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(By Telegraph From Our Correspondents.)


BYADUK, Jan 12-Stock Movements-200 fat         bullocks passed through here to-day on route for       Colac, from Turnbull's station, near Coleraine, C. Bishop in charge. The weather is dry and warm.

bWAN HILL, JAf 14-Stook Cfo«ingt-l,87Q young owes, from ii Cresw ick and to , oí Leewoa station, purchased by Hi chard Hughes of _>wan lill), and travLlliiiK to hil Uonucroop property

WAHGUNYAH, Jitf _4 -Stock Crossings-33 bulloek*, J Kinir owner, from corona, ttucked to thu Melbourne market.


BOUKKE, jan 14 »The following »took aro re ported to bo approaching front Queensland -3 150 Ut sheep, from tí ran» Icy to liourke f O and A Uroad owner*, (30 fat bulloo ki, from lanapera to Da hurst G inn oro and Kerr owners, SOO oulloü-s, from Lock uley tr to Hourkt, P. Ahern in tharne, 1 Odo bulloo ki, from Constantine to U ero tee, Morpbott bro» owners, 1,740 bulloak«, from Ut.aulort lo Wodonga air \ Palmor owner, 1 H2Jetore bullocks from ¿1 Connell to Albur), u. mhson in cb a ty o , l'JJ (at bullocks, from Highlands tu Wodonga, G W Davis owner Tho following Aro tho ruin and river reporta - Walgett, li pointi, Mogil, 10 joints tim river 4It. iiid naine , Munkiudi l8 pointa, the river Jit and rising, brewarrina 1_!__ points, the river 1ft am mid stationary, lilpa, 112 pulnt*. the river &f( (Jin ana rising , Louth, lau points the river 10ft. ana r lui ni; Goondiwindi rep re-. 210 points of rain since tho 11th hist., about HO points fell hero to day. le ia «till el oso and cioudv lim follow in* stook crossed tho bridge last we..k -1,000 store wethers from Mooka Hook a to Cn run m ulm, I J I lliotc owner, SMJ fat owes from Milton to Sidney, A e llurehcr ovvaer, 40» fat cuttle from Kihee to ty due), v\ W Klchardson owner, _Ü4 fat bullocks from Ker* rlbree to Mu I bourne. Davit), «alo, and Co. owners, 7,000 mixed sheep from Long ¿lea lowsto Miu^ la, Leemon Uros , owners, 1,1<0 balea of wool. Messrs Hudson Uro» havointiinateu their Intension of start

ing meat chilling works at kurrabi i instcal of at liourko Ihe local totnpiti} will probably resume thu work of orginUu on where it dropped Cou side rabio capital has been »u bsfcn b<_d, provisional di recto rd have boen &i pointed, mid a fair start

liKtW AUUINA, Jan 14 -The total min fal! since bridaj lia» been 440 point* It waa much heavier in

suntu Ibu country li now in a very boitgi» state, quite preventing an} regularity In tho dell tr> of ihe malls. Hie rivc.r had ootmneiioed rising upwards, and it la expected soon to be navigable; ..took l'oßslngd-0,000 fat fchecp from Lissington for Sydney, owner Donald l*aruaeh, in charlo ut Jame-* Cullen, 1 ¿»0 mixed tattle from normanton, Under- wood, o vuer, in charge i ho weather is titi II threatening Thu temporaturo is cool 10 000 wether* from Correll* button, Al Intyre lu charge, have passed

COliUW A, Jan 14 - Ae-torda^ und last night a firo rft«ed on tho (¿nat Qlatta Mali on oppc<dto the homestead Ihu tu.-.nip arrest d Its progrès*. About. S.000 acres of kras» nero burut. His .cr) hot and dry

GUNDAGAI, JAt 14 - rho weather durin* tho post few da>s has been chaui.cablc A litt le rain foil to day, lut it waa not of mi) consiguen to. Uu trida) and ¡sunday last a coiisideriblequaulU) fell at Na"us, whit h is only I- miles from hero At Juclong, not Jo miles from Gundagai the rainfall tatt ymr was only , being 8} less tlun »as recorded here

HOWLONU, Jan Î4 - Stoik Mouiuonti -7,000 mixed cattle from Cornwall» to Wodonga, cuuslgued lo Doutha«), don, and Parker

LOUTH. Jan li -Lutrii.ulit at about 10 o'clock a vcrj heavy thunderstorm pansel over hero, when 180 points was registered, winch makes over Oin since trioaj lafct. lhere is eve.) appeaiancc of more The river ima risen about 10ft and Is still rising fust.

Ml-MNUIE, Jav 14-tor the lui week tho weather hutt i «dieu ted rain and several light shower. na,e fallen lo-div hcavj rain set In It will do much Lood wileri, tno pastures aro perched up

WILCANNIA, Jan 14-Tho latest rain reports from the up river stations are as follows -¿lilliginni, 13 points, Moi,.., 10, Walgett Jl, Brewarrina, 12$, Ljuth, lbO* lilpa, Hi, Inverell, 40 Ihe river report, are as follows -Munelmii, 2ft, and rising, Mogil, 4ft, aud rotin«, tim Namoi, 6ft, oin., and risiug, Louth, 10it., and rising , lilpa, bit. Oin , and riling ltstirdav/s rain appears to have been lien oral fhu Mount llrowne and liourko mails, due last mu ht, ha.eliot yet arrived The du lay is doubt* lens eaiued by tho hoav \ etato of the track. A thun derstonn oocurr<d this ufternoou, which wai uro duct ive uf several bulart fellow era, reuniting in a tall of 5o points Iho weather is still very threatening Ihe steamer Mundoo pa«sed Tilpa donn stream i ti

te rd ay. 10,000 wethers, from thu Lanham Lake station, crossed the river to daj In two umbi oft.,000 each, trivelllng to burrabogie button, Murrum bidir e. William Wentworth owner, Joseph Uevllu In eimroc

WaCGA WAGGA, Jan 14 -The weather is now warm, and there in no sign or rain MoiK l-ownnuta -4,t)ü0 owe«, K Curr*t-, from 1'ominiraiarna to Mur rumbogie, Forbes, via Old «Junee Cut tit an »In if, and Grenfell, J itog*n In thargo , 6 410 mihi» from W b Gordon s Mlitairong station to M arar, Hrildwood, via Wagga au mundagai 0 alassev lu charge , l(00a stoio bulloeltH, in chatte of I Loonard in prime con iitiou, belonging to -dnipton and AflleJr from Corella, l^uoounlnnd, to AlUurv, crossed tno bridge, Wilkinson, Lavender, and Chapman autnt«, 4.ÖU0 twtB, 1'itritk Kcrin's, Irom 1 omhmalariia to Avon dale. Iii of Hely in ahorse, tlornood and Mackay



BAUCALÜINr, Jan 14 -Th« ruin cfM.d on Pun

day. Ihu total tall iui,Utered hers Is Um 20 point«. Itiu country U almost Imp usable the oreens and rivers being in hi^h flood The total fill for th

week at Anmiao wasöiö point«, at Muttaburra W7, at Winton 771, and at lablord 712 points h\i etoeK are trtvolling

DLACIÍALL, JtîT 14-Tho following aro titi* rain ropurts since the ¿th hist -Avington, Din , Uircal

dine, Tin , Malvern li ill*, 7 m , Alieo Downs, 7in , ItUckall, Tin , Lomo, Mn Listowt, bin , Kvesbam, 4ln , Terntk, oin Iht creeks aro hijiur than has buen known lou many jaar« some travelling mobf of Cobb and to * sheep wreeaiuht ina Hood on tho hack track at Malvern Hills und 70 were lost, the re»t being unable to move owing to thu Hoods. Tim employers' aihoi Utlori and tho theare ra delcgati/s could not come io terms regarding the sheurur&' «H m uncut Mr Ulossuy, the working man a candi* date, is onranhlng a HLhenie for tho fed ural lou ut the unlous. Tne Barcoo is running a ban ki r.

Tho Union Mortjratro and Auency Company of Ah«* tralia Limited are in receipt uf the ft Mowing weatbsr telegr-vm», viz -Kilcummin, tUrunout, Vueent land-tin from the (1th to ihe Util inst., pirtlal rniu siuco fath lurrlek Terrick, tilnekall, Vuoena land-Oin ruin at head station, up to lain on )Mtrts of run Normanby, Harrisville, Queensland-Sin a, nee lltli IniC

(lolJebrouuli. Mort, and campan., limited luve re (ivtdthuf llavvlng telegrams - Flsinora Stntlun. Wanaaring, N&W -4)1" rain ulnoo tridav , rttlli riiniug, Hlchuioitd, e¿uouii«lau 1-4In. rain »non

I-.mian 1 tllliid all dams Marathon and Mo ell.i D wob. Wanaaring, NU.IV -404 points m In Thurloo Uovvns l-rl |av »mi satprdav«

Loo Ans rillmi Mortiiugo Und, and I ¡nana. Com pm\ I nulu 1 havQ received the foil ming tolci.rum, datud nth insL - Manuka ¡station Winton, Queens 1 uid-t.O points rain , aeemü general, in ill», ereek»

buil cr

MtH.-r-'. nomo», LMctllo*, Austin, an! Co aro In rete pt of tho following teluirram from WelUliot Station Milord, Queensland, ditod 11th lust. -loin. ruin tnls woe!