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The premiership competition and also the lacrosse season closed, so far as the Senior Association is concerned, with Sat urday's matches, but the Junior Associa tion will not have completed their second round until August 26, and consequently the competition in their case will not close until that date. Splendid weather favored the players on Saturday, and at each ef the Senior Association matches there was a

good concourse of. spectators. Although both matches were regarded as certainties for the winners a great amount of interest was evinced in the play. The match be tween the East Adelaides and the North Adelaide failed to come off, as the Easts, being unable to get together a team, had to forfeit to their opponents. It is regarded as likely that the leasts will also for a simi lar reason be compelled to forfeit to the Y.SLC.A.'S on Saturday next, when the matth, postponed from July 8, should take place. This match, however, will not affect the position of the teams with regard to the premiership, as the two referred to have lost all1 chance in the competition, the Easts not having gained a single match, while the Y.M.'s have only won three out of the nine matches they have played. Consequently the Squaws will be tlie premiers tins season, a position they had not held since 1893. In that year they succeeded m winning the premiership competition, beating the 'Var sities and the Norths, who tied for se cond place by 4 points, due to their only losing one match, while the Norths and 'Varsities lost three each. At that time the principal goalthrowers were H. M. Orr, C- Holmes, H. E. Hill, and R. J. Hill, none of whom played in the team this season. Presuming that the East Adelaides forfeit to -the Yjkl.'s next Saturday, which is al most a certaintj', the competition will close as follows-- BENIOR ASSOCIATION. Goals Club. Pld. W'a. Lst. On. for. agst. Ptfi. Iroquois .... 10 8 1 1 52 11 17 University ..10 7 1 2 65 13 10 N Adelaide ..10 7 2 1 -46 14 15 T.M.C.A. .. 10 4 6 0 20 26 8 Sturt ? 10 2 8 0 11 72 4 E. Adelaide .. 10 0 10 0 i 60 0 Tbus it will be seen that the Squaws have only secured the honors by one point, and this was consequent on the draw in the match between the Norths and the 'Varsities on July 15. Had that match been won by the 'Varsities they would have tied with the Squaws for premier ship honors. A glance at the record of scores will show how close the struggle has been, only one point separating each of the three stronger teams. The reeordof the weaker teams evidences the disparity existing between them and the three prin cipal teams, the Y.M.'s only securing 8 points, the Sturts only 4 points, and the East bringing up the rear, without a single point to show as the result of ten matches. The premiership contests of the previous years resulted as follows: — Year. Club. Pts. won. Possible. 1892 iroquois ? 17 22 1S93 Iroquois 2.2 24 189i UniverBity 22 2i 1S85 University 22 . 24 1896 University 24 21 1897 N. Adelaide 28 ? B0 1898 University 20 24