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The will, dated March 3, 1894 and codicil tilted April 4 1894 of Stephen Atcherley, late of Bathurst New SouthWales but formerly     of Hawthorn, tea merchant, who died at   Dubbo, New South Wales on July 9, have been lodged for probate. The estate in Vic-   toria is valued at£6,867, being £5 realty and     £6,862 personalty. The testator leaves his   gold watch and chain to Cecil Davies, of Melbourne ; £26 5s to J. G. Trude, of Brisbane ; £10 each to his bookkeepers Simpson of Sydney and Pritchard of Mel-

bourne : his sulky to his partner Thomas C. Dawson ; his horse and buggy to his wife, Fanny Amelia Atcherley and his gold scarf pin to his brother John Roger Atcherley.  

The residue is to be realised, and £500 each paid to his sisters Mary Cureton Atcherley and Margaret Bell Atcherley of Castle Hill, Ealing, near London ; Elizabeth Atcherley,  

of Birmingham and Priscilla Matthews, of Leamington, England ; £2,500 in trust for his     daughter Annie Beatrice Atcherley ; £1,000 in trust for his daughter Alice Bell Cureton Atcherley ; £200 to Mrs Elizabeth Hobday,   mother of his first wife ; £100 to Alice Pear-

son of Geelong, sister of his first wife ; £100 to Robert William Hardie, of Sydney, in re-   membrance of his past kindnesses ; £100 to Queen's College, University of Melbourne to found an Atcherley prize ; and £100 to the Wesleyan Methodist Sabbath school, Auburn,     Melbourne. The residue is to be divided     equally among his four sisters and brother for their respective lives and then to their children, or failing such children in any case to the testator's daughter Annie Beatrice     Atcherley. Should that daughter die without issue, three-fifths of her interest is to pass   to Wesleyan missions and two fifths to Queen's College.  

Hie will, date 11 cbruaiy ) IS 11 of M liliutn Parker late of AValh tilt licensed victualler, who elicit on May ~1 lins been Io Ig I tor

probité Hie estate is valued at ¿*S40 being £2 000 real t) and £1 S10 peraoniltv It is lett to the testators wife tor life, and then to his children in equal shares

Application bus been mae e for selling of the will of Duncan Macpherson late ol Glen Doll Sectliiml but forniti!) of New hall,

loor ii Viitonn gentliman who dud at I Kindvmitc Perthshire Scotland on August 1" 1¡>J Hie will was pioved in Scotlan I

where the deceased lett property valued at £10 (ih) The estate ni \ tetona is valued at £So SJ I ot which £u OuO ia realty and £S0 SOO peraonalt) Hie testator leaves to his wife anne Macpherson a leg icy ot £3 000 HIP nae of bia household lurniture and tua residence Cloichfol lieh house for life an I an annuity of £1 000 to be re luee,d to £100 ti year m tho event of her re murringo Hie tiuatees are hrected to niveat £(0 000 and to divide the income etiuallj union,, his four elau"hters Annie lune Christin t iouisa Viciorn Georgit a Ma), and Mtuy 1 li/ubeth and to hold the riaiduury catate in trust U r Ins son Duncan Macpherson to be convejeel to him nb'so Intel) upon bia illuming the age of 2jvpars bhoiild that son die be orp that ii^e^and without leaving issue his mtciest is to be divided nmon0 the testators diiunhters in

equal shares

Hie will ditel lpnl 0 loll of Milhain I Cross imlle late of George street last Mel

[bourne «.entlcman who died on lulyl) lus been lodged for probat Hie estate ia 1 valued at £1 JS, being £8j0 realt) and £1 1 Jo personalty the testator leaves an annuity of £100 for life and ¡ill bis household eflects, except pictures to bia bousel eeper Mrs Am) Newman his pictures to his sons Archibald and Albert hu diamond ring to his son Albert £200 to Airs Sarah \ ates of George street liichmond £100 to his present

sen mt Minnie Garhel S^OOtoluâdaUohter, ¡ AnnioOIlea wife of G lr O Hea solicitor

tSOO to his son Gcor"c an 1 the residue to bia sons George ami Albert in equal shares

Hie will dated \pril ' lSu of Geor"a Meei 8 late of Colima street Melbourne merchant tailor vv ho elie I on May f Ins been admitted to prob ttc J he deceased ¡etc property v glue I nt £8 bil being £u0 realty and £8 7M) pcrsonult) mid be be lucatlts it to Ina wife Hannah Mary Meela abso- lute! i _