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Ballarat, Friday.-rliiat-. C(ub Steeplechase,: Xorman 1, Bii'lgeree 2. Selling Steeplechase: Pilgrim 1. ' Hounds and Horse ; Gallop;:Sir Robert;!'; the hounds fell off drag; .There was a . fine attendance, and the races were good.

STDNET, Friday, 6.44 p.m.-Captain. Smith of the Fanny Fisher, which came in yesterday even ing: from r Auckland, states that the Victoria, schooner, Captain Heaton, arrived at Manukau on the 7th instant, and reports that five.soldiers had. been shot and four others wounded by the Maories, whilst the troops were relieving guard at Tara naki.-. ; The Chinese Bill has passed the Assembly.

Mr. Cowper, jun., is returned to Tumut., Smith: the cashier, has been committed for complicity in. the recent bank fraud. 7.33 p.m.-The. shooting' to-day for the Rifle Association prizes was superior to that of yesterday. The contest was lseen,.and is yet undecided for the association j:up. 1-Argus. _ . .. ,.

SYDNETv 27th September, 1861:-Mr. C. Cowper has been re-elected for Tumut. It has been cur rently rumored (but without the slightest '-.foun dation in fact) that the Rev. Mr. Breiinan had eloped with a young lady belonging to this city. -Age. "


quested to call the attention of members of the troop of the. V.V.C C. to the visit of Captain Burton in Sandhurst, for the purpose of drilling the men. In order to make a respectable display, when alongside of the mounted corps ..of Castle maine and Kyneton, they should' take advantage of: the instructions now at their disposal

CONTRACT ACCEPTED.--Main. Murray road bridge, &c" View Point, Sandhurst, :X3,448 8s., to extent of £1,500, WilliamiBird and Co.

NEW INSOLVENT.-William' Charles Beasley,<of California Gully, near'Sandhurst,.butcher. Causes ofinsolvency: From bad debts, and from his creditors, having '...taken.''possession _of his effects under an assignment executed -"two "years ago. Debts, 4:377 3s.assets, £44 lis. 9d.; deficiency, .£332 11s.'3dr- Mr. Goodman,-official assignee.

BESDIGO! HOSPITAL.:-Report^ for the week 'biding 29th September, "1861Patients in hos pital, 22nd September, 56;. patients admitted since, '7; ".total;'63. Recommended by subscribers, 5; Occident,: 1; personal subscriber,-1; total, 7. Pa .tients discharged, cured and relieved, G; in hospital, 29th September, 57; total, 63. Eighty three persons have. received medical and surgical aid and medicines, as out patients, during the


TARADALF. VIADUCT.-Mr. W. S. Urquhart on Wednesday last performed the ceremony of laying the foundation, ftone.of the north abutment of the Taradale viaduct. The stone cliosea was a block

oi' upwardtfof gix tonsiu weight.