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Sept. 22-Arrived the ship Lang, 360 tons, Captain G. Sutherland, from London 16th May, with a general cargo.- Passengers, Rev. Mr. Drought, Rev. Mr. Miller and Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Grey and 2 children, Mrs. Jackson, M. Lum- ley, Mr. Wickham, Mr. Wittaker, Mr. Dawes, Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner. Mrs. A Turner. Mr. McVicker, Mr.   Hodgkinson and Mrs Hodgkinson, Miss Hodgkinson, Miss   Mary Hodgkinson, Mr J Hodgkinson and children. Mr.

and Mrs Shadgrove, Master Jolly, Henry Dowling, Miss

Dowling, Stephen (Samuel) Anderson, James Denham, James Gordon, Charles Healy, Thomas Spencer, Stephen Bell, George Chi-

vers, Benjamin Townsend, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Robinson and 2 children, Thomas Laughton, William Gibbons.

Sept. 23. Arrived the ship Mellish, 424 tons, Captain

Cowley, from London 6th June, with 115 female prisoners, 14 free women, and 45 children ; three women died during the passage.  

Sep. 21 Sailed the ship David Lyon, Captain J. Berry  

for Sourabaya.              

Sept. 21 . Sailed the barque Nimrod, W. Harvie, com- mander, for Launceston.    

Sept. 21. - Sailed the brig Lion, Captain J. M'Leod, for the Mauritius.        

Vessels remaining in the Harbour-

Ships Bombay, Orelia, Nancy, Medway, Lang, and   Mellish; barques Science and Henry; schooner Eagle ;     and sloop Margaret.  

Launceston, Sept. 16.-Arrived the ship Friendship,  

Richard Frederick, Master, from Circular Head, with 170 bushels of wheat, and 4 rams. Passenger, Reuben Jenkins. - Sept. 20. - Sailed, The Brig Britannia, Capt. Ramsey, for Sydney, with 6000 bushels of wheat, and 10 tons potatoes, by J. & J. Solomon; 1 cask tobacco, by S. Lord; 6 hhds.     wine, 21 bars and 16 bundles of iron, by T. Scott; 2 cases  

of piece goods, 1 case slops, and 1 case sundries, 2 cases calicoes1, and 1 package tea, by S. Lord; 3 packages of patent felt, and 1 case of lead ore, by G. Ralston. Passen- gers Lieut. J. Lamb, Mr. Hamilton Wallace.  

Vessel remaining in Harbour.                   

Ship Friendship; and brig Elizabeth.