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I By '-Goal.'7]


The season of ISDo closed on Saturday week, and it may bf; said that it has been, without clouM, the most successful South Australia, or I may t&y Australia, has c\ er seen. In the b'.-.-iior association we have had five teams competing in the premiership matches. This is the same as last year, though one important change lias been made. The old Adelaide club, the first to introduce the game into South Australia, is uo more. Being very weak at the end of lost year they arranged to combine forces with the Iroquois, and have since been playing under the r name and colors. This combination lias greatly strengthened. -t Q A

the Iroquois, and they have had a' hard fight all through to gain the second place on the premiership list. To make up the deficiency in numbers the Holdfast Bay club has been playing a team in the Eenior association this .year. The University club has again succeeded in taking the top place on the list, and thus hoids the premiership and The Advertiser shield for the third year in succession. Not only has it retained the top place, but it has gone through the season without a loss or drawn game. By doing so they have established 0. record never before reached by a South Australian club. In 1891 the 'Vanities succeeded in going through the season without a loss and only one draw, end the same was done by the North Adelaides in the first year of association matches, 16t-8. In 1S84 the 'Varsities only played two draws, and were not once defeated, and last year they only sustained one loss. In -1890 they were .beaten once and played two ties. The only other team that has gone through a season -and only once been defeated are the Iroquois, who did so when the3r won the premiership in 1693. As will be 6een by the accompanying table the ?Universities have this season thrown 117 goals, ?while 10 have been thrown against them. This record does not come up to that of last year, when they threw the same number of goals but only had 7 against them. The North Adelaides, who again hold the second position, have worked hard and well all through the season. They have only been beaten four times, and three of those were against the University. The Iroquois are fairly strong this year, being the only team, with the exception of the 'Varsities, that bos beaten North Adelaide. The Knig-hteliridge and Holdfast Bay teams have had a big fight f or iast place, and are at the bottom together with five points each. The Knights, however, have the better goal - throwing average, and are therefore ? entitled to the fourth place on the list. Though they are 80 low down they have played wclljill through, and nearly every match against them has been a hard fight. TJie Holdfast Bay, T might almost say, do not ploy lacrosse at all, their game being a cross between hockey, golf, and the game they intend it to be. And what wonder they play a slovenly game when it is remembered wbac a shockingly bad ground they play on. Lacrosse cannot be played on sandhills, end it is a mistake that the association should allow such a thing. Tiie position of the clubs, with the record o! their matches, will be seen in the following tables : — ^ ? BKCORD OF MATCHES. ? cluba- Ills i l!l S'5.| :£ vi O | e* University ? IS 12 — — 24 North Adelaide ? 12 8 4 — 10 Iroquois ? 12 5 7 — 10 Knightsbridge ? 12 2 0 1 5 Holdfast Bay ? 12 | 2 flJ 1 5 The following list shows the principal goal throwers in the premiership matches :— Throwers. I Club. Goals. P. Newland .. .. University 48 F.Douglas .. .. University 25 T.Ward ? University 18 C. Powell ? North Adelaide 16 S. King ? North Adelaide 15 O. Fotberingham .. North Adelaide 14 A. Nadebautu .. .. Knigbtsbridge 13 -De Mole .. .. Iroquois 12 — Raws ? North Adelaide 10 T. Drew ? University 8 F. Acrauun .. .. North Adelaide 5 J. Kell ? Iroquois 5 N. Nadebaum . . . . Knightsbridge S