENING of the KAL GOORLIE RAILWAY. '.:,??:. ' We are, Dear Sir, ' Respectfully yours, - M. S. Solomon H. R. Davies Claude Hamilton Arthur G-. Holroyd Steve Wake ] Fred Wigzell ? J. V. Parkes , A. Vernon Harvey .. - W.J.Richardson :.'/: '....-? ;, H. Holdsworth ? ..', ' William Kither George Price Deane Harry Higgins ? E. H. Thomas J. Oakley Browne W. G.Magor - Charles C. Smyth ' W. Whiston Walsh : F. A. Plumstead , . Thos McCreanor F. P. Mclvor ? ; Robert L. Hair J. J. Cassidy Egar Giles : Louis A. Morris J. H. Ward G. R: Addis .?;/-, Wm. Jno. Cotter Fred Morris J. Miller John Quigley Annie Maude O'Neill Mary Ellen Quigley Thos. B. Hales Thos. W. Lyons H.J. Polhill P. Whelan D. Langford Herbert A. Benjamin Henry D. Bloom John Garland J. W. Fimister Chas. Cutbush Chas. De Rose William Barlow Nellie Waldee A. E. Anderson C. R. Hawke Nathl. Hawke R. Galbraith Moore J. Johnson J. Galbraith Moore W. Conrick David Reid Thos. F. Whitford G. C. A. Todd ? H.P. Jay A. R. Mehian J. W. Kirwan G. McMahon E. S. Cohen . S. E.Ward Frank Mertou Annie Solomon Braham Cohen. Kalgoorlie, March 31, 1896. Gentlemen — I have the honor to inform you that I have much pleasure in nominat ing TUESDAY EVENING NEXT the 7th instant, at QUIGLEY'S HALL, as the time and place for considering the matter con tained in your requisition. 1 have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Yours obediently, JOHN WILSON, Mayor.

ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS OF THE Queensland Adelong GOLD MINING COMPANY, No Liability, ' I 0 U '(Bulong), KALGOORLIE. lo be Registered in Queensland. Capital, £22,500 : divided into 90,000 Shares ' of 5s each ; -io,000 Shares are issued as fully paid up, and. 45,000 as Contri buting Shares now offered to the public on the following terms, viz.: 6d per Share on Application and 6d per Share on Allotment. Calls not to exceed 3d per Share per month. Provisional Local Director : JOHN ; WILSON,' Esq., Mayor of Kalgoorlie. f I^HIS Company is being formed to pur L chase the claim known as the Adelong, situated at I 0 U, ?Bulong,- containing 22£ acres, situate 18 miles east of Kalgoorlie, adjoining the celebrated Mystery and the Great Oversight properties. Mr Robert Gibson, mining expert for the Octagon Syndicate, has given a most favor able report upon the property, dated February 20. The following extract will be of great interest to intending shareholders : — ' I con sider the prospects of your property are ex cellent and fully warrant the expenditure of capital. ?' To thoroughly develop the adjoin ing property the Mysterv is pushing ahead with development work and are about to erect a battery, which is a sufficient guaran tee of the value of the formation traversing your section, No. 1442. I am convinced that the formation only wants to be developed to prove equal to the Mystery. It is a splendid prospecting property, and as such I can strongly recommend it.' The vendors have agreed to sell the Pro perty for £1,800 cash and 45.000 Shares fully paid, the Company paying the working, flotation, and other usual expenses from the 2Srd instant. No consideration for floating or promoting the Company will be paid other than appears in this prospectus. ; v '-' '? ? ? : If the Company is not floated application moneys will be.refunded in full. V Early application for shares is necessary as a. large number of shares have already been applied for. Application for Shares, accompanied by application and allotment money, must be forwarded to the undersigned. G. C. HORSTMANN, Queen-street. Brisbane, Provisional Secretary. Brisbane, March 26, 1896. - | -HE COOLGARDIE GOLD MINING AND PROSPECTING COMPANY, rW.A., Limited. DISTRIBUTION OF SHARES. Notice is hereby given that the Dircctoi's of the above Company have decided to make a Distribution of 100,000 Shares of the Associated Gold Mines op Western Australia, Limited, amongst the Registered Shareholders of the Coolgardie Gold Mining and Prospecting Company, W.A., Limited, being a distribution in the proportion of One (1) Share in the Associated Gold Mines of Western Australia, Limited, for each Share in The Coolgardie Gold Mining and Prospecting Company, W. A., Limited. The Transfer Books will close on the loth day of April next, for the purpose of settling the list of those entitled to participate in this Distribution, and will remain closed for seven (7) days from that date. AURHUR BRISTOWE, Secretary of The Coolgardie Gold Mining and Prospecting Company, W. A., Limited. 1 and 3 Cowra Chambers, Adelaide, March 24, 1896. -HHE HYNES WESTERN PROSPECT 1 ING SYNDICATE, Limited. THE COMPANIES ACT, 1893. To the Registrar of Companies. . . Notice is hereby given that the Office or place bC business of the above Company is situated at Semaphore Chambers, Hannan street, Kalgoorlie, where all legal proceedings may be served upon, and all notices ad dressed or given to the said Company. Dated the 20th day of March. 1896. R. W. HALL, Semaphore Chambers, Kalgoorlie, Attorney for the Company in : . . Western Australia. R. R. Pilkington, solicitor, Kalgoorlie. \[ ° T X ° E- The Orient Steam Navigation Co., Limited, whom we have represented for the last 11 years, having decided to establish a Branch Office here, as at Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, we wish to inform the public that after the 31st of MAY next ensuing, our con nection with the Company will cease. All communications relating to the Com pany's business up to the above date to be addressed as heretofore. — (Signed) J. McKAIL & CO. William Grills Knight and Henry Stephen John Knight, carrying on Business as Ship ping and Commission. Agents under the style or form of J. McKail & Co., beg to announce that we will from this date trade as W. G. KNIGHT & SON, And will conduct all SHIPPING and COM MISSION Business. Also that of CUSTOMS and FORWARD ING AGENTS, LAND, ESTATE, STOCK and STATION AGENTS And AUCTIONEERS. g§P° We intend to pay Special Attention to the Customs and Forwarding Branch of our Business and assure you that all business entrusted to us will command our best services. , W. G. KNIGHT & SON, , ' Stirling Terrace, Albany. Albany, March 17, 1896.

AUCTION SALE, At 11 o'clock sharp. T INTON & SAUNDERS have received JlJ instructions from the Inspector of Police to sell under authority of the Resident Magistrate of Kalgoorlie — 1 case WHISKY 1 case PORT AVINE 4 cases BEER 1 case CHAMPAGNE And various Bottles of Whisky, Brandy, etc. Without Reserve. LINTON & SAUNDERS, Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE. T H I S~~D A Y9 At 12 o'clock sharp. By order of the Official Assignee in the Bankrupt Estate of William Waugh. BALANCE OF DRAPERY, etc., Ladies' Underclothing Ladies' Hats or Boots Ladies' Millinery and Hosiery. LINTON 'and SAUNDERS, AUCTIONEERS. AU CTION SALE. THIS~b AY. at 3 p.m. sharp. 2 Camels, Horses, Saddles, and Harness.', Also, CONTENTS OF STORE, consisting of GROCERIES, IRONMONGERY, DRAPERY, Etc. LINTON & SAUNDEES, Auctioneers. A U CTI O N SALE.. . SATURDAY, A PRTL 4. at 3 o'clock. LINTON . & SAUNDERS (in conjunction with Weston & Riddle) are instructed to sell at their Mart, on Satur day afternoon, April 4. COMPLETE CON DENSING PLANT as a going concern. Plant consists of —2 400-gallon Boilers, 2 400-gallon Spare Boilers, 2 Steam Chests 800 gallons each, 1 Cooler 600 gallons, 5 Storage Tanks 2,500 gallons. Horse Trough, Ropes, Buckets, etc., Water Shaft 110ft supplying 1200 1300 daily. A Camp is erected on-main road for selling water, stores, etc, and is the camping ground for teams. LINTON & SAUNDERS, Auctioneers. THIS DAY THIS DAY Jf\ RUMMERS & /T\O. have been favored with instructions to sell at their Mart, To-Day at 3 o'clock sharp — DRAUGHT HOUSES SADDLE & HARNESS HORSES HARNESS, &u. Also, COMPLETE CONDENSING PLANT situated vat I.O.U. And HESSIAN BUILDING, together with FURNITURE & EFFECTS, situated at I.O.U. For Absolute Sale. For further particulars enquire of Auctioneers. TO-NJ1GHT, At 7 o'clock p.m. HE; L : A S L E T T, Auctioneer, 1 will submit for public competition, on behalf of the owner — - .: ONE BLOCK OF LAND, ? Having 45ft Frontage to Watt-street x 90f t. ? Opposite Spottiswoode Railway Station. : Victoria. . Certificate of Title, which can be inspected: prior to sale at the office, Hannan-street. ; No Reserve.. Terms Cash. : REV. CUMBERLAND CLARK, will Conduct Services on EASTER SUNDAY, April 5, 1896, at LINTON AND SAUNDERS' AUCTION MART. Morning at 11. Evening at 7. Evening Subject— 'Did Christ Rise from the Dead.' Sankey's Hymns. All heartily invited. T-RE SBYTERIAN CHURCH, KALGOORLIE. The Rev. GEO. BREWSTER, M.A., of Albany, Will (D.V.) Preach in connection with the above Church IN HANNAN'S STOCK EXCHANGE, . next Club Hotel, ON SUNDAY EVENING, April 5, at 7 o'clock. All Seats Free. Collection. All are most cordially invited to attend. MRS QUINL'IVAN, Certificated Teacher, from State Schools, Victoria, desires to notify the public that she is about to OPEN 'a SCHOOL in ST. MARY'S CHURCH, Kalgoorlie, under the Super vision of Rev Father Deasy, and will be happy to meet parents desiring further in formation on Monday Afternoon, at Mr Harper's Grocery Store, Hannan-street. T- O Y A L MAIL. REDUCED FARES. CORRY BROS., Bulong, I O U. are now Running a Coach from KALGOORLIE to I O U. Tin:c table see later advertisement, A COACH will Leave BRENNAN'S COMMERCIAL HOTEL for BULONG, I O U, on EASTER MONDAY, to start at 7.30 o'clock. Fares. £1. L o A Thorough-Bred BAY PONY, branded on near shoulder reversed V. Last heard of at Fox & Holmes Slaughter Yard. Finder will be rewarded on returning same to S. Osborne, manager, Croesus Consols. REWARD.— Left in Government Urinal, Back C^b Hotel, BELT, POUCH, Silver WATCH and CHAIN. Apply '' Digger,' this Office.