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Golden Wedding  


On the 26th February, at Bussel-   ton, Mr and Mrs H. C. Prinsep celebrated their Golden Wedding. In the afternoon they held a recept- ion at "Little Holland House", and in the evening they entertained a large number of friends and relations. Mr and Mrs Prinsep were married at St Mary's Church, Busselton, on

February 26, 1868, by the Rev. H. Brown, at 8 a.m. After the wedding breakfast at "Cattle Chosen," they rode to "Prinsep Park", Dardanup, their future home. Mrs Frances Cook- worthy, Mrs.Prinsep's sister, was one of the bridesmaids. The best man, Mr John Brockman, was unable to be present, but Mr Richard Gale, Mrs McDaniel and Mr G. Barnard, who witnessed the ceremony, were present. Mr and Mrs Prinsep received their guests in the hall. Refreshments were served in the   dining room, the centre table being beautifully decorated with bowls of golden blossoms, and a basket of yellow dahlias and ferns was suspend- from the ceiling. The wedding cake made by Miss Prinsep, looked most imposing. It was of four tiers on pedestals beautifully decorated. The wedding march was played by Mrs Savage. The reception was delightfully informal, the only speaker being Dr. Paget Thurstan, who proposed the toast of the host and hostess, to which Mr Prinsep responded in the happiest vein. Some beautiful presents were on view in the Studio. Mrs Mervyn, Bunbury, photographed the guests. A great many congratulatory

messages were received from all parts of the State, and a most enjoyable time was spent. Amongst those present were: — Mrs F. G. Cookworthy, Mr   Edward Brockman, Mr and Mrs Pierre Brockman and children, Mr and Mrs T. Reynolds and children, Mrs and Miss Noyes (Perth) Mrs W. B. Mitchell, Miss K. Mitchell, Rev. S. A. and Mrs Milward, Miss Isobel Brockman, Mrs Fred Vines, Mr G. and Miss Barnard, Mr R. Gale, Miss Timperley (Perth), Mrs McDaniel, Mr and Mrs J. Barnard, Mr and Mrs W. J. Mann, Mr and Mrs R. A. Sholl (Perth), Mr and Mrs D. Adamson, Mr J. Higgins, Mr., Mrs and Miss Ozanne (Bridgetown), Mr and Mrs Banfield, Mrs M. C. P. Bunbury, Mr., Mrs and Miss Con- ning, Mr and Mrs W Holmes, Mr and Mrs Lodge, Mr O. Stafford, Mrs Lethbridge, Mr and Mrs A. R. Bun- bury, Mrs McPherson, Misses Ida, Stella and Nina Layman, Mrs Maitland (Capel), Mrs D'Oyley Forbes, Miss Forbes, (Perth) Mrs W. G Picketing, Mr Alfred Pries, Mrs A. Lockhart, Mr and Mrs R. Packard, Miss Coventry, Mrs and Miss Cammilleri, Mrs Reynolds, Miss G. Reynolds, Mrs Prosser,   Misses Jarvis (2) Dr and Mrs Paget Thurston, Mr and Mrs Howitt, Mrs E. Locke, Miss Locke, Mrs Savage (Perth) Mrs A. Glasson, Mr Percy Reynolds, and Mr., Mrs and Miss Wynne Kinnear. Mr Henry Charles Prinsep, son of an Advocate General for Bengal, was born in Calcutta, in 1844, and is consequently 74 years of age. After being educated in England, he came   to West Australia to manage his     father's estate, Dardanup, where horse breeding was indulged in. In 1870, when accompanying a ship- ment of horses to India, he was wrecked, with his wife and one child (Mrs P. S. Brockman) at the mouth of the Hooghly River. On returning to the West, he went into the timber industry, but finally drifted into the State's public service. Here, he rose rapidly to the top of the tree, becoming Under Secretary

for mines on the formation of that department. In 1898, he was- appointed Chief Protector of Aborigines, and retired on a pension 10 years ago. His cousin was Val Prinsep, the well known artist, whose son married the beautiful Marie Lohr. Mr Prinsep is an artist himself, and a Justice of the Peace for the whole State. Mrs Prinsep was born at "Cattle Chosen", her father, the late John G. Biissell, being the pioneer settler, of the Vasse district. Two of her sisters, Mrs Edward Brockman and Mrs F. G. Cookworthy, still reside at   Busselton. Three daughters have blessed the union of Mr and Mrs Prinsep, viz, Mrs S. Brockman, Mrs T. Reynolds and Miss Prinsep.