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The race fixture for this afternoon ia at Maribynion« Hie course is reported to be fine order, und as good entries were received for the various events an eicollont after noon s sport is anticipated The course may be reached by train from Spencer street to Ascotvale, thence by cab, or by cab direct

lrom the General Post-omce

Ihe Canterburv park races will takes place m S)dncv to day 1 he principal event is the Cuntí rburj Handicap, one mile and a quarte r in which Kinkora I)i-»rsion, Pilot Ho>, Den man, Ibe Captain Bodkin, und other nell known horses are eng igt d

On Monday next at Kirk s Bazaar Mcs.srs MilhninC Guille and Co will offer for sale tht »veil knoivn hurdle racer Lady Wilde as well as eight thoroughbred }earlings b} Swiveller Ne»vmmstir terlinga, Morumbo Boivka, Glorious or Gran Isire

The ex champion sculler ot 1 ngland, G Buliear, recentlv suited through the .London Hportmg press that he wus willing to back 1>

7 Lambert of Svdnc) against 1 Sullivan (who defeated Bubear) for £200 i'side and the Sportsman Challenge Cnp the ruc< to take placeo»er the Thames championship course in luly or August next. Sullnun, in replv declined to transact any business matters whatever through Bobear but stated that if Lambert visited england he would only be too pleased to give him a match

Mr I li Ko»»' returned to Melbourne on Thursday by the s s Manapouri alter a three months trip m Nc»v Zcalun 1 Ile brought bock with hi-n Hie Idler, a six }car old chestnut gelding b} Bundoon (son ol 'Hie Peer) from La ly Dagworth the propert» of Mr II Mossman The Idler was igool performer m New /tulumi lie will te f,i»cn a few weeks Bpell and then be put into training in Melbourne Whilst in New /e i

land Mr Kow met Mr D Rutherford, owner of the champion jumpers Kulnine and Norton Mr Rutherford informed lum that he m tended to enter the two horses for the V R.C Grund National Meeting and would trj to bell them over here as they were too heirn 1} weighted m New /enlim! As Living an idea of the weights Norton is called upon to carry, Mr Roiv mentions that the gcldmg is usual.} ridden in a. saddle weighing 4st

I lora has been struck out of the Moonee Valle} Recreation II in heap

Outcast, Nobody, Bl}th, Foxtail, and Devon were sent to Adelm lo yesterda} Hie Sailor Prince and '1 he D luplnnc will go over on Monduy

At Kirks Bazaar ¡eaterda), Messrs Wm C Yuille and Co sold the steeplechaser hsniond for 10 guineas, and the steeplechaser Waiter for 20 guineas, the purchaser in each instance being I Corrigan


APIIIL 21 (.-.lain Ilooits DA»)


XAinPN rtAiK,

0Í 35 nova , ecooni], 10 sovs. Special weights Fn


(To sturt at 2)

st lb

Charons Elysces 7 li Artful 7 ir lht Knend 7 11 Kama ..7 1 Dookie . 7 I Ijord 11} ron 7 I Itoiupliii, Girl 7 !


Of 60 80V s., second 10 sovs One ralle and a lialf

(lo start at 2.30 )

st lb I

st lb

Captain Swift 7 6 ula .70

Vlorch 7 B

Master Humphrey 0 5

Eildon . 0 0 Dclo. . .00


Duke of Kent JaUo . Uro»» nie

Tho Indian

No Kamo _ _ 10 0 Shandon _. 10 0 Sivcop 10 S velocity .. 0 1. Glorious hate _ D12 riONBFIt HANDICAP,

, second, 10 so» s IWe furlongs and a


(To start nt J15 )

st lb st lb

Artful .. " 7 10 Premier « ..7 1 Insomnia , ..7 8 Allurement ..7 0 Goldsmith . ..7 0 Vacta .74 Pumicestone ..7 2 Ulngtr . .70 Naughty . .. 012 Black Bess . "00 Ilium

Tho Bud . .. 8 LI Mav Da} . .. 8 11 Chiron . .. 8 12 Barefoot . .. 8 10 Auster . "80 Chonstick . "87 bovorc¡i,n . ..8 0 Scrip . . 7 13 -ucnlyntua .. 7 12 Itlpplo 7 11


Of 36 sots , Bocond 10 nova. For ponies It 1 a.u

Five furlongs and a half

(To start at 3.45 )

st lb Oinilo .. ,06 Naughty . 0 <_ Il'ack Bolton . 9 2 liama . 0 2 Champs Elysces 3 li.

st lb _ 8 12 Mint



Of 80 sois, Wolght for age i ive furlongs

(To start at 4.15 )

rt 1U| Diogenes . Barefoot

Lanl) Daru»

1 use

Ada VV ilton

Glorious Kata Eucalyptus


Of 60 so» s , second, 10 sovs. Eight furlongs.

(To start at 6 ) st lb. I Warpaint

John a . " 8 G Ilium . .84 May Day ..8 3 Tassy . ..8 2 Silence II . "80 Chopstick ..7 8 Premier . ..7 0 Scnp , T 6

Ps} only Od for cards.

Uipple " Woora)! .. Insomnia

Lady Nelson Mirabilis

Brown Bess The friend Ada Wilton Ghorr} Girl



First Itaco Start at 2 0 Clock. Largo Entries. Good Sport

Coaches and oabs leave Royal Mall Hotel,

Bourke street

Electric Trams from Box Hill.


The postponed meetmgof the Fitzroy Racing Club eveutuuted }esterdu} Despite the

heavy ram on the two previous aa}S the course was m capital order, and the racing was first-class Results -

llAMiicAr of 10 sois., for 132 n.u pomos. Fi»o furlongs Bon Ami (luto ltegret) b 0 (T Clarke) 1 Stockrose S 0 (Dixon) 2 Hose 7 0 (Hamilton), 8 íleon an I \otross also ran Won I y threo lengths n icncth between second and third. Time, lmiu


IlAMiioAr of 10 60». forl4o.ii hand ponies. Fi»o furlong-Hinemoa 7 0 (W Skene), 1, V\a»c, 7 9 (1 Craike) 2 bimon 8 i (Burtoi ) J ialr} mid Jtfks the iJul aL«o ran won 1» a length atula linlf a length bctivccn second and third lime, lmiu bjscc.

HAM ic»i for 12 2 a.u ponies of 10 sovs Thrro forlones anda half - Mol}iiahr 0 7 (W Pox) 1 Pargin -1»(W bkeno),- Lltctrlcit» (O Brien) 3 Other stnrtcrs-Uli - Cutty S-irk I Ittlu Noll Ijid> Iles.« nu I Kathloon Won by three l_ni,tl s, a length I tineen second and third Time -lOlsec.

IlANUieil ol 10 sovs for 11 J and lu Inn Is xu.

ponies Threo filrlone. and a half -Demon 7 7 (Dixon) 1 Clvo 7 7, inclu Ung »lb over (Cox) 2

Willie - including lllb over {_? Clarko), 3. Horn, Violet, Ithnla Ultu 11 Iket II 1 leeontoo M Minion and Annie Bootie} also competed Won by a length anti a half, a head between sccoud mid third Time 60Jsoo

IlAMiicir Kiar H »ci* (for Horses) of 10 so» s Fivo furlongs -Uiot 7 _ (F Clarke) 1 Brunette 7 0 In Uti Uni, 131b o» cr (Cooper) 2 Emblem 8.1J includ mt, Hb o»cr (Moystjn) J Tie Shrei» Faun» Allurv Miss Merlin, Sir lir» an and Pla} ful also ran Won clover)} by half a head , A long neck botween

second and third Time luiiti bsec



The Kensington races were run to day with the following results -

riftecu nands W elter Handicap.-It W llson sl.itl} Duffer, 1 Fourteen Hands Handicap-O Walkers Katio 1 fourteen THO Handlea))-O Kellys Hrouze»vLng 1 Thirteen Throe Handicap-0 J Newall s Verbena 1 Fourteen Olio Handicap-J llntnilions Queen 1 Km_ini,ton Ilsndiojp-It Wootons Contempt 1



Tho first annual mooting of the Burwood Hunt Club »»as held ab tho Cathedral Hotel on Tu.sila) e» cuing the 17th hist Tile committee roi orted that the club had gone a most witccssiul season Tin count.} on tho south side of ti o rhor Um had bien hm te 1 o»er and oiving to tlio livol} interest and generous feeling shown towards the duli b) the nunora of the propert} o»tr which the) hunte 1 tho chims for com) ensation had boen trillini, Tlio bvlancc-bhcet Bho-od that tho ohib eloscil the season with a credit balance With a »lew of strengthening tho pick tlio enuimlttcc instructed Air Hoivnrd lato huntsman to ti e Count} of Cumberland Hunt Club of Now South Wales to proceed to Bydiit» and purchase 10 couplo of strong young hound« which tho chairman informed the ineutli g had arrived that mortiintr m spion HU condition 1} the s.s Wotioowarra. Tho ci suit f, sra«on »»ould consequently no doul t bo a » cry bin ccisful one Tho rcf ort anil bataneo slicot hnvini, ho n odo) ted a motion that ooilntr» numbers who owned or leased land ovor which tho club hunted lie admitted nt a reduced sub scriptlon was r-irrieit unanimously It was aUo eleclde I that the committee sliotil I taku the nocts

.vr> steps to ha\o the club rccoMUScel I} the I HO

'olio»»jin, otllcu honors »»uro eleole.l -Dcptit} r Vlr I II Idwarls, bon secretar» Mr VV .leader Jun lion treasurer, Mr M C li JeTTirton

coinmittee, Messrs Join stott, Miller and Bra) elia} Tho meeting then closed


It is just possible that the cricket eeason ma) be brought to a summary close this ufti moon when theme teams whioh have had the In. i use ot the wiekit hold a strong posi

tion As the pit li should m ueurl) all eases tavourtlie bowlers toda) teams like Isoith Milhourne mid the Umvcrsit), which have had possi s .ion of the Wickels (or two ila)s, will prol ibl) send their opponents in North Melbourne have scored Jil! for live wickets iigiilnsl J äst Mi li curtie, and the Universit) SJO for six wiokets against St Kilda At 1 ssendon Riohmond with n Bcoro of ovir 400 as against essendon s threo for US, hold n strong position, and tlio mutch lietween Melbourne and bouth Mel

bourne, which looked a certain.) for the former, is now open 'Hie M C C ha» o scored 213, and South Melbourne 123 for one-wicket, U.he iutcn?stuig matchiwtween

i HawkBbnrn find Coburg will 1«? continncd ort'

the ttichmonri ground, the Hcorcs standing Hawksburn, firat mninp-., 38b , CoburR, hrstr innings, 112 , second innings, 2S0 for two wickets In both the aontor divisions the second eleven contesta ure exciting, find will

ha\e to be settled bj averages. Melbourne" becond lead South Melbourne on the first mimics, nnd, taking their averages up to the present stage, have a slight lead there also. The figures stand-Melbourne, 271 75 ? South Melbourne, _Î70 10 Amonctst the li division second elevens the University, Uasendon, and Kichmond are all running a close race, and averages will hine to settle the question,

though it is ditficnlt to determine wu-ch; team holds the best position m that


North Melbourno v East Melbourne.-This match will be rc-uined toda\, at North Melbourne, at 1 o cloc! riio eco o at present stands-North Mel

bourne five wiclets for N6 runs

Melbourno \ South Melbourne -The first and second elevens continue their matches on tho MOO and SMOG grounds reapoctholy

Bo> lo and Scott Cup-The mutch for tho trophy A ill bo continued tins afternoon at 2 o clock, on the ltichmond oncket-ground At the finish of last Sa

turdM s play the game stood-Hawksburn, *i_0,

Cobnrg, 112 and two for 2-a2

MelbourneSports' Depot Trophies.-Tho following Hatches will be pla> ed lo di. -Matting-.Northcote

Hawksburn at Orovton park, Northcote, at 11 .1 in Hard Wicket fiual match-La Mascotte v

iîelniont atSmiths reseño, frltzro^ 12 noon Bel mont, first mnmg», 100, becond innings, onu for 1

La Mascotte first inning, I W.

WtHiam'town i Univor-Itv (Second Eleven) at Williamstown.-This match will be continued at half past lu instead of _ p. m

South Melbourne Grienet Club Bruce Auction. Ih advertisement elsewhere it is notified that all iiiemnorb of tho ohib wishing to assist by donations of goods, ¿U., will pie ate forward them to Mr I O Cummins, Ironmonger Clarendon street, South Mel bourne, not later than Tuesday next.



South Melbourne \ Hawthorn, at Napier Imperial Cround South Melbourne team*-Ad nason, An derson, Bennett, ïïurni, Charrctt, Doran, Duggan, Gibson, Greig, Middleton M'\rthur, M'htitght, O Regan, B>crs, Gladstone, Watson, Windle), O Han, Kvau, Brian, Jennings Masterton, MTarlanc, Hajos, Hill, \ , Bell, and Cnghtou

Melbourno a Jiapicr Imperial, on the Naptor Imperial ground Melbourne Club (uicct at Flinders street station at 20 inimité* past 2 ocloLk)-Moore, Mas_e\, Lewis, O Loghhn, Healing, Ohnstv, Wiseman, Graham (two), Hogan fciholl M Cart hy, Moo Ii, O Dw\ cr, Bennett, M'Lclland Launder, Tulloch Cox, Sweetie}, Oldham, r-mlicti, Curnc, btnokland, M'Namara Smith, Meaghui, Toll Box and Hadley

Williamstown v Isorth Williamstown, at \V»1 liainstovvn \\ ilUamstown will bo selected from Hrownfleld, DNAOII, Frihtw, Foster, Gibb. Cîritlin, Griindin, Halt (two), loi es Johnstone Kenn), M'Callum, M'Cubbln Warren (two), Murrav, Eheohan Clark Thompson Maurnrd, Sigmont, HawKc-tcne, Condon, Anderson, Williams (three) Forbes, M*üregor, Kale. Nettleton, Desailly, Rutlej, M'Kincrj, Snare, Seathard, Ryan, Iluwet, Peter-* Shannon, Kussell, Saunders, He ile), Walsh, Greaves, and Harlow> \ Austrd (23), at Ht¿roy -Ht7roy Team -Aitken Danks. Cleary, Cawlcy, Dicken. Howard, Hickev Kerrigan Ktllv l_amle\, l-a\ell Matthews, Melhng, M bpcerui, .McholK 1 hilllp., Reid, Swan, Sunipter, Speakman, Shine, TJ> lor, W eir, and

W h el on

Collinswood \ Preston at Victoria park.-Colling wood Team-Allan, Andcr.on, Ashton, Balfour, Beggs, Brow», Connell Coucher, Dowdell, Drum mond, Flaherty, loletta, Googhan, Hail wood Ingram, Jone«, Murplij, Monaghan, M'lnornoy, M Ñamara, Panam, Proudfoot, Smith, Stock, Tulloch, WateréOn,

and Watt

Carlton a.Brunsvi_k(_-) attheUnher-îltv ground Carlton team-Hums, Palhorrj, Bernstein, Cameron, Currie i ranks, _ro_t Graham, Gallagher, GeraghU, Hannah, Ingram, kelly LeiUi, I^ach NuttnU, Pat tcrson, Polljkett, Stewart, btitt, Rolfo Tulloch, Turner, IhompbOi, Warren, Walton, and Williams


orth Melbourne \. North Melbourno Juniors, at Ro\ al park, at 10 IL m North s team will bo chosen from-Jackson, Cox Launder, I ivingstone, Sicily, Kolent, Noonan, O Dea, M'Oturc, Skinner, Wilson, Taj lor, Grierson, Grant, Currie, Pollock, Fearer, Williamson, Pannam, tyander O'Brien, Trans, Robertson, Russell, Armstrong, l-o\, Helwig, Clarke, Date\ CotTee, O Ham, Graham, Caution, Lbaworth,

and Wt/cll

South Yarra (2.1) \ St hilda, at Fawkner park. Richmond*. I>itzro> Juniors (23), at Rtchtnond

Port Melbourne \ Albion United, at Port Mel


Albert-park -Football clubs are reminded that ap- plications for football grounds for tho season 1S9_ to Í¡ether with fee of £i Is in each case, must bo In tho

lands of the secretary to the Albert-par], commit too, Pubho Works department, not later than Thursday. itith April


A match for a trophy, laluo £25, between Mr S M Brown and " Lauriston took place at the weekly meeting of theMelliourne Gun Club, held yesterday Tlie conditions were 100 birds each, use of one barrel only Mr Brown shot from the SS-yards' mark and "Lauriston' from the 27 > ard* mark Tho scoring was prottv even up to the eightieth bird, but after wards "Lauriston" went off, killing 11 birds only oat of the last SO while Mr Brown grossed 16. The match was eventual!-, won by Mr Brown, with 07 kills against 02. The *w Inner shot w 1th a Boswell and tho loser with a Powell gun, and both used LO powder The fourth competition for tho Doublo rlflo Troph. resulted in a win for Mr O F Fraser, wlio used a Boswell gun and E.0 powder The previous w innen* were Messrs. Butcher, "Thomp- son," and "'Williams" Sweepstakes were won by Messrs Short,Brown, Traser "Donald,* and "Launs ton " Tho follow ing were tho score- for tho


Fourth competition Hvo pairs of birds. R. and IA I traps. Handicap distance.

I Birds Killed.

Mr O. F Fraser, 22 yds, 1 0,10,1 0,11,

11 ... 7 " Lauriston," 24 yds, 1 0,1 0, 11,1 0,1 0 0 Mr S Brown» 25 yd-» 10 11, 10,00,11 fl Sir Goo. Baillie, SI yds, 10,00, 11,10,10 5 Mr W Short, 25 yds, 1 0, 1 0, 1 0,1 0,10 6 "Donald," 29 jds, 10,00,00, IO» " 2


Carlton r. Banken.-This match will bo played nt Carlton grean to day at J p.tu The teams will bo chosen on the green. Visitors arc invited


Ladles' Pennant Matches -Clubs Intending to enter moro than one team In this competition must notify


Civil Service v University, on Unlvereltv Crioket* ground at half past 10 n-m to-day -Civil Ser-,ico Team-Bruce, Da\ e*, Gollan, Hambleton (two), Heather-haw, Umso (two), Irvine, Madden, Molloy



Tho South Melbourno and Htzroy Cycling clubs

run to the rneudlv Societies Gardens

ThoMcIbournb Club run to Warandy to, starting from the Treasury at half past 2pm

South Melbourne Wheel Unco,-bntriesclopo this evening at the Cjclists Club, Russell street.

I eaguo of \ Ictoriau W heelmon -It Is notified to members of the I ea:*uo of Mctotian Wheelmen that there are four vacant scats to bo Ulled on the council of that bod}, and nominations for fliioh aacancles will be recen ed at the olllce of the leaguo, 03 Russell street, not biter than Saturda\, Mav 6 at 0 pin I-ach candidate must bo a member of the league, and be nominated b\ at leant fl\o other m em hu ra, ona form which can be obtained from tho secretan The election will take placo bj lullot, at tlio C>-lists club on Saturdaj, 10th Maj, between the hours of n

a. ni and 9pm


The St Kilda Yacht Club willtoda\ sall their last race this season for a tropbj prest nt_d by Dr O MacMuUen with second ami third g1 ven by tho club Tho following are tho entries and timo allowance -Flhda, -scratch faUarhght and Cljde, Imbi 4EJSCC., \ollev, Jinln IDscc , Zenobia, E-tuhi , Fugitiveand Camilla, Gniin., Rumor, 7uiin , Oonenta, "min *t(Kec The preparator> gun will bo fired at a quarter past S pm and tho starting tmn tivo minute, later Tho club boat \lctor> will follow tho raco, giving wea.her» and their fnends au opportunity of witnessing what promises to bo one of tho bent races

this beacon