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Shipping Intelligence.



November 1. — John Williams, barque, 296 tons, Morgan, from London, with supplies and 5000 copies of the Bible in the Raratongu language     Passengers — Rev Mr Darling, Mrs Darling, and Miss Darling, Rev Mr Lind, Mrs Lind, Rev G Spencer, Mrs Spencer , Miss Barff, Miss Simp- son, Rev A Buzacott. Mrs Buzacott, nnd Miss Buzacott, Rev Mr Gill, Rev Mr Law, Mrs Law, Miss Cobden, Mr Fairfax, Mr Ross, Miss Parry, and Mrs Morgan.

November 2.— Calcutta, barque, 484 tons, Wrankmore, from Plymouth, with 151 single females, 7 married couples, 5 girls, and 4 boys, emigrants. Passengers — Mrs and two Miss Smith, Miss Hood, and Dr Church. One birth and one death took place on the passage.

November 2. — Cosmopolite, brig, 145 tons, Absom, from Twofold Bay, with cattle and sheep. Passenger — Mr Absom.


Ootober 31. — Pilot, schooner, 90 tons. Shep- herd, for Victoria. Passengers — Mr Gable, Mr and Mrs Marshall, Mrs Wallace, Mr Donolly, and three in the steerage.

Ootober 31. — Emma, barque, 191 tons, Kelly, for Sydney.

November 1. — Henry Edward, schooner, 84 tons, Davidson, for Geelong.

November 1. — Triad, schooner, 96 tons, Marr, for Geelong.

November 1. — Cape Horn, barque, 173 tons, Boggis, for Sydney. Passengers — Mrs and Miss Walker, Mr Curtis, and four in the steerage.

November 1 — Flying Fish, schooner, 123 tons, Ogilvie, for Victoria.



November 1. — Nautilus, barque, 191 tons Dryden, from Melbourne. Passengers — Mr Humphrey, Mr J Rankin, Mr W Kay, Mr H Wilkinson, Rev. James Madden, and Rev. H Geoghegan.

November 1. — Swan, brig, 149 tons, Martin, from Melbourne. Passengers — Mr Horne, Mr J Robertson, Mr Buras, Mr Lipscombe, and four in the steerage.


October 28 — City of Sydney, brig, 106 tons, Fawthrop, for Portland Bay. Passengers — J. Meredith, Esq., Mrs Meredith, R. R. Leake, Esq. Mrs. M. Beams, and H. G. Thomas.

October 28 — City of Melbnurne, screw steamer, 139 tons, Saunders, for Melbourne. Passengers — Messrs T Lawson, W Lawson, David Lawson, Oxford, Hume, Lynne, Cuthrie, Grieve, Hamil- ton, Horne, Clarke, Cox, White, Bayles, Mr and Mrs Gregson and 32 in the steerage.

October 30. — Porttland, schooner, 73 tons, Davison, for Melbourne. Passengers — S Jones and W Riley.

October 30. — William, brig, 121 tons, Coffey, for Sydney. Passengers — three in the steerage.

October 30. — Victory, schooner, 20 tons, Fen- wick, for Hobart Town.



October I6. — Shamrock, steamer, 200 tons, Gilmore, from Launceston to land passengers, and left immediately afterwards for Melbourne.

October l8. — Ariel, schooner, 49 tons, Lewis, from Launceston, with 300 bags flour.


October 13. — Isabella, cutter, 31 tons, Ste- phenson, for Melbourne, with 16,000 palings, and

one passenger.

October 16. — Shamrock, steamer, 200 tons, Gilmore, for Melbourne, immediately after land- ing passengers from Launceston.

October 22. — Ariel, schooner, Lewis, for   Geelong, with 300 bags flour, 25 tons potatoes. Passengers — James Henty, and J M Ware, Esqs, Richard Lincoln, James M'Calligan, Joseph Penman, John Williams, J M Rory, Henry Charlton, Joseph Barton, and Samuel Perkins.



October 24. — Posthumous, barque. 390 tons, Davidson, from London, via Plymouth. July 7.

October 27. — Constance, barque. 573 tons, Sutherland M'Beath, from London, via Plymouth 16th July, with 221 government emigrants.


The Calcutta spoke the Sir George Pollock off the Cape of Good Hope, bound to New Zealand, with emigrants.

The following vessels were advertised to leave London about the 28th of July :— The Albatross for Port Phillip and Adelaide ; the Osprey for Sydney direct ; to be followed by the Eagle, Falcon, Salacia, Petrel, Condor, and the Zetland. These vessels vary from 1300 to 1900 tonnage.

The Sea Belle has made the splendid run of only 28 hours from Launceston to Port Phillip Heads, which fully establishes her character as a

fast sailor.

The Stebonheath, from this port, arrived off Plymouth on the 5th July.

The Posthumous spoke the Duke of Welling- ton, from Sydney, out 83 days, on the 4th August, in lat. 8 N., long. 25¼ W.

The ship Melbourne anchored off Point Henry, from Melbourne, to load with wool.

The captain of the Wild Irish Girl, with 68 passengers from Adelaide, states that a number of vessels were laid on for this port and Melbourne, several of which sailed previous to his ship — most of the passengprs by the Wild Irish Girl are

Burra Burra miners.  

The Syria for Port Phillip, the Victory for Sydney, and the Undine for Hobart Town, all sailed from London on the 13th July.      

The Princess Royal, from Australia to London was spoken June l8, in lat. 35' S., long. 32 W.

The Esperanza and Hirondelle were advertised to sail from Sydney, the former on the 22nd, and the latter on the 23rd instant. The Mary Stew- art, with quick dispatch, for Geelong.

The Walter Claxton has made a quick passage of 49 days from San Francisco, notwithstanding she has met with a continuation of light winds,

and frequent claims. She is a new vessel of 300

tons burthen, and has been despatched to this port for sale, being well adapted both from her ton- nage and sailing qualities, for the colonial trade. The Agenoria, schooner, sailed about three weeks before the Walter Claxton for Sydney — S. M. Herald.

The packet brig Raven, so well known in the Launceston trade, was sold by Mr. George A. Lloyd at auction, to Mr. William Wright, for the

sum of £1040. — Ibid.