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Port or Hobart Town.


Sept. 25 - Favríte, barque, 375 tona, .{»owe. from the South Seas, with six tons sperm oil ; left Hobart Town tho 30th of July.

Sept. 27-Emma, brig, 137 tons, Pockloy. from Sydney the 15th instant, with a geuoral carao. Passengers-D.A.CG. Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell two children, and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Flockart. Rev. Mr. Wood. Ensign Gayner, 99th Regimont, Captain Tanner, Mr. G. Atkinson, Miss Hargin, Mr. Whittaker, and Mr. Holdidtch.

Sept. 28_Joseph Cripps, schooner, M'For lane, from Auckland, with oil. Passengers Captain M'Grath and Mrs. Foley.

Sept. 28_William, schooner, Freeburn, from Sydney, with cedar. Passengers-Messrs. Day, Ranken, Bastin, and Richards.

Sept. 2-*_Pilot, schooner. Fisher, from Port Phillip with sheep. Passengers-Messrs. Robert Elwos, J Loughnan, J. Grant, F. Paine, John Henry, and Mrs. Kirkland and two children.


Sept. 26 - Si/hanus, schooner, 78 tons. Moodie, for Port Phillip with sundries. Passengers Messrs. J. Rounds, J. Calligtn, and W. Green.

Sept. 26_Rebïcca, schooner. 75 tons, for Port Phillip, with timber. Passengers-J. Robertson, J. Wright, J. Montgomery, and J.


Sept. 26_Clarence, schooner, 08 tons. Burt, for Port Phillip, with sundries.

Sept. 26- Dorset, brig, 82 tons, Walsh, for Adelaide, with a general cargo. Passenger

Mr. Walsh.

' Sept. 28 -Scotia, schooner. Ogilvie, from Port Phillip, with cuttle.. Passengers-Mr. Francois, and Mr. and Airs. Waddle. '

Port of Laonceston.


Sept. 22_Ida, schooner, 68 tons. G. Cleve- land, master, from Adelaide; R. G. Gibbons, agent.

Sept. 22_Petrel, barque. 195 tons, William Carder, master, from Sydney .; Thompson and Co., agents. Passengers-Mrs. ¡spencer and two



Sept. 24_Swan, brig, 149 tons, Jai. Lovett, master, for Melbourne ; F. W. Townley, agent. Passengers-Mr. William Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon ur.d child, Mr John Mitchell ¡ and eight in the steerage.

Sept. 24_Eagle, schooner, 92 tons, William Winter, master, for Port Phillip; F. W. Townley,   agent.  

Miscellaneous Shipping.

The Pilot, schooner, reports that the Annie, barque, from Liverpool. Ima arrived the day the left.-On Sunday last slid took on board four pas- sengers off S wan Island, who stated that they bad quitted the Eliza, which was wrecked at Flinder's Island, that tiley were from Tahiti, and could not give tny information of California, where the Eliza had been. Captain Chard has written to Mr. Johnson, the owner, stating that he and the ?crew will remain until they can obtain some as- sistance, so that it is to be hoped she will not be a total wreck. She is insured in the Derwent and Tamar Insurance Company.

Colonial Whalers- On the 26th instant the barque Fortitude, Saunderson, a whaler be- longing to A. Morrison, was lying in Forteque Bay in a state of mutiny, ten of tho crew had threatened the lives of the captain and officers. Signals were made and the police have gone down to her-Nearly a fortnight hack the Pryde ran foul of the Highlander, both whalers, in Port David ; they are both Very much injured, and the latter vessel is coming in for a new fore-mast.- Six men on board the Maria, whaler. Lindsay, have beon sentenced to the treadmill at South Port, for refusing to work. Tho captain is now

in town for fresh hands.

The Favourite (arrived at Sydney September 12) spoke the whaler Aladdin, of Hobart Town, «in the 11th instant, with 480 barrels oil on board.

The Inohinnan, for California, sailed from Sydney on the 12th instant.