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  • *anon* (NLA) 16 Feb 2013 at 22:36
    William James Boobier, married Fanny WEBSTER melbourne, step father of Henry Chadwick and William John Chadwick, see 1851 census London, 1851 CENSUS - Marylebone, St Mary, Middlesex
    REF: Class: HO107; Piece: 1489; Folio: 361; Page: 15
    20 Edgeware Road , see ALL THESE PEOPLE IN THE ONE HOUSE!
  • *anon* (NLA) 16 Feb 2013 at 22:40
    William James BOOBIER, step father of Henry Chadwick and William John Chadwick, sons of Fanny WEBSTER.

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Family Notices

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¡In order to pnard âgfclnst Imposition, notices ol

Blrths, Marriages, and Deaths muss be authenti- cated ¿y »mo respectable person In Melbourne to

ensure their i nee til on.]


ARCHER.—On the 24th inst., at Armadale, tho wlfo  

oí A Lee Archer, of Bairnsdale—a son

HOGG.—On tho 20th inst at Devonshire-house,    

Wangaratta, the vite of C. W. D. Hogg, of a son.

JACK.—On the 18th inst., at Hampden-road, Arma-  

dale, the wife of A. Winton Jack—a son.  

MATTHEWS.—On the 24th inst., at Heidelberg, the wife

of G. F. Matthews of a son.

M'CRAE.-On the l8th inst., at Anchorfield, Lower  

Hawthorn, the wife of George Gordon M'Crae of a


PHILLIPS.—On the 25th inst., at Clonmore, Swan-

street, East Richmond, the wife of Edward Phil- lips of a son.

TOWERS.—On the 23rd ult., at Lilly-villa. Amese-  

street, North Carlton, tho wita of Frederick. Towers of a daughter. Both doing well. Beech- worth (Victoria) and Scotland home papers please copy.  


BICKNELL.—On the 24th inst., George Andrew, the  

dearly loved husband of Harriet Bicknell,     youngest son of the late James and grandson of the   Rev. Henry Bicknell. West Maitland papers please


BOOBIER.—On the 26th inst., at the residence of his

son, 62 Bennett-street, North Fitzroy, William   James Boobier, J. P. of Sandhurst, eldest and only surviving son of the late W. J. Boobier, hop mer- chant, Borough, London, aged 62 years.

BREAR.—On the 25th inst., Leslie James the dearly

beloved huibin i of Louisa Brear, and Bec on d cid tut   son of Henry Thomas and Julia Brear, of Elizabeth-   street, Melbourne, aged 27 years.

BROWNE.—On the 25th inst., at his residence, Alma-    

road, East St. Kilda, after five weeks' illness, Wil- liam, the dearly beloved husband of Ellen Browne,   aged 63 years. A resident of over 37 years. A truly affectionate and devoted husband, father, and friend. "Blessed are the dead who die in the  


CLOWES.—On the 24th inst., at Melbourne General  

Cemetery, Marian, the beloved wife of Joseph


DUERDIN.—On the 22nd inst., at San Rafael, South  

California Thomas Duerdin, third son of tho Iutu       John Duerdin aged 42 (By cable.)  

HOWSON.—On tho 26th inst., at Woodhead-street,  

North Fitzroy, Agnes, the büloved ultu of Frank Howson, and daughter of Mr. Chas. Slee, New- stead, aged 29 years.  

HUETSON.—On the 23rd inst., at Riverdale-road,    

Camberwell Mary Ann Huetson, mother of Mrs. D. A. Osborn late of Lilydale, aged 87.

JAMES.—On the 24th inst., at Illawarra-house, Illa-    

warra-road, Hawthorn, Louisa, widow of the late   John James, of Hobart, Tasmania, aged 71 years.  

KENNY.—On the 26th inst., at her residence No. 178  

Nott-street, Port Melbourne, Anne, the dearly beloved wife of Mr. Daniel Kenny, aged 61 years.  

R.I. P.  

LESLIE.—On the 25th inst., at Nicholson-street ,

Coburg, Isabel, eldest child of Murdo and Henrietta   Leslie, aged eight years, nine months.  

LLOYD.—On the ¿Mil Inst. nt 1 rou I lw) 1 Broadford  

Leonard Llo}tl sen , former!* of Welshpool ^ortti Wales, father of C L. aud L 1 Llu)d, Broadford Tanuery, aged 78.

PEARCEY.—On the 26th inst., at 34 Wellington-parade,      

Jane, relict of the late Arthur E. Pearcey, formerly   of the Bank of Victoria, and beloved mother of   Walter E. Pearcey and Mordey Pearcey and be-   loved sister of C. R and T. M. Blackett and Mrs. J   Daly-Emerson.  

RYAN.—On the 25th inst., accidentally killed at Hey-  

field railway station, Charles Malachi Ryan, railway     guard, son of the late Patrick Ryan, of Peel-street,   Windsor, aged 34 years. R.I.P.    

WALKER .—On the 23rd inst at Eastbourne, Sussex,  

England, William Froggatt Walker, late Commissioner of Customs, Victoria,aged 48 years          

In Memorlam.    

CLAPHAM.—Tn loving memor) of our dear Sissy, who

ulcd -7th Jauuary, 1 bi, aged 7 }tars and 10 mouths.

"Oh Bweet to feel Gods guiding,

\\ hen e* ci v, it tear« aro dim. To take the hand outfield me,

Aud just to follow him ' —E. T. and E. M. Clapham.

NEWING.—In loving awl affectionate m em or j of un

dear father who Ml onlcip lu Jeans Januar} 2U 1833. «hot lost hut j one before -KAM

NEWING.—In memory of our lelo* ed and 1 ind father,  

Thomas Robert Newing who, dupirtid thl« Ufo at Caulfield, J anuir) 2Ü laid. (InaerU-J b) A &. ¡* ami W Li M

NEWING.—In aad mil affectionate- memory of our  

much lo* ed father, Thomas Robert Newing, and also a dear uncle who departed thW lito at Caul field Janino 20, l^SS (Inserted b\ to J .S , A B ti, and A L. ^o\il!o

PEPPERCORN.—In sad and loving memory of my        

father John P. Peppercorn, died 27th January, 1889. (Inserted by J. S. Peppercorn).      

Funeral Notlces.  

Iib. tri nds of tho lato Mr LESLIE JAMES      

BREAR aro rrftpcctlul!} invited to folio** hU remains to the j laot. of iuti-riiiuiu, in the Melbourne

General Ctmoten

Nie-funeral will lnav» hb futhcrs reMdr te J^o 576 Elizabeth-street north, THIS DAY (Monday, 27th     Inst) at half pa»t J o clock

ALFRED ALLISON, Undertaker Victoria street  

west, Melbourne; Mount Alexander road, Moonee Ponds; and Racecourse road, New- market. Telephone 980. THE Friends of the late Mr. RICHARD POWELL ,    are respectfully invited to follow his remains     to the place of internment, Melbourne cemetery.          

Toa Ímiorat will (UMo liU Utc rt«dleuce Little Cardigan-street, off Queensberry street, Carlton,         allis MAI (Monda* -»uti Inct X at o clock

JOHN DALEY, undutil r liitrolio nnd Sprlinr   _»trent* Mclhoun_JTeU ] 1 ( no 827 The Friends of DANIEL KENNY are respect- fully invited to follow the remains of his beloved     wife to the place of Interment ,Melbourne Cemetery.      

The funeral will leave his residence 178 Nott-street           Port Melbourne, on Tuesday, 28th inst., at half past

2 o'clock  

JOHN DALEY, undertaker, Latrobe and Spring       street, Melbourne. Telephone 827.     THE Friends of the late Mr. CHARLES MERRIOTT

. (lato of Hichmou 1) aro rLip ctfull) Invited to follow hlti remains to the plato of Interment, Boroon- dara Cemetery, Kew.    

Hie funeral will have tho residence of his brother- in-law, Mr. Thomas Brodigan, Royal Exchange Hotel,   City road, Cecil-street, South Melbourne, on Tuesday,   üüch Inet at half past 1 o clod

JOHN DA! M undertaker Introbo and Spring strtct8 Melbourno_£elop_hom fe-7 THE Friends of the late Mr. WILLIAM JAMES  

BOOBIER, of Sandhurst are respectfully in-      formed that his funeral will move from the residence               of his son, Mr. C. R. Boobier, No 62 Bennett-street,       North Fitzroy. TO-MORRROW (Tuesday morning,     January 28, 18900) at half past 10 o clock, to the Spencer-street railway station on route to the place   of burial, in the Sandhurst General Cemetery.    

WILLIAM GEORGE RAVEN, undertaker, 227  

Smith-street, Fitzroy; Queen's-parade             Clifton Hill; and Rathdown-street; (south end),       Carlton. Telephone 1037 THF Friends of tho lato Mr. WILLIAM BROWNE,

37 years a resident of Alma-road, East St. Kilda,     aro Informed that his remains **cre Intorrcft in tho St Kilda General Cometer* on Sunday, January 2U

APPS, undertaker, &t Kilda.