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No hotter proof of tho popularity of tho talented Knlght-Jcffrlos Company could bo detu'rod than tlio, crowded au (lioneo ?which'', attouded tho King's Tho atr'o, Prnrnahtle, lost ovoning, to wit nosH the production of tho ovorpopu lnr piny, 'Tho Sign of tho Oroufl/'

Miss Mnud JolTrios, who only arrived from Kalgoorlio In thn morning, por trayed tho part of Moroia with hor customary ability aud rccoivod a hoarty woloomo on hor flntt appearance on tho, stage, Mr. Juliiis Knight'n roproson tallon.of Maroun Supcrbun was a flno porformanco, .and fully sustained his ? high ? reputation. Mr. Arthur Wontnor as Tigpljinuu, Mr, H. Plimmor as Li oinius, and Miss Doso Pondonnls ;aB Boronis woro*nll soon to 'ndvant'ago and woro ably supporlod by tho^ost of tho company. Tho Ronson will , bu conohidcel to-night by thn ropotition of 'A Royal Divorco' when Miss Jof. fries will nssumo lior customary rolo of Josophino, Tho company loavo for tho Eastern StatcB by tho Kanowna nftor' to-night's porformaneo.

On Friday aftornoon, at, tho invita tion of tho Mayor (Mr. Frunk Oadd), a' number of gontlomon aRHomblod at tho Mayor's pnrlor .to d6 honor to Mr. JnmoH Gallop nnd Mr. .ftillus Knight in conneotion with tho oponlng pf tho King's Thontro. In proposing tho henllh of Mr.' Gallop,' tho Mayor eon RTatulated him on his entorpriBo 'jn ornotlng tho' now thonti'o, which 'nclcled nnotlmr. nUrnntion to tlio town of Frmnnnllo, ..In tho oourso of hin re ply, Mr. Gallop slated ho folt stiro tho theatro would provo a ^uccess, and trusted that it would bn tho moans of keeping business in . Premnntlo which' othorwipo would go to Perth. Mr. M.

L. Mohb, M.L.O., propoBodtho honlth of Mr. Julius Knight'. Mr. Knight thanked thoiio prc'sont fpr tho manner in which the toast had been roooived, Ho congratulated tlio proprietor (Mr. Gallop), tho. nrohUoot. (Mr^Burwoll)', nnd tho sconlo artist (Mr,, Goatchor) on tho' orootian of' tho tboatro, whjch was a very flno ono nnd an ornnmon^ to tho town.' Other tonstB honored woro 'Mr. Gunn (Iho gcnoral mnnnjr or of tho ┬źnight-Jp(TorIcs Company),' whtah was proposod by Captain Lmi rio, M.L.C./ anil 'Tho Mayor,' prol powd by Mi;. Mayhow.' In tho oourso of his reply1 Mr., Cndd apologised fof tho abRpnco^ of'Mr.. Stownrt, Mr. TrVll.u - llninson's rrprrnnntntivo, , , '