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NEW NORFOLK.-His Excellency and family returned from this place yesterday, after a so- journ of fourteen days at the Bush Hotel We understand that his Excellency and Lady Denison are both much delighted with this township, which stands unrivalled as a healthy place. As maybe remembered at the levee hu Excellency was so unwell as soaroely to be able to stand ; the New Norfolk air soon recovered bim, and he is sufficiently well to return and resume the difiU cdt government of Uri» troubjssoras colony; It is gensrally understood that «a the return of spring the family will be almost constant residents of Nsw Nodb|M,ao4'asiminy ooasequently antici- pate tUapUu» will Mgo a-head," and be what it watte* yje»'bac»Vn nappy and thriving settle MM, p ,, ¡ " , tr

' . » ' . J

HUNTING_On Saturday last Mr. Sharland's hounds threw off near Busby Park, and after some good running killed the kangaroo. There was a numerous field -Colonel Cumberland, Mojor Wilson, Captain Eyton, B. Dry, "Esq., M.L C, Dr. Robertson, Captain Madden, R.E., and many sportsmen in the neighbourhood, be- sides several others from Hobart Town. It bag been suggested to us to recommend Mr. Sharland to name fixed periods, so that many persons might assemble to partake of this manly sport. Tht> distance from Hobart Town precludes the pos- sibility of any attending whose company might be agreeably dispensed with ; and should Mr. Shar- land think proper to comply with the request, .we will readily insert the notice in our local intelli- gence. His Excellency proceeded to the place where the hounds threw off, but did not join the


THE LICENSED VICTUALLERS' DIRECTORV FOB THE YEAR 1847 -Mr. John Morgan, in his un- tiring zeal for the licensed victuallers, has pro- duced, under the above title, a very neat and most comprehensive little volume, containing all that relates to the trade of the wholesale and retail dealer, and the colonial enactments connected therewith ; an alphabetical list of all innkeepers in town and country, with the charges of carters, &c, Customs, and wharfago dues, &o ; and to crown all, a very neat and correctly-coloured code of Barfoot's signals, engraved by Bruce, and about the size of a crown piece. It is very appropriately dedicated to Mr. M'Lachlan, the Patron of the Licensed Victuallers' Society, for whose interests that worthy gentleman has evinced so much zeal and exertion. The compilation ia greatly creditable to Mr. Morgan, and the typo- graphical portion by Mr. Burnet is equally meri- torious. As to the utility of the work, we need say nothing : comprising as it does such a mass of useful information, and in so portable a form, not only should every licensed victualler in the colony be possessed of a copy, but every person in the remotest degree interested in the trade. If industrious accuracy deserves reward, verily hath Mr. Morgan well earned it. f

NEW NORFOLK HOSPITAL -It is a positiva fact that the mutinied overseer will be shortly on duty again, as the tenders to build the handsome addition to this building are accepted, and the

work is to be commenced forthwith. The mounted overseer, as foreman of the works, will bave to superintend the building, at which no doubt more men will be employed than he ever had under his command in the engineer department. Whether the mounted foreman is competent or not, remains to be seen : a man can write a very good letter if he has a clever clerk, and has only to sign his name ; so with accounts-they can be made very correctly and easily if the signature to the corner is alone required.

GOLD.-A paragraph appeared in our Tues, day's number, copied from a Van Diemen's Land paper, announcing that gold had been recently discovered in this district, and that Capt. Clinch, of the Flying Fish, had brought over a sample of it. As we had heard nothing of the subject before, we stated that this valuable discovery was " news to us," and so it undoubtedly is ; but it is never- theless true I The circumstances are these, as detailed to us by Mr. Forrester, the jeweller, Collins-street, in the presence of several gentle- men. About two months ago, a shepherd (un- known to him) came into his shop, and showed him some metal which the shepherd thought was copper, and asked Mr. Forrester to test it for him. The sample produced was about the size of an apple, and the shepherd said there was plenty more of it where that came from, but he would give no particular information as to the locality further than he bad found it under the roots of a large tree which had recently been blown down, the ground thereby being much torn up. The station, he said, was about sixty miles from town. Mr. Forrester tried the metal by the usual tests, and found it to contain sixty.five per cent, of virgin gold ; and he has at the present moment in his possession a sample of it in its pure, another in its impure state. The shepherd is ex

peoted in town in the course of a few days, with ., a much larger quantity of the metal than he at :'\ first brought ; but as the utmost secrecy is ob- served by him in his movements respecting his discovery, we do not expect to learn any fresh in- formation on the subject for some time to come.

-J». P. Herald.

THE THEATRE_The Pantomime continues

its attractions, and the house was tolerably well attended last night, to witness its last representa, tion at first price ; to-morrow evening it will be given at half-price, and conclude the entertain- ments,-the first piece being an entirely new ro- mantic drama, entitled Rinaldo Rinaldini, or the Brigand and the Blacksmith. With respect to the Pantomime, we should recommend Mr. Ro- gers to print his very excellent " Opening ,-" the circulation, both here and in the neighbouring colonies, would well repay the cost, and but few

alterations are necessary to place it in a publish,

able form.

TRANSPORTATION QUESTION.-We have re- ceived Mr. W. R. Allison's " Remarks " on this all-important question: they shall be duly attended to in our next publication.

HOBART TOWN MARKETS_If, notwithstand- ing the now knonn to be appalling extent of the famine in Britain, and the scarcity in all Europe, wheat in these colonies cannot be brought up to a higher price than au average of 4s. 6d , and in this, the granary of Australia, to 4s. 10d., what can be expected to become of our agriculturists when they have to meet the difficulty of frte labour, and no British Government expenditure ? Malt barley is scarce in this market at 5s., and Cape and oats at 4s. Potatoes are rather better to-day, the best " blacks" being £3 per ton. Hay brings from £3 10s. to £5 as. per ton ; and garden produce is rather on the advance.

THE WEATHER_The winter has set in with great mildness and serenity. There have been no severe frosts, no snow, no really winter weather. The average barometer of twenty-four hours is 29.5 ; the average temperature, 48.

LAUNCESTON MARKETS_Wheat has taken a rise, 3s lOd. and 4s having been given «¡ace our last.-Launceston Examiner, June 5.

SPIRITS-At a meeting of licensed victuallers on Thursday evening, about twenty-five being present, it was resolved to raise the retail price of brandy to 8d., and rum 5d. per glass. The wholesale prices asked by merchants are, rum, 5s.

to 5s. 6d., brandy, 15s. per gallon, gin, 20s. per

I case.-Ibid.

i BISHOP OF MELBOURNE_The Rev. Charles Perry, M. A., minister of St. Paul's District Church, Cambridge, 'has been appointed first r Bishop of Melbourne,-Cornwall Chronicle.