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Fort of Hobart Town,


April 22 -Ann Thomson, barque, 447 tons, Davis, from Plymouth. Passengers-Mr, and Mr3. Curti», Dr. Rocher, Surgeon Superintend 'eni\ and 145 emigrants, wives and families of


April 22_William & James, barque, 293 tons, Colls, from London, with a general cargo.

April 22_Mary Ann, schooner, 115 tons, Laing, from Port Albert, with cattle and shi op. Passenger-Mr. Smith.

April 23_Flying Fish, schooner, 122 tons, Ogilvie, from Victoria, with cattle and sheep. Passengers_Miss Edwards, Mr. Hammond, Mr. ?Everett, joseph Bye, James Campbell, Margaret

dollie, and Alfred Albion.

April 25-Cacique, barque, 140 tons, Milne, from Circular Head, with pine. Passengers-W. Risley, «¡on., W. Risley, jun. Reports tho Cathe- rine and Julia trying out in Port Davey.


April 23_Maid of Erin, brig, 152 tons, Cob- ban, for Adelaide.

April 23_Kiwi, brig, 87 tons, Johnson, for Sydney.

April 23-Jack, brig, Broomfield, for Sydney

and Sandwich Islands

Api ii 23_Triad, schooner, 94 tons, Baynton, for Port Phillip.

April 23._Miranda,- schooner, Bentley, for

Port Albert. .

April 23_Victoria Packet, barque, 170 tons, Fibber, for Port Phillip._

Port of Launceston.


April 21._Panama, brig, 223 tons, Winsbor rnw from Adelaide. Passongers-Mrs. Cork, Mr Lawson, Mr. Cork, and Chorlos Welsh.

April 21_Lady Harvoy, brig, 146 tons, Hay, from Auckland. Passengers-Mrs. Hay, Dr. Phillipson, and Beni y Castor.

Departm es.

' April 22 -Peri, brig, 145 tons, Tregurtha, for

, Adelaide. . __ , _..".

' April 22_Petrol, schooner, 70 tons, Wilkin- son, for Sydney. _ 't Mistclla/icous Slapping.

NOTICE TO MABINEBB-Tho following is the position or Clipperton'« Reck, in the North Parino Ucean, the position of which is marked doubtful in Norie'« ehart:-" Sunday, June Otk, 1850, sea account. At 6H. 30m a m, discovered a rock,

¿caring W.N.W., five or six miles distant, 00 or 70* feet above the surfaeo. Its appearance was that of a ship under double-rrefs, with hoad to tho south. There is a reef off the north end, ex- tending a quarter of a milo, and another on tho south end half thnt extent. Thoy must be near the surfaeo, as tho day was very smooth, and the breakert could bo seen very distinctly from tho ship's m.iln-top. At noon our lat. 10° O' N., and 108° 5-' W., at which timo the island bore N N \v" by compass, seen from tho ship'* inizen top, 'lo' miles distant. Variation or compass about half a point, whio^^'lk5«,t?10rIat-sof'h.e reck 10° 20' N., and Ion. 108° 56' Vi. As this rock is Hablo to bo fallen in with by voss. Is from Cu'ifornia, Peru, or Chili, the wilter submits this information for tho benefit ol' navigators »ho may be bound for California.-SAMUEL C. JONES, »Uto of tho ship ' Harris,' Boston, October 2i,

, IBfiO."