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OCTOBER 13. — Arrived the brig Yare, Captain Henry Fawcett, from Liverpool 17th April. Passen- gers — Captain Dixon (retired), Mrs. Dixon, Mr. W.

Dixon, Miss Dixon, Miss Dord Dixon, Miss Ann Dixon, Dr. Hilton, Mr. Munce, Mrs. Munce, Mr. W. Munce, Master Samuel Munce, Master James Munce, Mrs. Hawthorne, Miss Hawthorne, Master Hawthorne, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Robson, Mr. Young, and Messrs. Fitzsimmons, Tyne, Burny, Cashell, Lachlan, Minshell, Moody, Dempsey, and

Mrs. Hoyes.  

^ <£?©«* «.^Arrived;, the bris; HtUn. Captain ».Taylor, from Jbe~Isle~or France 28tb August. Pass^ger-r-Mr^R. Campbell.

Oar, l^-r-Ajrrîved. the ship Larkin», 646 tons, Capt. W. Campbell, from the Downs 18th June, wah ^°t.SÄ* PhJ!aoÇ,»i Sorgeon. Superintendent, Dr

W. Evanar R¿ Ífri-The*--guard' consists Vf Capùin" William«, E«*¡go,Fo»teso,ue, Assistant Surgeon Parr», 40 KSitJotHJi ^le,íavwomenand4 children.

OCT. 10-Arrived the ship"Mary, STrfioris, Cnp »aiu A. Jamison, from London -12th June, with 149 female prisoner» >^d-a4r*jMdren-2 women died dorins; the passage. - -*^ r-> <

ÛcroBLRt l^-iSailed^th« schooner Emma Kemp for Sydney, ,,.,, t ( , u _ ,

r- j . Cargoo/ the brig Yar*.

45 tons salt, 1 bale and 3 trutes woollens^ 2 bales Scotch caps, 4 balea1 carpeting, J96 boxes and 3T half-boxes crows glass, 10 cases sugar, 29 puncheons rom, 2 bales apparel, 7* tons wrought iron' 17 casks hardware, 14 packages household furniture, 100 boxes -tobacco pipes, 4 bundles forks, 27 bundles «psdes, 20 boodles frying-pans, 6 anvils, 3 pairs bellows., 42 bags nails, 7 hah» jWoolleqs, 1 box ho-

siery, 20boxes cotton stuffs,,9 boles ditto, 20 pun-, eheons rum, 2 winnowing'máohinesj 120 pairs cart bashes, 6 ploughs, 1 barrel and 25 half-barrels oat meal.rl bale flannels^ S> eases and 1 bale cottons, 1 bflUcattoa tj»^, tcask hardware, agnculiural ira plements, 1 bale worsted braces, 11 boxes and 1 bale apparel, \ trusses, woollens, 1 box woollens, 'l bale flannel, 1 box cottons, 5 cases bats, 4'boxes haber- dasher/, 3 cases cottons, 1 box apparel, 1 ditto, 1 ditto, 1 ditto andj2 casks ditto, 1 thrashing machine, 21 boxes cottons, l(box and 2 bales apparel, 1 bale worsted stuffs and apparel, 3 caaes hais, 1 case ha- berdashery, 1 puncheon shoes, ¿'hogshead saddlery and boots, ^l bogahead hardware,'3 boxes dido, J package stationery,jl box stationery, 2 boxes garden, seeds, 1 box linen, 1 bale ditto, 1 box cotton binding, 120 boxes raisins, 20 half-boxes ditto, I1 barrel ditto, 1 quarter-cask wine, 5 cases ditto, 1 puncheon brandy, 20 boxes starch, S boxes sugar, 7 boxes soap, 2 carts, _ hoiwhold furniture, 1 piano forte, 2 hogsheads gin, 1

case ditto, 29 punobeons ruin, 1 cask and 2 rase» wine, 2 barrels 'sugar, 2 bags coffee, t bag cocoa, 1 balami cloth, 1 box pins and needle«, 11 packages nailsVj bags nails, 20 hams, 2 casks Cape wine, 33 tierce* beer,2 barrels euler, 1 cask apparel, 2 casks hardware, IS bundles ditto, 5 boxes Rpparel, 1 cask ditto, 2 tons pig iron, 20 boxes tin plates, 5 tons iron, 1 box coLoa paste, 8 cases sheet copper, 3 tons alieet lead, 1 barrel and-170 boxes glass, 1 box ha- berdashery ; with a variety of goods consigned io


; Cargo of the brig Helen.

6 cases red,wme, 180 bags sugar, 1 buggj, 1 car- riage, 20 bags dates, 7 bags raisins, 79 bags Mada- gascar rice, IO cases green honey, 3 buga cloves, 5 cásea whaling instrument*. 2 ditto blubber hooks, 2 try-pots, 6 bars iron, 8 csska tobacco, 30 cases pi| cs, 1 cask starch, 4 casks Epsom salts, 1 cask hooks and ejes, 4~cask nails, 6 cases vinegar, 1,123 bags ingar, 15casks tabacco, 159 bags Madagascar me, 27 casea and 2 baskets champagne, 338 packs states, 6 hogsheads red wine, and 1206 bags sugar.

, , VesstU remaining in (A« Harbour.

Bhipa-EN*«, Weddell, to be laid on for England.

Duckenfield, Riddell, for London Larkins and Mary.

Brigs-Ntretu, Captain Allen.

Y,ure, Captain Fawcett.

Ellen, Captain Taylor. '