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Colonial Secretary's Office, February 11, 1847.

The Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to direct the publication of the following Commission Of the Peace, which has been issued for the island of Van Diemen's Land and its dependencies.

By His Excellency's Command,


'Victoria, by the grace of God, of the United    

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, and so forth,


Thomas Archer John Helder Wedge James Coi Robert Wettenhall Peter Archer Mulgrave William Wood

Thomas Anstey James Arndell Youl

Benjamin* Horne James Ii. Kenworthy Joseph Hone William G. Sams

John Ogle Gage John Peyton Jones James C. Sutherland George B. Forster

Robert Harrison Thomas J. Lempriere Wm. Henry Glover George J. Lenon William G. WalUor James Thomson

William Clark O. D. Ainsworth, Esos. John Burnett Samuel Martin (Clerk) Malcolm L. Smith Alfred Garratt

William Sorell Edward Carr Shaw William Barnes Frederick Synnot Edward Dumaresq John Bisdee

Roderic O'Connor Joseph Archer

William Konworthy Georgo Maclean John Beamont John Walker

Edward Abbott William T. Noyes Joseph Steele Robert Davidson William Gray ' Edward Berthon Robert Officer William Crooke Alexander Macpherson John Coverdale Charles M'Lachlan Samuel J. Dyer John Kerr John Forster

Josidh Spode Loftus F. Jones John Lee Archer Edward Barclay

J. H. Mooro, Esquires Francis H. Henslowe Wm. Bedford (.Clerk) Richard H. Willis

William Moriarty Fred. L. V. Steiglitz

Jobu Clark Samuel Barrow

Francis Aubin James A. Gibson Robert V. Leggo William Fletchor Thomas Mason Henry Jeanneret

Win. T. Parrainor« Charles B. Cumberland Charles Swanston James Richardson

George Hull Herbert V. Mundell Adam Turnbull William Tarleton'

Jocelyn B. Thomas Francis C. Doveton Benjamin Berthon Peter Fraser i

Theodore B. Bartley William E. Nairn George S. Davies Peter Cheape I

Joseph Milligan George Harrison John Leake Francis Burgess

Matthias Gaunt Frederick E Chalmers Matthew C. Friend Charles Meredith Robert Hepburn Edwin Whiting

William Proctor Fred. A. Dowtiing George Palmer Ball Robert Power'

Johu Whitefoord James Conway Victor Charles O'Hara Booth Thomas D. Chapman

James Henty John Dunn tljo younger Charles Schaw Hugh Calvo% Cotton

Frederick H. A. Forth Edward Bisdee

Ronald Campbell Gunn Francis W. y. Steiglitz George lieury Barnes Wm. Russ Pugh

James Raduliffe ' R. Q. Kermode, Esqs.

Georgo Kiug Thomas Reibby (Clerk)

James Crear James Maclanachan Cornelius Gavin Casey James Mackersey Ben. Bayley Esquires Richard'Lewis

Philip Palmer (Clerk) William Robertson G. T. W. B. Boyes William Watchorn William Gunn John Cameron Robert Jacomb William Carter

William Noilly James Robertson H.irvey Welman Philip T. Smith

Arthur Gardiuer Thomas Crittenden William Archer Stephen II. Grucbor Francis Y. Wilmore Willum S. Sharland William P. Wooton William Fletcher William Paton James D. Toosoy Jdinoi. Smith Abraham Walker John F. Sharland James Raven

Algernou Burdett Jones Hem-y Hopkins

William Henry Breton Sjlvei-ius Moriarty William T. N. Champ Thomas Manley Edmund Wm. Wilmore Simeon Lord

John Dunn J. Grant the younger Charles Arthur . David Ogilvy

Joseph G. Jeuuings John R. Salmon William Franks Charles Roid

James Peck Poynter Wm F. Wright

Roheit Pringle'Stuart Thomas Ritchie ;

Cornelius Driscoll John Tomes

Frederick G. Brock Robert G. 'Hamilton John Foster Henry Graham

Henry Miller Richard U. Browne James Aitkiu ? John Cannan Robert Barr , Edward Hill

John Abbott John Redman Bateman Edward Archer James Davis

John Atkinson Thomas C. Brownell Richard Barker Francis Evans

Edward S. P. Bedford John C. Harold Alexander Clerke Henry Arthur

Arthur Thomas Collett Samuel Henry Thomas John Cox Edward Mooro Richard Dry, Esquires John Meyer

». W. Gibbs (Clerk) R. W. Fenwick, Esqs. Charles B. Hardwicke T. N. Grigg (Clerk) Hezekiah Harrison Charles H. Marshall

Charles Shum Henty Frederick Evans Tcush Thomas Howitt William Langdon Anthony Fenn Kemp Henry Lloyd

Edward Macdowell Walter Davidson " Askui Morribon Joseph Bonney

James Georgo Parker A. H. Eardley-Wilmot Joseph Penny " Charles Headlam

John Price D'Arcy AVentworth Henry Reed Frederick Seymour Horace Rowcroft Johu Swan

John Sinclair Joseph Chipman, Esqs. Francis Smith James Norman (Clerk) Frederick C. Smith . Henry K. Bloomfield

Robert P. Stewart William Hulme Francis G. Tabart John Singleton Archibald Thompson Alexander Orr

Edward Tobin - William R. Allison

Robert Wales James Baruai-d, Esqs.

Thomas Walker ..

Know ye that wo have assigned you, jointly and severally, and every one of you, our Justices to keep our peace in our colony ot Van Dloinen's Laud and the dependencies thereof, aud to keep and causo to be kept all ordinances and statutes for the preservation of the peace, and for tho quiet rule and government of our people, made in all tho singular their articles in our said colony and the dependencies thereof, according to the form and effect of the samo, and to punish all persons offending against the said ordinances and statutes, or any of them, in our said colony or tho depen-

dencies thereof.

And to cause to como before you, or any of you, all thoso within our said colony und tho de- pendencies th'eieof who, to any one or more of our" people concerning their bodies, or the firing of theil- houses, havo used threats, to find sufficient security for the peace, or their good behaviour towards us and our people ; and if they shall re- fuse to find such security, then thom in our prisons until they shall find such security to causo to bo safely kept.

We have also assigned you, and evory two or more of you, our Justices to inquire tho truth more fully, by all lan ful means, by which the truth of the matter shall bo better known of all and all manner of felonies, poisonings, trespasses, fore stallings, regratinga, engroshings, and extortious whatsoever, and of all and singular other crimes and offences of which the Justices of our Peace

may or ought lawfully to inquire, by whomsoever and after what manner soever in our said colony or the dependencies thereof done or perpetrated, or, which shall happen to bo there done or at- tempted.

And also of all those who in our said colony or the dependencies thereof in companies against our peace in disturbance of our people with armed force have gone or rode, or hereafter shall pro sume to go or ride, and also of all thoso who have thero lain in wait, or hereafter shall presume to lie in wait, to maim or cut or kill our people.

And also of all victuallers and all and singular other persons who in tho abuoe of weights or measures, or in belling ,viotuals against the form of the ordinances and statutes or any of them tkorofuru mudo for tha common benefit of our said colony or its dependencies, and our people thereof, havo offended or attempted, or hereafter shall presume to offend or attempt.

i And also of all sheriffs, constables, keepers of gaols', and other officers, who in the execution of their offices about the promises, or any of them, have unduly behaved themselves, ol' hereafter sholl presumo to behave themselves unduly, or have been or shall hereafter happen lo be careless, remiss, or negligent, iu our said colony or the dependencies thereof.

And of all and singular articles and circum- stances, and of nil other thing!, whatsoever that concoru tho premises, or any of them, by whom- soever und utter v>liat manner soever in our said oolony or the dependencies theroof done( or per. petrated, or which hereafter shall there happen to bo dono or attempted in «hat manner soever.

And to inspect all indictments whatsoever so before you orany two or more of you taken or to be taken, or before others late our Justices of the Peaoe in our. said colony or the dependencies thereof taken and not yet determined, and to make and continue processes thereon ngainst all and singular the persons so indioted, or who before you hereafter shall happen to be indictod, until they can be taken, surrender themselves, or bo


And to hear and determine all and singular the felonies, poisonings, trespasses, forestaliings, re gratings, engrossings, oxtortions, unlawful as- semblies, indictments aforesaid, and nil and sin- gular pther the premisos according to tho laws and statutes of England, and of oui1 said colony and the dependencies theieof, as in the Uko case it has been accustomed or ought to bo dono.

And the same offenders, and every of them, by their offences by ones, ransoms, amercements, forfeitures, and other means, as according to the law and custom of England or form of the ordi- nances and statutes aforesaid, it hus been accus- tomed or ought to be doue to chastise and punish.

Provided always, that if a oase of difficulty upon the determination of any of the premises be- fore you, or any two or moro of you, shall happen to arise, then let judgment in no wiso be given thereon beforo you or any of you, unless in the presence of our Chief Justice of the Supremo

Court of Van Diemeu's Land.

And therefore, we command you and every of you, that to keeping the peace, ordinances, and statutes, and all and singular other the premises, you diligently apply yourselves, and that at cer- tain days and places duly appointed, or to be hereafter appointed for those purposes, into the premises ye moko inquiries, and all and singular tho premises hear and determine, and perform and iulfll them in the aforesaid form, doing therein what to justice appertains, according to the law and customs of England, and to the sta- tutes and ordinances aforesaid ; saving to us tho amercements and other things to us therefrom be- longing.

And we command our Sheriff of our said colony and its dependencies, at ccrtaiu days and places duly appointed, or to bo hereafter appointed as aforesaid, to bo aiding by all lawful means in tho performance and due execution of the premises.

In testimony whereof, we havo caused those our Letters to be made patent, and the Great Seal of our said colony to bo hereunto affixed.

Witness our trusty and well-beloved Sir William Thomas Denison, Knight, our Lieut.-Governor of and in our said colony of Van Diemen's Land and the dependencies thereof, this eleventh day of February, in the year of our Lord ono thousand eight hundred and forty-seven.


By His Excellency's Command,

J. E. BICHENO, Colonial Secretary.