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Sketch No. 1 shows a hat of wine colored velvet, with a chou of chiffon of 'a lighter shade, and a feather, shaded with both tints. Feathers trailing upon the hair are very much in vogue. Another inno vation is to have feathers passed through slits in the hat.

NO. 2. Sketch No. 2 is of a turban toque of swathed velvet, with wings droop ing over the sides. The Breton sailor hat is being a great deal worn now. It is the di rect opposite of the Panama, which has been pinned down at the back. The Breton sailor hat is turned up all round, but much more at the back than the front.. It has a spider-like bow of black velvet going from the hair up the back, and gene rally a market bunch of flowers. Blue veils are now in very general use. They are less trying than one would imagine, looking closely at people of various complexions. I am beginning to think that the blue veil is rather beautifying. It will be consoling to the fair' sex to learn that an English fashion writer has discovered that looking-glasses never do people justice, that all mirrors have a green tinge which diminishes the amount of pink in the face and lips, that, in short, women are bet ter looking than their reflections in glass. It is really very consoling.