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.* p »**?., AI3USE (BENTS RAILWAY 'DANCE Select Old-Time Dance ' Select Old-Time Dance - RAILWAY INSTITUTE TO-NIGHT BaHway Six-piece Band- (B. Teague,- Leader). G.-Boyce, M.C.. . LADIES 1/,. GENTS 2/J ? LADIES,'!/ fGENTS/ 2/. ? ;? . ? ??- ' Comniittee Reserve the Eight to Admit. ?.?-.::? ? KALGOORLIE CITY FOOTBALL CLUB ?,- ,/;'. i;euchm.e. and .dance ; ., TO-NIGHT^— TN-THE R.S.L. HALL, AT s O'CLOCK —TO-NIGHT .- Blue Boys' Orchestra, Blue Boys' Orchestra. (Admission.— Euchre : Ladies* and Gentlemen, 2/. Dance: Gentlemen, , 2/* Ladies, pound night. The. committee reserve. the right to admit. V_ ? -USUAL CASH PgjZES i_gQ''RJSnOHBE. ? -___ , PU5LIG ^QTIGEa J. CLIFT AND CO.-*,.. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUTCHERS, SMALLGOOPSMEN '?: ..'??- AND LIVE STOCK SALESMEN. ??- .-.??. AT /HANNA?T RTBEET, KA LGOOBLT E. 'PHO.N E 294. '

1 ~ AHUSEHEHTST v— — — ? ? ? — ? ? ^TO-NIGHT ? TO-NIGHT — PROORAMME— Paramount British News Items Elissa Landi, Paul Cavanagh, Kent Taylor and' Frances 'Drake in, 'WITHOUT REiGtRET'' ? ^ITHOUT REGRET' ?A. daring draana of four twisted lives . . . intertwined by fate .?''.;' — Interval— Mefcrotone International News ''Colourful Guatemala/' an., all colour Fitzpatrick travel talk. !And the amazing story ocf Barnum's own life, as he rose from a dreamer to become the ? world acclaimed Prince of Hum'bugs. 'THE MIGHTY BiARNUM' 'THE MIGaTYBAiRNM'; Starring Wallace (Beery, Virginia Bruce and Adolplie Menjou. Box plans at the Majestic Theatre. TO-N05GHT ? TO-NIGHT (Prices:— Adults: Decks 2/4, Stalls 1/9, .tax included. Cihildiren hall pxioo.) —PROGRAMME— Oaannoni British News Items. (A. -baneful medley of song, dance- and \ radio Tomance, 'SWEET; SURRENDER' ('Wath Frank Parker, 'Tamaxa'j and seven beautiful songs. — Interval — 'Taking the Blame,' Ga-rtoon Item. ^Also, Pat O'Brien, Jeaai Muir, Jane Froman 'and Frank McHugh, in 'STARTS OVER BROADWAY' 'STARS OVEE BROADWAY' iA.not.her smashing musical hit from Warner Bros.3 stadios. TO-NIGHT — ? — LAST NIGHT, —PROGRAMME— Fox International News Items Robert Herrick's courageous drama pf the Canadian Backwoods and of a modern miracle man, 'THE HEALER' i^-rfch Ralph. Bellamy, Karen. Moxley and J, Farrell McDonald. — Interval — Cinesoun-d Australian News !A. jamboree of joy with every girl a redhead . . . Every tune a happy hit . . And every scene a whirly girly swirl of excitement, 'REDHEADS ON PARjAiDE' 'REDHEADS ON PARADE' Starring John Boles in a singing, dancing and romancing role with Dixie Lee and Jack Haley. (Box plans at the Palace Theatre. * HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY ?SATURDAY NIGHT COLESJIEWJARIETIES CANVAS THEATRE, WILSON STREET (opp. Town Hall) AGAIN TO-NIGHT including First Appearance of JASPEIR and FLORENCE Comedy iA.crdbja.ts, and 'DING,' the Young est Risley Performer in the Woorld. Prices, 1/9, 3/ and 4/ (including tax1). Children half BOX PLANS AT MUSGROVE'S.   ANOTHER MONSTER GIFT MATINEE SATURDAY   AFTERNOON, AT 2.30. Every child receives a present. More Cowboy and Indian Play Suits and the largest Gift Stocking ever made. Cowboy Suits and Stocking on view in window of Western Tyre Depot, 294 Hannan street. Special Matinee Prices.     mO-NIGHT ? TO-NIGHT, iX LEARNERS' DANCING CLASS, ? CALEDONIAN HALL. BOULDER. OLD-TIME AND LATEST DANCES. (NiDMDiUAL INSTRUCTION. wanteOTMnt MARRIED Couple (no children), reliable te-na.nt, wants 3Room ed House, Boulder preferred. Apply, DEL. c/o Simpson's, Boulder. XTRGENT, 4-Roomed House, caiv *--) teal, adult family, railway em toloyee^ Apply. N5, this office. BY Young Married Couple, no children, 3 or 4-Roomed House, (unfurnished, Kalgoorlie. preferred. tN'4, this office. :XJESIDEN'CF^ Kalgoorlie pre JL\ ferred, by couple, no children, permanent tenants, references. 'Apply N8, this office. ? ' WANTED, Good Home for Little Boy. 'U years. LV per. week. I-V^oly. A.B.. this ofilca

TEMPERS MUNICIPALITY OF KALGOORLIE. TENDERS FOR THE SUPPLY AND* DELIVE1RY OF METAL. TENDERS, endorsed 'Metal,' addressed to'' the' Mayor,' will close at 8.30 p.m., Monday, August 17, 1936, for the SUPPLY and DE LIVERY of METAL to the Council's j Metal Screener at the Monte Ghristo (Quarry. i ' Perio'd'of Contract : Three, fou.r or five years. Quantity to be Carted: From TWENTY-FIVE (26) to ' THIRTY (30) CUBIC YARDS PER DAY, or ! more,, if mutually agreed, i Metal must pass through a 4 in. j screen ; above that size will he re i jected. The greater proportion must be small fine metal. Deposit of £]0 to accompany each tender.' No tender necessarily accepted. Specifications at Town' Clerk's Office. OHAS. E. EOCLES, ? Town Clerk. npENDERS are called for Purchase JL of tihe following: — 8 h.p.. Hornsby-Akroyd Kerosene Engine,' 7£ h.p., 440 volt Generator, ! Counter Shafting, Switchboard, | Wiring, Conduit and Lampshades. This equipment can be inspected at the 'Kalgoorlie Miner' Office be tween the hours of 8 a.m. to. 5 p.m. week days, and 8 a.m. to 12 noon Saturdays. Tenders can be made for the whole, or_ any portion separately, and a trial will be given to any bona fide purchaser. HOOKING AND' 'CO. LTD., KADGQaRLIE, rnENIDER'S are invited for the X PUROHASE of Two Full-sized Alcock IBlLLLIARD TABLES and ACCESSORIES, which at present are dismantled and stored at New degate. FuM pajr.biculanrs' may 3-e' obtained ! from Mr. F. S. Brandenburg, New degate. j Tenders close with the undersigned at noon on iSeptemiber 19, 1936, and must Ibe accompanied by a cheque fox 10 per cent, of the tender. The lowest or. any (tender mot necessarily accepted. THE .WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEE, EXECUTOR AND AGENCY CO., LTD., 135 St.. George's terrace, Perth. ?EDMUND S. BARKER, ? Manager. ? A Complete Range of ALL CHEV ROLET PARTS are now in stock at Sydney Atkinson Motors Ltd., 59 Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. The House for Genuine G.M.H.r PARTJ.S.-.. ..lPllone ? ADD a little to the beauty and comfort of your motor car. A very nice range of Accessories, in cluding 'Wireless Sets, Fender Markers, Gaslox Petrol Caps, Cigarette Lighters, Rear Vision Mirror, ^ with Clock and numerous other lines can be bought at a reasonable price from SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTORS LIMITED, 59 Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. ' Phone 324. The House- for Genuine G.M.H. Parts. ? f^i ENUINE PARTiS for CHEVRO vJT LET, Pontiac, Buick or any other product of General Motors Holdens Limited, can be secured . from Sydney Atkinson Motors Limited, 59 Hannan street, Kal goorlie. 'Phone 324. ? FOR Sale. Chevrolet Tbur&r, guaranteed perfect condition, beautifully upholstered. Apply, 129 Boulder road. * ? ANTED, Utility, late model, coupe 'body, vicinity £200. Apply, Stewart. TattersalPs Clulb. 'Pfame K17& J ? m S1TOATIO?IS VAOAMT '\*TANTE.D, Young Girl, to help VV in private home, few hours each morning. Apply, 261 Forrest street, Kalgoorlie. ? /~1 -ENEiRAL ; good wages for expe vJf rienced woina,n. Apply, 147 Hay street. ? BOYS, for Vegemite Coupon Dis tribution. Apply, Davidson's, Brookman street, 9 o'clock to-day. ^'^TiANTED - - - WANTED VV BLACKSMITH, Must be Good Shoer and General Worker. At Main Camp. Wages, £r5 10/ week. Apply W.A. Goldfields Firewood ? Supply, Kurrawang. WANTED TO BUY ONE Good Delivery Horse, suit float. Apply after 3 p.m. D. i Wheare, 138 Dugan street. C~ASH Buyer Wants House, fair repair. Price and particulars to 'Melbourne,' this office.. . WANTED to Buy, Billiard Table. Price and particulars, 'Buyer,' ' this office. ? ? T?'URNITURE , large or small lots, J. highest cash prices paid. Ed' ? -wa-viis. ajjd O-X- niix± -Hiicks'Is. '

PUBLIC NOTICES ORA BANDA MEAT SUPPLY. The partnership hitherto subsist ing under the above trade name be tween EDWARD MUTZIG and THE ESTATE OE THE LATE IVAN KOZUL has been dissolved as at the 31st day of July 1936. The business of Butchers hitherto conducted by the partnership at Ora Banda and Grant's Patch will in future be car ried on by MICHAEL THOMAS FOX under the name of ORA BANDA MEAT SUPPLY whilst the Butcher's Round hitherto conducted by the partnership at Paddington, Broad Arrow and Hampton Plains will in future be carried on by the said Edward Mutzig under the name of GOLDFIELDS DISTRICT MEAT SUPPLY. Messrs. E. A. Jensen and V. V. Hart havo been appointed to act as Receivers for the old partnership and all debts owing to it will be payable to them. All creditors of the old partnership are requested to send particulars of their claims to the Receivers c/o F. C. COWLE and CO., Exchange Buildings Kalgoor lie.     Dated this fourteenth day of   August, 1939   EDWARD MUTZIG.   M. T. FOX,     Administrator of Estate of late Ivan Kozul, deceased. F. C. Cowle and Co., Solicitors, Nos. 3, 4 and 5 Exchange Buildings, Kalgoorlie.     IN THE SUPREME COURT OF ..WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION IN THE MATTER of the Will of WILLIAM THOMAS late of Fimisto.n in the State of Western Australia formerly miner, lately Pensioner, deceased. NOTICE: is hereby given that the Accounts and Plan of Distribution in the above estate have this day been filed in my office and all per sons having any claim in the said estate or being otherwise interest ed therein are hereby required to come in before me at my said office on or before the Tihird day of Sep tember, one tho.usand nine hundred and thirty-six at 11 o'clock in the forenoon and inspect the same and if they shall ^ think fit # object thereto ; otherwise if the said ac counts be not objected to the same will be examined by me and pass ed according to law. And further take notice that DAVID' JONES, the Executor intends to apply for an allo.wance of commission by way of remuneration. Dated this 13th day of August, 1936. G. B. BOYLSON, Deputy-Master. MUIR & STABLES, Boulder, Solicitors for the Executor, by their agents, JOSEPH, MUIR & .WIL LIAMS, Solicitors, A.N.A. House, St. George's terrace, Perth. ]yr,TOTCIPA!LrTY OF BOULDER F.LEiCTO'RAL LIST... .In order to. ensure that, their names will^ibe^joai.ithe Electoral Roll, all .persons in occupation of dwell ings, etc., are requested to call at the office, before the 3ilst ihsjt., and see that, -their names aire properly inse-rted in the Ra-te Book. A new Electoral Roll will ibe com piled on iSepteoniber 1 next. H. J. EDWARDS, ? _j_ ? Town Clerk. 'DLASTERITE LINING BOARDS JL FOR ALL INSIDE WALLS ANDOEIILINGiS. ASBESTOS SHEETING FOR OUTSIDE LININGS LINK MESH FENCING WIRE AND GATES. REINFORCED CEMENT WASH TROUGHS (LOCALLY MADE). LARGE STOCKS CARRIED. PRlIiCES ON APPLICATION. PERTH MODELLING WORKS, LTD., OASSIDY STREET. ? 'Phone K515. T7CRE! ? ? FIRE! ? FIRE! JD BILL GRIMSHAW SUPPLIES BEST BLOCK AND BUSH WOOD. 'Phone 319 Kalgoorlie. ENUINE PARTS for 0HEVR0-' LET, Pontiac, Buick or -any other product of General Motors Holdens Limited, can be secured from Sydney Atkinson Motors Limited, 59 Hannan street, Kal goorlie. Thone 324. ? A Complete Range of ALL CHE V- .rJL.ROLET PARTS are now in stock at Sydney Atkinson Motors Ltd., 59 Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. The House for Genuine G.M.H. PARTS. . Thone K324. ADD a little to the beauty and comfort of your motor car. A very nice range of Accessories, in cluding Wireless Sets, Fender Markers, ' Gaslox Pefrol Caps, Cigarette Lighters, Rear Vision Mirror, with Clock and numerous other lines can be bought at a reasonable price from SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTORS LIMITED, 59 Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. 'Phone 324. The House for Genuine G.M.H. Parts. ? ^ A.W.U. A.W.U. A.W.U. IVANHOE DISPUTE A MEETING of the men con cerned in the above dispute will be held at the WORKERS' HALL, BOULDER,, THIS MORNING, at 10' o'clock. Full ? attendance speci ally requested. x P. TAAFFE, President. HAVING PURCHASED the SADDLERY BUSINESS of MR. S. WALLLS, I wish to notify my customers and others that all business will be done on. the above premises. ? N. GYNN. HAVING SOLD OUT my SAD DLERY BUSINESS to NOR MAN GYNN, all accounts must 'be settled before the 30th of August. N. Gy-nsi is autho-rised to collect any ac counts ibiroughit to trim. All letters to be addressed to 286 Hannan street. ? S. Y/ALLlDS. _ H.A.O.B.S., All Hallows Branch, No. 340, Boulder. Quarterly Meeting to-night, 7.30 o'clock, at B.C.Y.M.S. Rooms. Social evening .to follow. St.. Mary's Branch in vited. AM mernibers requested to at tend. dC.E. .ABDAjGiH. iSecrebaa-y, ? '? jL

PUliiG MOTSOES A-W.U. Notice. — Donations f/hank fully received for' I van hoe Dis ipute Fund Boulder ^ud Kalgoorlie | Hotels : Mrs. Cook, Palace Hotel, £6 f 6/ ; Tom Barret Court Hotel. £5 5/ ; * J. Kr-ause, Graiid Hotel, W 2/ ; S. Percy, Piccadilly Hotel, £2 2/; W. 0. Brown, Grand Hotel, £2 2/ ; W. Malo-ne, Mt. Lyell Hotel, £2 2/ : H. Ryan, Foundry Hotel, £2 2/: Lea Bonnit. Inland City Hotel, £2 2/; K. P. O'Keefe, Railway Hotel, £2 1 2/ ; W. H. Trytiiall, Exchange Hotel, £2 2/ ; G. Mamma. Main Reef Hotel, ( £2 2/ ; J. J. La-rcombe, Golden Eagle Hotel, £2 2/;' Mrs. Casey, York Hotel, £2 2/ ; IVfos. Quinlan, Kal- 1 goorlie Hotel, £2 2/ ; W. Baldwin, Union Club Hotel, £2 2/ ; B. Starr, Star and Gafft&r Hotel, £l 1/; G. Mewbuirn, Criterion Hotel, £l 1/; Mirs. . Thompson, Tower Hotel, £i ? 1/ : R. Beaton Hfunnans Hotel, £1 1/; Mrs. J. 0'N.eill, Ga/la Hotel, £1 1/; Watson. Oriental Hotel, £1 1/; Brown, Rising. Sun Hotel, £l 1/ ; J. Riley, .Ooanmeredal Hotel, £l 1/ ; A H. Keddie, Boulder Block Hotel, £1 1/; Mrs. Stout, Broken Hill Hotel, £il 1/ ; T.' J Corcoran, Westra.lia Block Hotel./jO/.; F. Forkin, Fede ral Hotel, 10/.; J. Florio, Kalgoorlie ?Wine 'Saloon, 2/. ? ' ? ? ^ ? : . : .-WAHTED KNOWN YOUR ^^^^0' SIGHT ' Bv Having it Attended to by L WOODGRAN AND GO., l D.O., B.O (BY EXAM.), THE 'LOCAL' FULLY QUALIFIED OPTICIANS (REGISTERED). Who have proved themselves efficient - by giving every satisfaction on tho ^ Goldfields for many years past, and -j thereby you will } SUPPORT LOCAL INDUSTEl. i^ote address: j'J 226 Hana^n street, Kalgoorlie* ( (JSToxt to Post Office). ] Special Tests for Headaches. J OUR REPUTATION ' IS YOUR GUARANTEE. ADD a little to the beauty and comfort of your motor car. A very nice range of Accessories, in- 1] eluding Wireless Sets, Fender x Markers, Gaslox Petrol Caps, ] Cigarette Lighters, Bear Vision £ Mirror, with Clock and numerous | \ other, lines can be bought at a fl reasonable price from SYDNEY .- ATKINSON MOTORS LIMITED, 59 Hannan street,: Kalgoorlie. 'Phone 324. The House for Genuine . G.M.H. Parts. ' I3I0NEER Express, corner Mic- : donald and Lane streets, Kail-1 way and General Carriers, F^r- ; warding and General Agents. Regu- i lar service to Mines and Boalder. Telephone 320. 'BRIEN'S Woorlyard, Forrest : ? street, Sellers of Best Block j J and Bush Wood ? also Mulga. -Tel. K424. Trialsoiicited. ? . BATH Heaters,:rBaths;;Cool3r=? ! Trays. All Classes of Building , ( Material in Stock. Steari.e Bros, j and Co. , Plumbers, Cassidy street, Kalgoorlie. Tel. 380. - TjtJLL Mint Values Paid for Old ' J_ Gold (any description), Jewel- - le-ry. Sovereigns. Federal Loan I - Office, Limited. ! 'O AFFIA Wotrk. Free demonsfara. ; XL tions dadly at Ann's Gift Shop, . 12 Boulder road, Kalgooarlie. ? '. PERI\iANENT Waving, Eugene's latest system; also latest in Oil and Machineless, Waving. Prices . from £1.1/. F. Scheele, 'phono K251. '. J WITHDRAW Sale of Land from j : X agents. J. Stuart, 395 Hannan street,_Kalgoorlie. [ J ITOHFIELD'S (A/sia), Ud.', In- ! JLJ vestment Brokers, Financial Advisers. ? r ? [ - ' ^s ( LOST km FOUMD T lIT'CHFIELD'S (A/sia). Ltd., I X-J Strength, Security, Staibility. j Complete Range of ALL CHEV- j R0LET PARTS are now in!' stock at Sydney Atkinson Motors ? Ltd., 59 Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. The House for Genuine G.M.H. PARTIS. '-Phone K324. ? |; GENUINE PARTS for 0HEVR0- 1 LET, Pontiac, Buick or any { other product of General Motors- - Holdens Limited, can be secured frpm Sydney Atkinson Motors Limited, 59 Hannan street, Kal goorlie. 'Phone 324. ? . ,0N'T swffer with piles of shelly wood or knotty bloclcs. Get load i of wood from WiaLly Ivey's Wood yard. Ring 560. T OST, Black Wa.te.r Spaniel Pup, I XJ in Preside-nt stbreet. Reward r,e turning 26 President street. T OST, Spare Wheel, Tyre and XJ Tulbe, complete, 17 in., wire. Finder please ring Kalgoorlie 150. T OST, Saturday night, in Burt XJ street, Gent's Wristlet Watch. Reward on returning to Recreation Hotel, Boulder. BOARD km RESIDENCE BOARD and Residence, front' room, suit two friends. Terms moderate. 62 Dugan street. ? mWO Gents Require Full Board, J_ three shifts, private , family, close School of Mines. 'Students/' this office. T7ACANCIES Three Gentlemen V ' Boarders, quiet, every con venience. 53 Dugan street. T- EXPECTABLE young man XI wants Board and Lodging, pri vate home, central. Apply, N3, tibis office^ ? TjilRST-Okss Board and Lodging. ;J_ Terms '?moder-a/te. Gia-rage. 30 Park sitreet. ^ ? W.A. RUBBER Supply Coy. (Regd.), for all Medical Rub ber Goods. Our free booklet of in formation and prices posted under p}ain sealed cover Write to Bos Mo--« G.P O.. Perth. M ':IDDLE Aged Widow wishes to . meet respectable gentJeiman, good position, view friendship and above. AA23 this office.

' TOR' SALE' AT THE PROGRESSIVE MARKETS TO-DAY ? TO-DAY *EAS PEAS PEAS 500 lib. Juicy, 500 1b. Green, 500 lb. Fresh. To-day from Ike's Green Pea Plantation at Ike's Ridiculous Price, !& 1'b. for One Shilling. Uso Prime Runner Beans (long dis tance), the first fall, only 8d. lb. Customers can again collar to-day Snow- white Cauliflowers at - 6d., 9d andl/. ^ 00 Dozen Arriving This Morning. Ike's Swedes are still 8 JLb: 1/. 8 lb. 1/. -Cabbage lM. lb, : within keeping. -'?Phone 549, Kalgoorlie; FOR SALE 3 25-TQM OYANIDE VATS with filter bottoms. 1 PRECIPITATION VAT. 1 25-TON SOLUTION VAT AND . SUMP. '? .'? As they stand at Burbanks. ' Best offers to ?? - MALLOOH BROS LTD., '?' ' KALGOORLIE. 17* I r e W O O D J ' ? - ? N; . TED TRURAN Supplies BLOCK WOOD and BUSH WOOD. Ring 'Phone 469. Kalgoorlie. A DD a little to the beauty and t\. comfort of your motor car, A rery nice range of Accessories, in iluding Wireless -Sets, ; Fender barkers, '.. Gaslox Petrol Caps, Uigarette Lighters, Rear. Vision IJirrdr,. with Clock and numerous )ther lines can be! bought at- ? a :easonaible price, from. SYDNEY ATKINSON MOTORS LIMITED, 59 Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. Phone 324. The House for Genuine 3.M.H. Parts.. : TTAIRDRESS.ER and Tobacco XJLnist, old established Ibusiness, -est position in 'Sulbd,aco, good stock md fittings, Ohairities agency, good Living accoanmodaition, low rentaly splendid opportunity foir good tradesman. Sacrifice, £115. Owner must sell. Apply, 109 Rokeby road, guibiaco. ? . ? . ? ? ? ? rpHREE-Piece Suite, loose covers, X good condition, ' call mornings aetween 11 and IS, 39 Ward street, 3r ring K535. TD ILLIARJD Tables, excellent X3 order, sacrifice, owner no 'urther use. Cecil Brown and Co. N'FJW Century Automatic Aerated Water Machine, almost new; 850, genuine bargain;/ Cecil Brown und Co. ,????? TTtOTEL, .Refrigerator , Equipment, XX suit'aibl-e any. other business, ilso, -sacrifice. £200. ' Cecii Brown and 3o. - .;. %,r-;. ''';:; ;./;; ,? '.?..?„:/ .'..^ SEE. CeciL\yn ^nd ...Co.i-Wfpr . Homes, new' or, second-hand, on sasy terms, finance^arranged. . : MIXED Fruit'or'plai'n :4/6; Vegs. 5/ or 10/ lots. I specialise in country orders. -H; TurveV; 13 Metropolitan Markets. ?'* . 13'UTiOHER'S ' Or-deor' Gairt, excel X) lent conddition ; ..also Horse and Harness ; ' sacrificed. ;? .. Parrifciculars, Wrilson and Co. T EASE of Post Office Cafe, good i_J business. Apply Mrs. Douglas, Menzies. TyfETTERS Stoves, mm and .LYJL second-(hand ; Galvajiised and Porcelain Baths, Heateirs, Ooppea's, etc. Edwards and Co. iTlHILD'S Cr^a-m Lined Pram, pet \J feet condition. 19 Mariiajia i«tireet. T ITCHFIELD'S (A/sia), Ltd., 5 XJ per cent. Selective Security Certificates. ?XTEJW -English Corrugated Iron, l-\ heavily galvanised, 6A- ft., re duction for quantities. Cecil Brown and Co. AGAZINES: Storyteller, Wide tfforld, True Story, Strand Magazines. Bright entertaining stories. 1/3 per copy. Hocking and Co. Ltd. SUPERIOR Private Boarding House, close Park, well equip ped, snap, £200. Cecil Brown and Co. GENUINE PARTS for CHEVRO LET, Pontiac, ? Buick or any other product of General Motors Hold ens Limited, can be secured from Sydney Atkinson Motors Limited, 59 Hannan street, Kal goorlie. ?Phone 3&L /tUAMES for the ^winter: r;evenings, ^JT create fun and laughter. Table Tennis, 3/, 4/6, 6/6, 7/6, 12/6 set. At Hocking and Co., Ltd., Kalgoorlie. ipHICKS, Orpington and Leg \~J (horns, also Settings. Bell, west end of Va.rderi street, Kalgoorlie. A Complete Range of ALIj CHEV ROLET PARTS' are now in stock at Sydney Atkinson Motors Ltd., 59 Hannan' street, Kalgoorlie. The House for Genuine G.M.H. PARTiS. ;Phone K324. ? ~O ED-ROOM Suites, Linen Presses, _O Kitchenettes, Tables, . Chairs, Ice Ohests, etc. Edwards arid Co., Auctioneers, next Hicks's. ? TO LET ? A PPROVED Tenant, Furnished xjL Camp, E.L., shower, stove, suit two mates. 31 President street ROOM to Let, use of kitchen. 105 __Forrest street, Kalgoorlie. MARTIN'S, Furnished Camp (couple); Double, 20/; Single, 10/; Flat (Boulder), 15/. 107 Hannan street. K638. . ? Q -ROOMED iFlat and spacious & verandah, every convenience, no children. Appily\_6 Oheetliam street. A^^^OMMODATldN fox Four Gentlemen ; iboard optional. Ap S1TUATS0HS WANTED TUNjDOiR Shorthand Typist-o .r&- pJ qirirer. rposition, Kfi-lgoorlic. Ap .nl.T?.'F. Weyman. Ora. Bajida,

? AUCTIONS K)-MORROW ? TO-MORROW At 2.30 o'clock. AT 33 FORREST STREET, KALGOORLIE, ME«SSiRS. WILSON and CO.,£ ibecn favoured with in itruictions from Mrs. Exley, will sell, )y pu'blic auction : — SURPLUS DININiG ROOM AND KITOHEN FURNITURE AND EQUIPMEiNT. LARGE RANGE OF CHAIRS, TABLES, CROOKERy, CUTLERY, ETC.. ETC. Full list to-morrow. WITHOUT RESERVE, R. B. WILSON, Auctioneer and Sworn Valuator. THURSDAY NEXT. ' At 2 o'clock. AT 68 COLLINS STR-EET. MESSRS. WIDSON and dO., bavins ibeen favoured with, in structions from Mrs. M. Kozul, who ls leaving the district, will sell, by ou'blic auction, her ? MLAGNIFIOENT AND MODEiRN FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. One of the Goldfields Finest Furnished Homes. &LSO- GRAHAM 30 OWT. TiRUCCK. Watch 'Miner' for full particulars. R. B. WILSON, Auctioneer and Sworn Valuator. WEDNESDAY NEXT. At 2 o'clock. AT 61A WITTENOOM STREET, BOULDER. MESSRS. WILSON and. 00., ?having: been favoured with in structions from C. Bailey, Esq., who has been transferred from the dis trict, will sell, by puib-lic auction, his HANDSOME FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. 1 WITHOUT RESERVE. [Full list in latex issue. '. R. B. W1BLSON. Auctioneer and Sworn Valuator. TO-DAY ? — ? TO-DAY. At 2.15 p.m. At 127 MACDONALD STREET, KALGOORLIE. G. H. RAINSFORD and CO. will sell, on account owner, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, 'v:Com;prisih'g'?— ' ? ~Vl Tasma 5-Valve All Electric A. C- D.O. Wireless Set. Chevrolet f 4, Utility (in 'splendid '. .'running, order). .-, '?''.' 6-Volt Generator. Rotary Converter (220 D.O.-250 V &.C.). Doiuib-le Bed,. Spring and Bedding. Oofmlbinaition Bed (iron). Child's Ori'b. and Mattress. T.-L. Talble.. 3 H.B. Chairs. ' 3 A.B. Chairs, Outxboards. Kitohen Safe, Small Taible. Clotihes Hor-?e. 4 Verandah Blinds. 8 .ft. .Counter. .. Copper and Stand. Heating Stove and Pipes/ Quantity of 10 in. Shelving. 30 Sheets of Iron, Mining Ladders. Gent.'s Bicycle, Garden Tools. Emery Stone, with Stand and Treadle. Carpenter's and Engineering Tools. Cooking Utensils. Host of Sundries. NO RESERVE. NEXT WEDNESDAY. AT 40A CLANCY STREET. At 3 o'clock. ' /^EOIL BROWN and 00. have Vy been favoxired with instructions ftrom Mxs. Stofpeor to sell, iby public auction, his NEWLY ERECTED 3-ROOMED VILLA, of modern design and material, complete, with bath room and spacious verandahs. (Situate as albove, in 'best central position, handy to town a-nd mines. Freehold block, securely fenced. An ideal home or investment. TERMS ARRANGED. THIS PROPERTY IS WELL WORTH INSPECTION. NOTE DATE OF SALE NEXT WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. ' CEiOIL BROWN and CO., ^^Auctioneers and Sworn Valuators. HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE WHY pay rent? See Cecil Brown and Co. for houses on easy terms. ~T ARGE House, handy park, ver -LJ andahs all round, large block, snap, £550, terms arranged. Cecil Brown and Co. WELL Built Cottage, iron-lined, 4 rooms, ver., handy position, sift, £250. Terms. Wilson and Co., Boulder. ? __^^ EGAN street, Fine Homo, 6 large rooms, passage, return veran dah, also 5 loose boxes, snap, £550. Wilson and Co. ? r^OTTESLOE. 7 Rooms, bathroom, \J kitchen, sleep-out, all conveni ences, 2 min. 'ibus, ocean frontage, easily convertible flats or guest house, £750, cash, or terms. Apply, Miss W. Jones, l Ocean troad, Cot tesloe. CENTRAL Boarding House, 25 v_y p-eirim-ainent boarders, .low rental, walk in, walk out, sacrifice, £lC0, terms. Cecil Brown, Boulder. /^OiMFORTABLE Cottage, 4 large V_7 rooms and vers., a-ecently reno vated, £250. it-erais. Cecil Bsrown, Boulder. NEWLY Built 4 Rooms, verandah and bathroom, nice home, cheap. Apply Owner, orjposite Knop's Store, Halfway. , ,.

. ,-. ? ... JUST OUT! ?-,.$#;&. THE LATEST WORD ON A LIVE SUBJECT. OIL ENGINES ? ? -v. DESIGN AND OONSTRUCTIOl^J^ Testing, Installing, Operating',''' ; Repairing, etc. . '?' ,.; ,. PER COPY 17/ O PERCOPV POSTED, 19/. By ,.v ;\ A- H. GOLDINGHAM ; ; Procurable From ;- TTOCKING AND f^O., X TD. ilOOKlNG AND V^O., J_JTD. ALL 1NICS COLOURS MAKES ITS MARK ALL ROUND THE WORLD USY-FLOWING — PERMANENT STOCKED IN 2oz., 4oz., lOoz., 20oz., 40ox. OBTAINABLE FROM HOCKING & CO. LTD.- .#?,,.