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The approaching Darby was expected to be the mott numerously contested race ever known. Prince Albert and the Queen were again to be present, and sixty-eight horses were entered, so that the prize will bo the largest ever gained at one race. We are induced to copy tho following "state of the odds" from tho Morning Post of the 15th April, so that when the result of the race is known, our sporting readers may judge of the accuraoy of the betters. We add a curious account of a splendid Military Steeple Chace at Northampton :

A good deal of business was done yesterday in a small way. Coronation was backed for a trifle at 10 to I, and left off, as on Monday, a point in advance of Rosalie, about v?hora li to 1 was taken-10 to 1 offered at the ¿lose. Van Amburgh opened at 20 to 1, which was so readily taken that he soon reached Eringo, who was " done upon" at 16 to 1 to á pony. Knightsbridge found favour with several at our last quotation. The last offers were as under :


4 to I agst Scott's lot-take 4J to 1 9 to I-Mr. Rawlinson's Coronation

10 to 1-Lord Bruco's Rosalie colt-taken

16 to 1-Lord Westminster's Van Amburgh 16 to 1-Mr. Thornhill'* Eringo-taken 22 to 1-Lord Albemarle's Ralph

25 to 1-Lord Chesterfield's Knight of the Whistle

25 to 1-Lord Westminster's Marshal Soult 25 to 1-Colonel Peel's Caméléon 30 to 1-Mr. Wroford's Wahab

30 to 1-Colonel Anson's Duke of Wellington 33 to 1-Duke of Rutland's Sir Hans-taken'

35 to 1-Mr. Dixon's Knightsbridge to nearly 200/ 40 to 1-Lord Jersey's Joachim-taken

50 to 1-Colonel Crauford'sErmengardis-taken

1000 to 15-Mr. Clark's Gammon Box-taken 1000 to 15-Mr. Herbert's Nicolas-taken* 1000 to 15-Duke of Grafton's Mosquo

1000 to 10-Mr. Wigram's Nebros-taken

1000 to 10-Lord Westminster Morning Star-taken 1000 to 10-Mr. Buckley's Gilbert-taken 1000 to 10-Mr. Wimbush's Finchley

1000 to 10-Duke of Beanfort's Snowdrop

1000 even, on Morning Star agst Simoom-taken

The grand Military Steeple Chase, at Northampton,


This splendid affair came off on Wednesday ; it is impossible to describe the scene ; 20 horsfcs, as good as could be seen as hunters, all mounted by officers dressed like jockeys of the first water. The start was like the St. Leger in Memnon's year. The country run over was about threo miles ; the first part of it meadow land, with two brooks, and about eight out of tho twenty tried the depth of them. jOn returning they took the high ground, and had only one.plought-d field to cross in tho lino. Before they had gone half way tho field was sadly reduced, not more than half a dozen having any chance. On Hear- ing home the race was confined to Creole and Carlow, ond after an interesting struggle the latter won rather cleverly. Carlow was purchased of Mr. Hunt, a tobacconist, of Dublin.

Steeple Chase of 10 sovs. each, h. ft. with a Purse

added for horses the property of Officers on full pay of the Army, and to bo ridden by Officers on full pay; 12st. each. The owner of the second horse to receive back his stake and one fourth of the Purse, after the expenses have been paid out of it_Three milos. (26 Subs.)

.Capt. Sir J. G. Baird's (10th Hussars) b. g.

*" Carlow, aged (Owner) .1 Mr. Maddock s (9th Lancers) gr. g. Creole, by

Mulatto, (Oivner).2 Mr. Walter do Winton's (2d Life Guards) ch. m.

. Primrose (Owner).3 Capt. Quentin'« (10th Hussars) ch. g. Indian

Rubber, (Owner) .4 Mr. R. L. Thomas's (10th Regt.) br. g. Byron

(Capt. Peel).0 Mr. Maudock's (9th Lancers) ch. g. Defiance,

by Defence (Mr. Conolly).0 Mr. A. W. Williams's (10th Hussars) gr.'g.

Cornet, aged (Lieut. W. Dallas).0 Lord Cassillis s (17th Lancers) ch. g. Vospasian

(Mr. Broadloy2 .0 Lord Cassillis's (l<th Lancers) bl. g. Night-

shade (Owner) .0 Mr. Maynard's (Royal Horse Guard) Hussar,

(Owner) .0

Mr. E. Dyson's (3d Dragoons) ch. g. the Hawk

(Owner) .0

Mr. Cust's (Royal Horso Guards) Doubtful,

(Owner) .' .' 0 Mr. J. B. Ilroadley's (17th Lancers) b. li. Oliver

T. Wist (Major Lawrenson) . 0 Capt. S. Teesdale (3d Dragoons) b. g. Ibis,

aged (Air. Hogg) .0 Capt. S Teesdalo's (3d Dragoons) Plmrold, a.

(Capt. Dyson) .0 Mr. Clarke's (9th Lancers) ch. h. The Baronet

(Capt Grant) ..0 Capt. Hovenden's (5th Dragoons) b. g. Barrister  

(Capt. Bell) ... 0   Mr. Bastard's b. h. Mystery (Air. Beauchamp) 0 Lord G. Bcauclerk's (10th Hussars) br. g.

Robert the Devil (Owner).'C Lieut. E. Wardo's (Royal Horse Artillery) br. g.

Ulpho (Owner). ... '0 There was a very large assemblage of spectators to seo this race-20 started, but there wore only four placed ; won easily by Carlow, though Sir James had the first fall. Coronet broke a blood vessel, and died before they could get him home. The Inns were all uncommonly full, and bed3 were very scarce, snmo of tho visitors having paid a guinea a night for the ac- commodation. Contrary to expectation, tho ridera did not appear mounted in the Market square-a sad

disappointment to many ladies. Tho day throughout was fine, and the start took place not moro than a

mile from tho town.