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[Before Mr. S. Beddome, P.M.,]


DRUNK AND INCAPABLE -Ricliard Francis was fined 53 I

for being drunk, and incapable of taking care of his horse

and dray

A WANDERER.-Mm gat et Danton W03 charged with wandering in Hindley street, on the 15th Aueu3t, and not being able to give a satisfactory account ot herself The defendant said she had come into town that day, and had got a little

too much to drink Dismissed with a caution

DESERTING SERMCE-Edward Dunn was charged with deserting the servicd of his master, Joseph Mellor, the term of his contract not hal mg expired The defendant pleaded guilty, stating his willingness to leturn Mr Melloi accepted the ofler, and the case was consequently dismissed

IMPURE WATER.-Wm and Joseph Peacock were charged with allowing waste and impure water to flow from their premises, situated in Grenfell-street, into the Botanic Gardens, on 12th August. G. W. Francis, Keeper of the Botanic Gardens, stated that impure water flowed into the   gardens; traced the water to a place called "Peacock's       Drain" and from thence to the defendant's yard, where he   saw a man pumping tan water into the drain known as "Peacock's Drain." The whole of the water in the lakes   at the Botanic Garden had turned black in consequence which was a great nuisance, as it affected the health of the swans in the gardens. By the Court - Cannot swear that the defendant has any connection with the premises from whence the impure water flowed. Believe it belongs to the Messrs. W. and J. Peacock. Henry Turner, employed in the gardens, cor- roborated the last witness's statements. He could not swear that the defendant owned the property from whence the impure water flowed. Robert Boyd and T. H. Cooke, also corroborated the last witness's statement, and in addi-     tion, stated the water continued to flow for three hours. In- spector Reading stated he had seen the defendant, Mr. Joseph Peacock frequently on the premises in question, con- ducting the business. The Corporation gave the defendants permission to make the drain in question. For the defence, Wm. Hocking was called. He stated he was in the employ   of the Messrs. Peacock. The tan water did not flow into the drain as stated by the witnesses for the prosecution; it     flowed into a well and was from there carted away. He always understood the drain was stopped up. Could not swear that any of the water pumped on the 12th instant flowed into the drain. Tan water was not unwholesome, many persons drank it. George Cooke stated he was in the employ of the Messrs. Peacock. He took the tan water, &c. out of the well every day. On the 12th instant he carted away three

loads. Never saw the well overflow. Michael Dunn stated he worked for the Messrs. Peacock. On Monday last he   pumped some water from the Messrs. Peacock's cellar into   the drain. It was clean water. In its course to the Park Lands it would gather up waste matter. His Worship thought the case was proved, and fined the defendants 1/.

STRAY HORSES - Toseph Roue was charged by inspector Reading with allowing two horiOs belonging to him to stray and go about Aorth Terrace on the 6th August His Worshio said he had no other option but to tine the defendant Ile stated that the law was a very imperfect one The Corpo- ration received money from pet sons allowing them to graze horses on the Park Lands, and j et they enforced a law for punishing people for driving loose horses through the city He could not do otherwise than fine the defendant l J& and


ASSAULT.-Thomas ballinger and Muru Ballinger were charged by Bridget Keunedy with assaulting and beating herat Norwood, on loth August. The informant. stated that on Tuesday week last, the female defendant kicked her door in, broke three panes of glass, and called her a-. On the following Saturday evening the female defen- dant " pitched" into her, and the male defendant struck her with a hammer several times, aud pushed her door in. Was struck in the side with the hammer. Have no marks. The defendant called her "Irish Paddy," aud she said " they ave as good aa English." Fined ss. each, and half the


STRAY HORSES.-Wm. Dret/er was charge 1 with allowing one horse belonging to him to stray and go about North terrace on tth inst. The Inspector called Margaret McMahon, who stated she saw the Inspector on the 7th inst. drive the horse away from some private road, and pelt it with stones toward the pound. Fined 5s. and costs.

. STORING HAY.-Samuel Campion was charged by In- spector Reading with storing hay in a wooden building in Alfred-street. The case was adjourned for a week to allow the defendant to remove the building in question.

UNREGISTERED DOGS.- August Brandt was charged with keeping a dog on his premises m Ropar-street for a period of 14 days without registering it. The information was withdrawn by the Inspector, the defendant having registered the dog since the information had been laid.