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^ Novice umpires officiated in league games today as substitutes for the regular officials who had with drawn their services. They emerged from the exact ing test with a fair measure of success. One of them — Billy Thomas, Sandover medal

winner and former East Perth and State rover — ;shqwed outstanding ability. He was given. a public ; ovation arid club coaches spoke in glowing terms of his display. . ; ; - Other field umpires today were: Jolmn^Grigg, one-time Subiaco half-forward ; Frank Morris, former ' player of Subiaco . and Claremont; and Keith Hough, whose' brilliant play as a. wingman for Claremont won him a Sandover medal. '-..?? ?'

'Daily News' football writers summed up the- performances as follows: — GBIGG — Had easyi game to handle and acquitted himself fairly well. Some of his holding decisions were inconsistent but performance gener ally was better than crowd appear ed to expect. ? : . ' 'Faultless Display' THOMAS— Faultless display which' thoroughly merited the Mattering tri butes of coaches Tetley and Leonard. His , quick decision' never left any doubt1 in the . mincls of the players. His .interpretation generally helped to , malyjk the ; game a 'spectacle. Was sound on\ttie holding law. TViORRIS— His first effort as um pire and he ; had a difficult game to handle. His lack of experience showed Itself but his showing was fair. He kept up with the play but indecision was an unsatisfactory feature as he showed a tendency to change his mind. His holding de cisions, especially in the first half, were puzzling. HOUGH— His display met with the approval of the crowd. His decisions were smart and he kept up well with the play. Kept good control of a' scrambling and ragged match. Ted Flemsning Names of the new umpires had been kept a close secret but they were quickly recognised. Boundary umpires were drawn largely from among for mer players, one who ran the line be ing veteran Ted Flemrning. One of the goal umpires at Perth Oval was

Mr. F. D. Book, senior vice-president of the league. Some of the boundary men found the pace a killer. League delegates -while regretting that the trouble with the umpires has occurred expressed themselves as well satisfied with today's emergency mea sures. Mr. W. R.. Orr, league secretary, to day repudiated suggestions that the league had unwarrantably delayed the dealings with the umpires. : He stressed the point that the league representatives at Wednesday's con ference had been given no opportun ity to put the points then raised by the umpires to the controlling body, although it was promised that they would receive consideration early ? in the coming week. Many Apply It is stated that a large number of applications is being received by the league, .which is seeking new umpires. The applications will close at noon on Wednesday, next.

One of the interesting develop ments arising out of the dispute is a decision to engage the services of a Victorian umpire for the matches with St. Hilda. ' It was thought Bob Scott, formerly one of the outstanding Victorian um pires but now retired, might be se cured but another official is now un der consideration according to a mes sage from Melbourne today. St. Kiido Match The message runs: 'At the request of the Western Aus tralian Football League : St. Kilda are endeavouring to obtain the -services of

. a leading Melbourne .umpire to officiate at their match at Perth. . , ''It is likely G. Murphy, who um pired the Melbourne-Essendon game today, will be prevailed upon to make the trip. . 'Permission of the Umpires Board is necessary but no difficulty,; is expected. 'St. Kilda: party leaves on Tuesday. There will .be 54 members making the trip including Colin Watson, former St., Kilda champion, who is still showing good form a,s playing coach in the Western District. 'He will' be included in St. Kilda's team in matches at Perth and Kal goorlie.' - - ; (Umpires (state thkir sic?eof,, case—P. 10).\ ? - \ ;