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'1 he following scratching» have l»een m-yle from events to be run at the V li C .»ew Year's Da» meeting -Bagot Handicap - Lt>nsdn!e, Kniglit of the Garter, Whakawai, Churchill, Meteor, Parnell, Tradition Standish Handicap -Knight 01 the Gnrter, Whakawai Tradition, Churchill. Meteor. Xormanb) Stakes -Inghsmaldie, -usurper

Registered trainers and jockejs can obtain their tickets tor baturda»'" meeting at Men- tone b) applying at the ofllce, Bourke street weat, to day No tickets will be issued on

the course

i he name ol Orator appears in the list of ponies handicapped lor the Mentone belling nardie Jiuce His name was incidental!) omitcd from the list of entries tor the


'I lie sub commuter» appointed hi the full committee ot the \iciona Bating Club to consider und tdvise as to tile uniditioiisof the next Melbourne Cup, »vben 10,000 so»-», added money is tobe inven, met jesterda), ind agreed upon the dralt conditions for the mee It is understood that these correspond with tho«e of last)ear's Cup but they require the approval of the full committee belore the) can bl made public 'I Le suggested conditions will be laid before the full com- mittee at that body's next meeting

Meisrs C L Griffith and co will continue their sale ol hor.cs at the Albur) stock sale )ards to duv At the Harton Mills stock »ards, near Hamilton, inthe Western district ot Victoria, also, there will be au extensive horse sale <od*i), conducted b» Messrs Powers, Kutherford, and Co., and Messrs. Armstrong, Howe, and Co. Some 10 ot the horses are bred b» Mr G. Carmichael, and they consist of carriage horses, hunters, aud haiknos, ! and 1 years old, b» Tarragon, Hamlet s Play, and other well bred sires, and from mares by King Alfred, Panic, Morris Dancer, and The Hermit A number ot hear» draught horses, and also some 40 bend of ponies, chieliy bhetlands, and the thoroughbred aire Tarragon, by Tarragon from Bertha aro also to be sold

Ihe entries for the Liveljn Turf Club's meeting, which is to be held at Yarra 1 Ints on Boxinit Da), close at S o'clock this even- ing with the secretar), Mr John Irvine, at Yarra 1 lits, or at the office ot MessrB 11. Hart and Co , Kirk's Ba?aar. '1 he principal race ia the Evel)n Ilandnap, of 00 sovs , one mile and n ball 'lhere are also included in the programme a Hurdle Race, District Maiden Plate, Ponv Race (Id hands or under). Selling Hace, und I lying Handicap

The weights for events to be run at the New Year's Day Meeting ot the South Aus- tralian Jockey Club are due for publication to day.

Our Dunedin correspondent, in his letter of December _, w rites -" The Dunedin Jockey Club's Lxhibition race meeting was, on the whole, Nerv successful, though the unexpected form slionn bj the Dunedin horses of Messrs Stephenson and Hazlett rather disconcerted northern owners, who have bo otten carried away the rich prues it l'orbury that they look on them as a pre BCnptive right The attendance was very good, and included the Earl and Countess of Onslow and part) Never betöre on a New Zealand racecourse has there been seen such a gathering of ladies, who vied with each other in displa)ing their taste m dress In this respect even those whose Btnndurd is Flemington on the Melbourne Cup Day admit that Torbur) would not have suffered by comparison Messrs Stephenson and Ha/ lett, with Occident, nppropnited the Cup, of 1,500 sovs, one mile and three quarters, the lour )ear old son ot Lupidtst-'lhe West earning 7st 'Jib. to the front, and the Presi dent s Handicap, of 1)00 sovs , one mile and a half, with S«t lib In euch race Mr

G M'Lean's bt. James, by Leolinus-Punga werewere, ran second, carrying Gst. Ulb in the cup and Tat Jib in the handicap W ith Francotte, a gelding by Musket-L Orient, Messrs Stephenson and Hu/lett won the Carnival Handicap, 200 sovs , six furlongs, and the Mussctbnrgh Plate, ot 100 sovs , live furlongs and with their tilly Tempest, bj New Holland-Tornado, they appropriated

the Selling Two )ear old Hace, of 1-0 aova, , four lurlongs, and the Criterion Stakes, ot 1B0 sov9 , live furlongs The Dunedin Stakes,

foi two ) esr olds, was won b) Mr. Harris s j

Pygmalnn, by Apremont-Nautilus lhat grand colt 'Iirailleur, b) Musket-Ploreuce M'Catth), won the Onslow Plate, of 2">0 sovs, onn mile and a quarter, the Dunedin Cup winner Sultan being second Hie public were very sore over tirailleur being scratched for the Cup, and the- win was tar from popular 'I he bpring Handicap ot 150 aovs , one mile, was won bv Mr Hill»'« Lad» 1 lorn), b) Musket I lotin, earning 7»t 71b, the mare also winning the St Audreivs Handicap, of "jOO sovs., one mile and a quarter Mr Stead's Canterbury Derb) winner Scots Gre), by Musket-Mind ot Vthol, scored lu» oui» vvm in the Jubilee Plate, of 300 sovs ,9tx lurlongs Mr. Webbs Kuby, b) Alban)-Wave, won the Grand stand Handicap, and Mr. G. M'Lean had n solitary win with ins colt Dmmnson, b) Gorton-Lad) Lmma, in the Maidin 'lwo year old Handicap


Smuudat, Die 14.

st lb

[ Mlmd, £21 " 7 S Marque*, nil

Mitchell, i.~ . ? J AiubanHdross, nil itroug Bow. £25 7 J Mllaucr, nil

Clarendon, nil ..7 1 Bhckllah, nil .. Irofluols nil ..7 1 Calotte, nil l)phoii,iul . ft B


0*50 sois. Four furlong«.

Ht. II)

\Udgol .. .. h 8 Driffield .. Olea .. ..8 7 .Keilli»

Die Bud .. .. 7 li rUhorman WhiUtiu . .. 7 12 hissie

Tho Crash .. 7 10 Bed Hose .. ThoSur . ..7 5 llichmero ..


Of 60 so» « Tit c furlongs and a quarter

«Mb. Kew! .. ..01 Abrupt . 8 11 Victim .. ..8 7 Naecosa . ..8 7 IdalU .. .. - U Master Jack ..Si I'.sdoo .. .. S 1 ¿Leona . ..8 8 Clinker . ..8 0 St faul .. .. 7 13 llehelllon .. .. 7 11 -quire . .. 7 V Christopher .. 7 0 1'reteuder .. .77

at lb Mllaner .. "70 Evergreen «76 Itcforco .. ..7 6 CaiOtto .. "72 Sea Song .. ..7 2 Silent »rleiid _. 7 0 Llboratros« ..7 0 Albert Loddon .. Oil Stenpvi .. .. 0 u Strouglioiv .. a lu Moro» Merrick 6 10 CaUBctto . .(17 Hitch of Endor.. *0 7 Gurreno) .. ..8 7 HANDICAP nuiiDi.v lUOIä,

Of 100 so» «, second, 10 so» «. About one mile and a

half. st. lb 1 Ballarat .. .. I_ 1J Arljuile« .. 12 G Uotiuto Cheater Crandcourt Ketign

Mica* her . I aily M Hilo lloeli


\\ cathprcock Ho» al Blend Aeo

Of GO s

st Ih Orator, _30 .. li G Annie ¿to . It 0 Hie Ion £20 .. io 0 Mltabeth Auu, nil ID 0

it lb

Rouge et Noir . lu l Quack ,. .. IO 0 biioop .. lu 0 Merry'Soul .. Oil Boomi« . .. 012 hing Billy.. .. DU Jim .. .. I) lo Hie Acorn . .. I) lo «.qulro .. . u 2 I'alefaoo .. DO Sllnnlo .. oo

at Ih

Klrrll), i|il . 10 u Dot, ntl . IO 0 Wnllaoe, ml o o Mamma, nil . 0 9 8PIUNO HANDICAP,

Of 3j sols. For ponloa l8 2 hauiU. Fno furious«

ct Ih «r lb Mollv .. n 12 Lubra .. "78 Dorn ..0 8 Nolly .. .77 Whitotoot . ..NU lolantho .. .. 7 (I FIcUlo . .. 8 10 llaioule« .. "76 Moonstone "80 Boort " "71 AT .. "80 Peto .. " 7 2 Paika " 7 12 Jo .. "70 Blue Mountain .. 7 12 Menin " . li li Veiled» "78 Cutty Sark .. U 7

Uranie .. "73


Of 100 toit, second, 10 sot«. Li^ht and shall

furlong« it, lb I

llogiuana) IriiAiil


Bridegroom Ited Koau

l'mttlor ., Unca« Leona Saxon Ihn lava

Ihu Piouoecr Proti líder

Meltonlsn . Mneraldi . Htrpoouer kvorgreon

Albert l.oitilon Mott


Tho follow hie »re tho handicap« for tho oi cuts to bo run on the Warebouiemoiid Cricket ground on

8aturda) novt -

Ono Mill Handicap -T Vi lluast «cratch J. J Mullins scratch, O \\ Chrisp ..)da, Vi. It Urccn»»ood, n0 )fls K 11 ¡shiel elford, 70 )dB , *l\ I C. I lllott 70 vd«, S li Da), 7ri vii« B II MoolhOn M Jil», I D sllaucrot«, n0 »da M L Hutchinson 00 »us, It h Jail »o i lloyd« li I,

Anderson. 110 »da, L ela», 120 ula I) Minne«, 1.0 »d«, It, Ward, 1 1 yd«, J \omiir 1 i )d«, II A Cranford Iii »d«, J I, Bankin 1_0 )d«, I) 1

I'arlott, lu0 )d», A O Huff, lot )il» li Hanlin*:, Ujvo» I A Cole 140 Ml», SI K Ollliort, U0 v ii«, G A M'Micl'nir, 160 vds, P. T. Hollock, 160 »il«, A Allda«, 150 )ds, T. M Alllos lil! )d«, I* li Nc»»porr ICI )d» C E. Rankin, no » I» t A >oxall, lTolila, IV I) Clu», IS) »il«, Il Machin, ls0»it«,l O Lal», ISO )d«, li Mundi»), 100 )da, II U»nlt, .00) ii«

One MlliaiilallaltSnfoti -J 1 Mullins «crntih, F.O Tillo), "0)d«, C ¿v. Hull,-io jets, lia Auder »on lO)d«,T. r Adam»,-lo »ds, M I. c «lllott, 7f> jet», »\ Dun 00»d», 11 w Cockram <W»d«, II M 1» Gollan, 120 ids 1 A Colo, 'Jo ) d«, I'- I. Wright, 1j0 )d«, F B. Dunkle), KIO )da V. ti

Vinlle», 1(1j ¡d«, S tax, 105 )it», r a Uta),


t»«o Mile Handicap -I V, II llunst «crutch, 1 1 Mullina «cratch, VV II Loiil« 20 )d«, U II

<-harp .10 ) ii», F II Miackolford, 110 ) d«, 1 II. Dai, HD )d«, J U blianoro«« 180 jil«, M U Ilutchluiou, liO )di, C N Hall, 1115 vii«, It li. Jncl eon, 2.0»dBt h*. Beauchamp 220 »d«, It o Anderson, 2.0)d«¡ Oh iVooduard 220 »d«, J. Rlllott 24 J Vii« , li C1». 210 v d« , II. » ard, 210 » ' n I- luriiit 2S0»d«, T hhuicros». 2C0»d« A.

, linfl, 270 vils; .E. A. Cole, 280 yds; A., Auda.,-300

yds; I.\ Vi'. Newport.320yds;- II, Newport, 3t0yds; T. O. I_vv, SCO . ?.

Ffve-milo Victorian Championship-T. \V. Bu«st, J. W. ¡I. Busst, VV. U. Lewis L. li. Sharp, IV. ,f. a Ulllotr, F. II. Shackelford, _ A. Colo, V. 0. Tilley. ?

Ilalf-MiloTliird-classlIaiidlcan-J. Elliott.scratch; E. A. Colo, scratch ; T. shaweross, lo yds ; A. K. lliifl, 10 yd«; T. I". llollooV. IO yds; U. Harding. 10 vdi ; IV. Wolf, 10yds ; C. Greenwood, 10yds ; E. IV. Newport/Si) Vila ( M. B. Gilbert, 20 yds ; W. D. Clay, 30 ids ; T, M. Amos. 39 yds ; C .1. Oanc, 40 yds ; A. Andas, 40 yds : it. Vf. N'órri»,.'40 yds ; S. aluminy, 45 . jds; 11. Lewis, 50 yds; IL, Novvport, 5t)xds; F,

Urquhart. 60 ida ; r. G. Law, 60 yds ; F. Foxall, 50 I j ds ; C.U. Rankine, 50 yds.

, The East Melbourne Bicycle Club will meet this I ci'cnlne; at . llurkc and Wills inontiment at 7.30 1 o'clock for a run to Hawksburn, ne thu Invitation of | Mr. Oeor,-o Taylor.



This match.was played on the Gedornt UrjoUot ground on Monday last, and rosultcd In a win for tho scotch College by an Innliigs and 101 run* The fea- ture of tho match was Kelso's hitting. The full scores

are as follow :


I hist Innings.

Rond, runout .40 Musgrove, e Glassford, li Barufatlier -. 20 Firebrace, h Barnfathor.u M'Lcod, D. (oapt ), o Util, b Barnfatl-r.. 7 I Orcon, o Uarnfather, b Glassford .. .. «

M'Leod, If., o Morrison, h Glassford .. 0 | Kelso, b Guthrie .55 M'Kean, li Glassford.' .. « Toms, c Morrison, b Guthrie .. .. 5 Vnlantinc, not nut. - -. 2't Philpott, b ciutlulo.4


Total .. .. ' .. «.. .. 1112



W. Bell, b S'ulailtltio .. 7 bM'Lood .. 0 Morrison, b Valentino .. lib Valaiitlne .. 2 Guthrlo, b H'Lood .. it runout.. .. 0 Glassford, o Valaiifinc, h-.

M'Lcod.2 bValantluo .. 1 A. Koarney (captain), st

Firebrace, b Valantiue 4 o Bond, b M'Leod 0 Thiinis, b Valaiitlne .. V b Valantino .. 0 M. Kearney, b Valantlno 13 b Valantino .. 6 Reid, run out .. ' .. 1 notout-.. .. 0 J. Hell. cToma, h JI'Loott 4 b Valanlluo .. 0 Uarnfather, li Valaiitlne .. 0 at Firebrace, h

Valentine .. 0 0 oTom». b M'Leoil 0 4 , Sundries _ 2

Total.Uti" Total .. 11

Grand total .. _ 01 BoiveiNn Avíbíoes.-Scotch College-Guthrie, three wickets for 30 ; Glasston!, three for CO ; Barn fathor, three for 55 ; Godfrey, 0 for S. Geelong College-Vnlantino, 12 for 20 ; M'Lcod, six for 29.

Melbourne v. South Brighton.-A match was played on the Melbourne ground j-esturday between au eleven

of tho Melbourne club and tlfteon South Brighton | Juolora, which resulted In an easy win for tho M.C.C. by six wickets and 137 runs. The Juniors batted

fir»t, and made 133-Beulko (3D), Hilton (21), Edwards j (IO), Jones (14), aim Beuco <ll) being the principal aoorors. When play ceased for tho day tho M.C.C. lost tour wickets tor 270. Houston, Howard. Walters, and Nesbitt all played freely and well for 100 notout,

63,49, and 22 not out rcspectivclj*. For tbo senior j club Howard took six vi Icketa lor 25, Browne six for ]

03. and Walters two for 20.

Scotch College v. Melbourno Grammar School.

The annual match between these two colleges will be

played to-day on the ground of the latter, play to  

commence at 10 a.m. sharp. The following will re-   present the Scotch College;—E. Bond, T. Green,   W. Firebrace, J. Kolio, A. M'Kean, II. M'Leod, D. M'Lcod (captain), S. Reid. I', Toms, F. Musgrove, A. Valantino. Emergencies-S. M'Farland, J. Leoltlc, A. 1'fiMpott,

Wanderers v. Clifton Hill Trades.-This matoh | will be plavcd to-daj' on tho Darling-gardens cround, gama tooommence at a quarter to 3 p.m. sharp. The following »ill he the formor'a team :-J. Ring (captain), Benco, Kodrum, Lawless, il'Shane, Shoe (twol. Sampson, Kelly, Edwards, Forman, Coyle, Alcaro, Thomas.



The second draw for tho Clausceu trophy was

plavcd of! yesterday. Tbo Brighton vvero drawn I

turulnst tlio Richmond Union. Tho result of tho caine | wa» ¡-Brighton-Webster, Grieve, A. Ilardham,

Bentioy (captain), li. Richmond Union-Langford, i Wcro, Hansen, Mitchell (captain), 20. Brlcliton Burrows, G. Ilardham, Orford, Uiver (captain), 30. Richmond Union-Helta, Clarke, fisher, îsatlon (cap-In), 9. Majority for Brighton, 4.