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JAN. 18.- Arrived the transport-ship Clyde, 400 tons, D. V. Munro, Commander, from Portsmouth 30th August, with 216 male prisoners. Surgeon Superintendent, Morgan Price, Esq. R.N.- Passengers, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Sarson, Lieut. D. Cooper, Quarter Master John Sarson, 2 Serjeants, 35 rank and file,and 1 drummer, of the 17th Regiment; and 2 boys, 7 women, and 7 children, of the 39th Regiment.

Jan 20.- Arrived the brig Cleopatra, Captain G. Sweet from Dublin the 29th June, and Swan River the 30tb Novem- ber, with the following cargo:- 31 barrels flour, 5 hhds. ale, 4 iron knees, 1 cask hardware, 2 cases hosiery, 1 case apparel, 2 cases hosiery and buttons, 8 cases hats, 1 case sundries, 123 hhds. salt, 14 boxes soap, 1 truss iron work, 1 bale cordage; 1 threshing machine, 1 case books, 1 quarter- cask whiskey, 1 pipe wine, 8 cases merchandize, 1 piano forte, 1 carriage, and a quantity of agricultural implements.

Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. M'Guire and 2 children, Mrs. Whatley and 2 children, Mrs. Dudley and child, Mr. Lord, Mr Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. Little and 8 children, Mr. New- land, Mr. Codd, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Peters, Mr. Craine, Mr. A. Morrison, Mr.Thomas Hobley, Mr. John Fuller, Mr. James Coker, Mr. and Mrs. Russell and child, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Griffiths. Mr. Gill, Mr. Harrall, Mr.   Tucker, Mr. Fulman, and Mr. Beasmore.

JAN. 21.- Arrived the barque Vittoria, Captain Southam, from the Isle of France.- Passengers, Mrs. Southam, Wm. Donald, Captain Blair, and Mr. Alfred Blair. - Cargo, 1,526 bags sugar, 500 ditto, to Sydney ; 649 ditto, to W. M. Orr ; 45 ditto, 2 packages curry powder, and 4 bales gunny bags, to order ; 60 bags sugar, to Captain J. H. Southam.

Vessels remaining in the Harbour.  

Ships Lang and Clyde; barques Deveron, Wave, Ceylon, Vittoria, and Janet Izat; brigs Caroline, Dragon, and Cleo- patra ; and schooners Prince Regent, Industry, and Australian.


No arrivals this week.        

Sailed on the 17th, the schooner Tasmanian Lass, G. Thomas, master, for Hobart Town, wlth wheat, wool, &c.- Same day the schooner Friendship, -- Neil, master, for Circular Head, with sundries.      

Vessels remaining in the Harbour.

Ship Persian ; brig Resource ; and schooner Resolution.


The following vessels are expected from England;-  

Resource, ship [ Henry Ellis    

Curler [Craigivar, from Scotland.