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ABSOOTTiS G3LMABAMG31 * JfyMUIUii. slLl I Has received instructions from ip0 A, Wo Mote ram to sell by public aootioni on the premises at the oopnep of _____-8(3p_S_]PIL® (8- &lHP-3(BlE-_59 On

At 2,80 p.m. shapp, Iriyjliuuvlli U Wm&9 INCLUDING— Sopepioip PIANO, almost new. * . - Patent mangle, wningeiif9 and washer, soaFcaly used. Sewing maohino, side board, horsehair suite, bedsteads, Altogether the fwnsture of a '5- room Cottage. Wipe netting, quantity of choice pot plants, wheelbarrow, and sundries* ? ' '; ' . ? ? *~- ™ ? Also the — U Bl_2)lLl__©9 bWxiil isbfeiUlL©. avmg 6@_:to ffpoi__tagge to Macquapie Street, an©! 160ft0 1© Bell Btpeet. iSsT This Property is in the best repair, in a good situation, and is only being sold on account of Mr. Mottram having left the State for Victoria. | Auctioneer, Windsor,

WAOT3_JBS 5 OR io ACRES LAND near Richmond, improved or unimproved THE ARGUS OFFICE, Liverpool.. 'IT iHlQfiP JLaU ra _. j TTjiROM Mr Clements' residence, Terrace Road, Jj_ a smooth-haired IRISH TERRIER, red dish-brown color, name ' Patsy.' Reward ten shillings. Apply this Office, or Freeman's Reach Post; Office. McO-1j3iL(§!(B_ ALL accounts owing to me and not paid (in full and without any compromise) on or before OCTOBER 30, 1907. will be placed in the bands of my solicitor for immediate recovery, without respect to persons, R. P. KING, Riverstone. - RAILWAY UML ? — 0 , 1 , ____ ]___I©© ..of above,.. ? -=_55-» will be held in the .. BiPiiTioE iiireiiiii' ill . ? All interested should join Membership Subscription 6d, BUSINESS AGENDAgSSg? Receive and arrange all information possible for use by depuration to Government. FRANK W. TAYLOR, Hon. See. . ' Hawkesbury District Agricultural A'n. The Third of a Series of Lee- S- tures for 1907, will be given at ? The. Windsor School of Arts, — at 8 p.m. on — TiMnta Mill JVtAhfli1 MR. G. MARKS, Instructor in Agriculture Hawkesbury Agricultural College. Subj ect --«==-__-____i 'MANURES and MANURING' Illustrated by Lantern Slides It was originally decided the subject should be ?' Dairy Cattle,' but the illness of the lec turer, Mr Principal Potts, renders this impossible of fulfilment. All are cordially invited to attend this most instructive lecture. *?- C S. GUEST, See. H.DAA. ? ' . Has received instructions fr-ioa — MR. W. A.t_T_T!_ NT- :-' Ri version; , to .^1 o- d,u : ? . ' 1.30 p.ra nn * * ? * /- ??QUANTITY OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. About Sixty (60) Sheets of Second-hand Corrugated Iron, Timber and Tools. Department ot Lands, Sydney. 16th October, 1907. nnHE attention of all persons interested fs in _|_ vited to a notification in the ?? Government Gazette ' of the i6h October, 1907. wuh respect to proposed RESUMPTION for PART of ROAD connecting the Wheeny Creek-Richmond Road (Cedar Ridge Road) with the Richmond Colo Road (Comleroy Road) within portion 17, Parish of Merroo, County of Cook. Copiea of the ' Government Gazette ' may be inspected at the Crown Lands Office and the Police Office of the district. Robert McDonald, 5a65 _.ctiog Under-Secretary. PITT TOWN FERRY. ' ' ? '' ? \j% -'??'?'?~-'1 npENDERS are invited and will be received up ?JL to 7 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, 13th Novem ber. 1907, from persons prepared to work, control, and take care of the Pitt Town Ferry Specifications may ba seen and fu'l particulars regarding the service obtained on app'ication to A. V. GRIvlWOOD. Council Clsrk. Council Chambers, 17. h Oviober. 1907 1

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