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AUG. l8. — Sailed the schooner Agenoria, 129 tons, Hurst master, for Port Phillip, with sundries.

AUG. l8. — Sailed the brig Brothers, 120 tons, M'Kenzie master, for Sydney, with sundries.

AUG. 19. — Arrived the schooner Isabella, Murray master, from Port Phillip 9th inst., with oil from Wine Glass Bay.  

AUG. 19. — Arrived the schooner Agnes and Eliza- beth, Mitchell master, from Port Phillip via Twofold Bay, with hides, &c. Passengers — Mr. and Mrs. Lamb, Capt. Patterson, and Mr. Munro.

AUG. 19. — Arrived the brig Caroline, Woodin mas- ter, from Port Phillip 12th inst. Passengers — Jas. Crossley and S. Barnes.

AUG. 19. — Sailed the brig Lord Hobart, Hurburgh master, for Recherche Bay, with whaling stores.

AUG. 21. — Arrived, the schooner George Henry Harrison, Wetherall master, from Sydney 2nd inst., with a general cargo. Passengers — Mr. and Mrs. Hurst, and Mr. Myers.

AUG. 21. — Arrived the barque Asia, Davidson mas- ter, from Portsmouth 17th April, with 258 male pri- soners. Passengers — Dr. Sinclair, Lieut.-Colonel Carncross, Mrs. Carncross and three children, Lieut. Eyton, and 44 rank and file of the 96th Regt., 7 wo- men, and 14 children.

AUG. 22. — Sailed the barque Rajah, Fergusson master, for India, in ballast.

AUG. 23. — Arrived the schooner Sir John Franklin, Gill master, from New Zealand 1st inst. Passenger,

Mr. Dowdell.

AUG. 23. — Arrived the schooner Dundee Merchant, Lakeland master, from Sydney 11th inst., with sun- dries. Passenger — C. Seal, Esq.

AUG. 23. — Arrived the schooner Waterlily, John- stone master, from Sydney 3rd inst., with a general cargo. Passengers — Mrs. Delvin and child, Dr. Pottier, Mrs. Golding, Mr. Bates, and H. Cohen.

The Mayflower has returned from Recherche Bay,

with oil.