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-iu_av_vj s IJ"I

Kian W'ATKn Tins DAV -Morning, 1112, ovcnlng, July 23.-0 "in Wind W, moderate; weather cloud), lino Barometer, SO-OÍ, thermometer, 00

1 pm Wind W SM .moderato, weather-cloud), line Barometer, 8.0O9 , thormomctcr, 61 4 p ni Wind W S W , mad.n__, weather light rain Boro meter, 30t., thermometer 00

Jul) 28 -fl a m Wind Vf , light, weather mist), shower) Barometer, 30 48, thermometer, 01 1 Pin Wipd SSW, light, weather cloud), fine Barometer, 30 60 , thormomctor, 01 4 p in W ind vor) light, weather cloud), Ano Barometer, 30 52, thermometer, 02


Iberia, s.s (Orient Uno), 4,071 tona, J W Shannon, Commander, from London, via Plymouth, loth ult , Naples, 25th tilt, Suez, 20th ult , Aden, 4th lnst , and Adelaide, "til lnst 1-taingors-saloon -lor Melbourne-Mrs Robortson, Miss Robertson, Miss J Robertson, Mr mid Mrs li llumpherya and faiuib, Miss Barbour, Miss hump, Miss L) all, Misa Hobson, Messrs Horaco Povissarvl, I Lorimer, li Thompson, G W olker, Chlppcndalo, mid D Ince, also 3- second saloon, and 01 in tho third class and »toomgo

lor Tasmania-Six second saloon, and 71 (of whom 00 aro Government inimiirranta) in tho third-class and steerage. For hew Zealand M re Lea, also 11 second saloon, and thrco in tho third cabin and etccrogo. rorSvdno)-Rev P Ivor man, Mrs "orman and child, Sir and Mrs Bl) th mid child, Mrs Postor anil Miss hoster Mrs Harri

son, Mrs Ilendr) and Miss Hcndr),Mr W 1' llontlr), Mrs lvintrsmUl-Shavv, Mr» C Wilson Miss Glanville, Messrs. C II Betts, O V BrlRstocko, b C Poino, 1 T Shepherd, li Wright, A Stewart, also 30 second saloon and 130 in tho thlnl class and btcongo Mr J C hogg, purser Gibbs, Bright, and Co , agents

Ben Cruachan, sh., 1,468 tons. Wm. Martin, from     London May 2, Dartmouth May 4. Passengers- saloon : -Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Sutherland, Miss Suther- land, Miss Chrissie Sutherland, Miss Georgina Suther- land, Miss Eliza Sutherland, Masters William and Robt. Sutherland, Mrs. Young, Miss Elsie and Master Charles Young, Dr. J.S. Levis, Mrs. Levis and family       (2), Messrs. George Lees, H. M. Bell, W. F. Darnell, E. L. Creaton, Wm Howes, A Newham, C. C. Dorn- busch ; and 20 in the second cabin. White, Alford, and Co., agents.

Ivonoowarra a.«., 1,281 tona, Chas Aahford, from Newcastle 25th hist W Howard bmltli and Sons,


Tnramung, s a , 1,281 tons, Thoa Sanderson, from "ovvcastlo "th lnst. I'tsseiigers-siloon Mr C Potter and Miss L' Potter Jua Paterson and Co ,


I_k, TSN Co s s a , 845 toni, T Capuni, from -Hobart 25th inst Passengers-saloon Mr and Mrs Afiörr, H1 - CeUIns mnl nhill), Miss ».!-_", Misa .Galvva), Miss Stcniumberg ifiC-. loskc, and three

in tho steerage Chas Hudson, agent

Investigator, s a , 345 tons, T 11 Brown, fruin Ade Jaldo 20th fust Jaa 1 Ojrdcll, ngelit

Albert the Good, be, 31- tons, I 1 Lo Malstrc, from Wollongong 12th lnst Hugh K Bold and Co , agents

Dauntless k , 43 tona, Tbos Burton, irotu Tort Campbell "th mat S K Groom, agent

Juiv 2t)

Julia rcrcv, s s , fro tons, li Hush, from Portland, Belfast, and W nrrnnmbool Passengers-saloon Mrs Appleford and child Mr Shaw and famll), Jilla liaggnr, Miss Pecksniff, Misa Irascr, Messrs Connell, Denn), Cavanagh, Brown, A Wcstbrldgo, mid 14 in the steerage J Thompson, agent


City of Adelaide, a.a , b24 tons, Alo\ M'lntosh, for S)dne) Passengers-saloon Misses Dickinson, M'Cornnck, Williams, Henriques, Messrs John Hughes, li V Hawkins, \\ II Christ), Master DicKuison , and 23 m the steerage W Sludclc) and

Co , agents

Mangana, s s, 428 tons, Herbert Sims, for Launces ton Passengers -saloon Mr S S Agnew, Mr C K. Featherston, Mr and Mrs Sharland, Mrs F H

Hudson, Miss Graham, Misa V Hall, Miss E Fysh,   Miss K. Fysh, Mr W H Abbott, Mr M Bruce, Mr M Bruce, Mr Weston, Mr J Henry, Mr Fox, Mr A Johns, Master Lucas, Mr Arlcon, Mr Richards, Mr Harrop, Masters Renard (two), Mr and Mrs Finlay, Masters Sayers, Master Glenister, Miss Roper, Master Guthridge, Master Johnston, Mr B Barrett, Master Johnson, Mrs Lamond, Miss Stephen, Mr R Fulton, Mr Blinkhorn, Mr L A Cosgrove, Dr Naylor, Mrs Jacobs, Miss Jacobs, Mrs Sutor, Mr Davey and child, Mr Rardan, Miss Mawson, Mr Morgan, Miss Graham, and 30 in the steerage. Charles Hudson, agent.

Buninyong, ss, 1,2S8 tons, T H Stanford, for S)dnev Passengers-saloon Mrs Camoron, Mrs Cross, Mrs II Mosely, Mrs It A Bruni, .Misses i.liaelan, Langley, Thorpe, Moseley, Messrs C W ood

land, It. A Brum, (Juinii, \\ nbson, M Lennon, Dawes, Dr King, Mr J IL. Ashton and JJ in the steerage "W II Smith and bons, agents


(A special chargo la undo for consignees' announce

incuts in this column )

Ben Cruachan, from London -1 213 steel rails 145 bra loo bills 220 pits ¡ron, 04 brs anglo iron, 214 ea galvanised iron, 210 bdls wire, 01 rolis wire netting, 72 arms and bo-cs, 10 eka sheet zinc, 12 pits copper 12 cs brass tubes, 110 es sewing machino parts, 135 pkgs nolbj, 0_ pes and pltirs hardware ironmon"cr)

iec , (SO grindstones, 45,1112 boards, 7,1100 laths 2 000 b\s candles 1,200 cs glucose, 10 cs barns "1 cs

umtali s nnil \pstns 1" I ea currants 100 C3 milk ""

matches and \ estas 173 es currants 100 es milk, 35 u clairs, ¿o hi id nie, 575 cs bottJul beer, 2r> qr ck« ï.OSO es brandi, W qr c1 s wine, 20 cks 10 inks 007 es and pkgs oilmen s stores provisions, liquors, &c , 140 cks whiting, n0 cs window glnas, 10 ois piper hangings 10 pkgs oda, paints ^ . lr»2pkgs drugs, chemicals ami apothecaries' waru, ISO »Is and cs paper, 38 \ kgs Stationen, 27ft pkgs boft goods, boots hhoes, ^c , 72 pkgs faue\ goods, to'tH, KL , 1) cs pianos, rt pkgs furniture, II _ikgs bottle, 54 pkgs ellina, ghss, and earthen waic, 1 cs mouldings, fli bis corks 10 cases \ a\, 1 cs willow Iwxcs, *J2 pkgs miscellaneous


Konoouam, from îsewcastlc -1,500 tons coal U aram ung, from fscwTÄtstlc -1,500 tona coal

Albert the Good, from Wollongong-170 tons coil

Dauntless, fioiu Port, Campbell -310 bgs grain, 200 bits potatoes, 12 blbffckius, a quantity of hides, and

fail r id ries

Tu\ 2Í)

Julia Pcrcj, 8 <* , from Portland, Belfast, ami \\ arr nambool-1,730 b>-s potatoes, 4 his leathei, 22 Indus, If) cs buttei, 21 uteggs, ¿J CH cheese, 10 kgs butter, 10 bgs horns, 0 liga bhank bones 1 h¿ tails, 10 b\s farina, 1 plough, 0 sainplo tins, and 15 tont> sun



Cit¿ of AdUaido, for S.dnc\ -7 pkgs druggist« goods, l-l bra gum, ü bis almonds, 11 cs spirits 3,790 blackwood 6ta\cs!) cs telephone, 42 pkgs rope, Iii bgs barle>, a bgs oatmeal, bl pkgs dates, f> pkgs Koop, 12 as chccbc II cs bibcuits, 20 is treacle, 0 tanks, and Ir>7 bgs Horn, 74 empt} linds 25 empt) tanks, 0 pkgs hooks, 73 pipes tallow, 81 J>gs potatoes 11 crts vegetables, 35 hnies, 1 bakts game, -108 pkgs timber, 2 es toliacco, 57 pkgs tea, 17 pkgs draporj, 0 CB drugs, 100 bgs oats, 120 bgs nee, 21 pkgssuudnus

Mangana, for Launceston,-IS pkgs bhipchandlcrv, fi bdls moulding, 20 bgs coke, 0 iron pipes, 02 bra iron 11 pkgs baking powder, 20 kgs red lead, 2 trlcjclcs Cpkgs bottles, 1,854ft todguin, 37 pkgs drapcrv arid apparel, 15 cs galvanised iron, 150 b\b candles, ï pipes tallow,0 pkj_,s leather and grinder}, 21 pkgs hardware, 4 es kerosene, 3 cs hilliard goods, 40 cs wine, (JO his paper, 02 pkgs tea, 15 pkgs preserved meats 14 pkgs trees, needs, and potatoes, 7 cs Chinese goods, 28 pes Oregon, 20 pkgs groceries and pro Usions, SOO pkgs bugar, H pkgs boots, n cs confectioner,*, li pkgs biscuits, 1 pkgs earthen

ware, 3 pkgs woodwate, 1 es piano, 10 pkgs furniture, I 25 pkgs brand>, 5 cods topo, 275ft Umber, 28 kg» ' paint, 2 cs cigars, 2 cs tobacco, 80 bgs nee, 47 ca fruit, , 102 pkgs merchandise

Buninyong, for Sidney -170 pkgs currants, 50 bia woolpacks, l8 his hair, 3 pkgs jewellery, OS pkgs biscuits, 21 pkgs treacle, 5 cs shoes, SO sks oatmc ii, 7 pkgs paper bags, 1 earth bcoop, 120 bgs flour, 04 bgs wheat, 1,148 bgs chair, 100 bgs potatacs, 40 pkgs \ cgotablcs, 4,125 stones, 3 cs tinware, 2 cs varnish, 0 hares, 081 bgs onions, 8 pkgs plants 40 cks butter, 10 cs confectionery, 10 pkgs books and stationery, 5 c-i champagne, IS pkgs drapery, 4tf pkgs merchan disp_


¡j\t 37dcg 49mln 53seo S, Ion Oh 30min

C4.8SCC. h


At Williamstown

July 23 -Hi.

Corresponding to

Greenwich Mean Time* July 27-15h 20m 6 2s Dato and Hour


at Sea Lu ol

Attached Therm o

loinn of Air

July 27, 0 n m July 28,1) a.111 July 28, J |i m

20 810 301OT SO 108

47 2 ?1(11 fiJO

410 47 0 05 2



Jun 28. Ahove

\\ ind Bar





M catlior





SW, l.lit, cloudy,

show r} Benalla

b, li_ht fino clear,

licav y rain all yester da)

Calm , fine, clear Sunn hill

30 40


11 6 Echuca

20 JO


11 0

Calm line, clear




Ϋ \\ , llfcht threaten

ing raln-gau.o,

0 2iui Bourko


Calm , fine, clear


Calm fine Brewarrina


L fine Mcnindio

J 0

Calm line, clear


b W .uno


IO 8

Calm, dull cool, Uko

rain , rain gauge,

oula Balranald

0 4

Calm , drizzling- rain


0 0|

S W , cloud} Wentworth

0 4

VV , moderate, dull,



N Uno, cold

Calm. (lull Uko rain

VV shower} Gundagai

8 0 t 4

* Summer lcrcl t Rivers all low J 1 ailing

Note-Wahgunyah linoiiitcrrupted no reports havo I

bftcn received from Albury and Urana


(PROM ODR OWV coniiEsrohDENrs )


* Arrived -July 28-Ben Cruachau, ah , from Lon don , Investigator, s s from Adelaide Iberia, s s , from London July 29-Julia Percy, s s , from Port laud , Alice Muir, bq , from Kalpara, Loch Sloy, ah , from Glasgow

Sailed -Julj 29-Mangana, s s, for Launceston , ] Buninyong, as, for bydiioy, City of Adelaide, s s,



Inttird -July29-0 30am, ship and barquo un


Outward -July 28-Sunset, in Bight, s s , supposed Mangana


Inward -july 29-8 p m., Itoso and Mary J»no, k., in si_ht, Minora, kg

Outward -July J3-7 a m , tasby, s s 7 50 a.m., Wendouree >.s , from Waterloo Bay at 0 10 nun.

Julius, fore and aft sch. July 29-Early, large ship unknown, 11, Gozedla, s s


Inward -July_28r7U.40 am, Loch Hoy, Bh ,

Outward -Julv M-8 a m., Casino, s 8. 11.60 ».m., n sl_lit, s s , unknown too distant to signal

LAM SIM I! WOT Inside -July 28-1 uteri n»e


Arrlv eil,-Julv 28-Blrkbjrate from Adclaido Ro donilo from Melbourne, Patriarch, from London Jul) 29-r tlilopian, from Loudon 1 roderick Rossi!, from Wangaroa Ccics, from the River Mcrae) , Pro curseur, from Noumea, Katoomba, from Cooktow n ' Illawarra, from PI)mouth, Dement, from Brlsbnno, Trust), from Melliourne, Kclvorualo from Now


Sailed -Jul) 27-Freetrader, for Launceston, July 28-Wakitipu for Wellington, India for Levuka

L) co moon, Cheviot, Nemesis, for Molbouino Clt) of Melbourne, lou ^angs, foi Brisbane, Ophelia, for ban 1 rancibco, Annaboll, for L)ttoltoii


Arrived-July 27-Cheviot and Barrabool, from


bailed -July 27 Kara« ora, for Adclaido


Arrived-Jul) 20-Eda, Victoria, Ranelagh, from Sydney

Sailed-Jul) 27-1 "Haworra, for Rockhampton, Moreton, for Tow nsvlllo, Tinotico for Mackn) Jul) 28-Wentworth, for Cooktown, City of Quoboc, for Newcastle, in ballast


Arrlv ed-Jul) 23-Otvv a), from Melbourne Criiiu mock W ater, from London, ï mpress of China from Hobart, 'Victorian, from Melbourno, Calédonien, fiam S)duc) , Claud Hamilton, from Mclbonrno July 29-Ncweomon, from I oiiaon , Da) Dawn, from Oamaru , Augustine, from I ondon, Annie Hill, from

Norman ton

Sailed -July 28-Scmlramls, for Java, Silver Stream, for Western Australia, Cintra, for fcydno) , Cuzco, for London Jul) "- Calédonien, for Mai Bailies


Arrived-Jul) 28-liol how, with tea front Foo


THE Ben Cruachan, from London, with passengers and a full general cargo, got up to the anchorage on Saturday night. The Ben Cruachan is now in the 10th year of her running, and during that period she has accomplished some remarkablv quick passages. She was built to trade from the Clyde to Melbourne, but from the superiority of her passenger accommo- dation, as well as for her proved sailing capabilities, passengers and freight have for a number of con-   secutive voyages have been found for her in London   and along with her sister ship, the Ben Voirlich, is now retained in the London trade. The present passage of the Ben Cruachan has been made under disadvan- tages, not the least of which is a foul bottom. This is the third voyage since the ship has been docked and     it is surprising how she gets along without the clean- ing process. Before leaving here, however, with a wool freight this season, the Ben Cruachan will be docked and cleaned, and tho bottom will have a coat- ing of patent anti-fouling composition. A comple-   ment of saloon and second cabin passengers have come out in the ship. Amongst them is Mr Robert Sutherland, for many years manager of the exten- sive ropeworks at the seaport of Leith, N.B., and who has come out to settle in Sydney.    

Mrs. Young, wife of Mr. Young, the surveyor who disappeared so mysteriously with several others, some time ago while on an expedition to Bermagui, is   also a passenger by this ship. A sad accident occurred during the passage, by which Thomas Hughes, a passenger, aged about 15 years, fell overboard, and was       drowned. Every effort was made to save him, but     without success. His mother and other members of his family were passengers. The event had a depress- ing effect on board for a time. The Ben Cruachan left London on May 2, and had light easterly weather down channel. The pilot left her off Dartmouth on May 4, and thence the winds were westerly and light to Port. Santo, which was passed on May 13. The N.E.  

trades commenced in lat. 30deg N. but the winds were light and fickle, and alternated between N.N.E.    

and N.W. The ship was on the equator on June 3, in   lon. 22deg. W., and the S.E. trades were   fallen in with about the same time. The winds proved quite as light as those to the north of the line, and the work done was not very brilliant. The trades were got rid of in lat. 24deg. S., whence light northerly winds prevailed to the prime meridian, which was crossed on June 2, in lat. 41deg. S. A good run thence was made past the Cape of Good Hope, the meridian of which was crossed on June 27, in lat. 43deg. S. Between this and lat. 42deg. the easting was run down, with weather en-tirely the reverse of that which had predominated until then. Gales from N.W. to W. were numerous

and severe, and squalls came fast and furious. These outbursts of weather were followed by sudden calms of about 48 hours' duration, and after the lulls the storms would follow up with increased violence. The longitude of Cape Leuwin was crossed on July 22, in lat. 41deg. S., and thence to lon. 135deg. E. the ship       come along splendidly, with the help of strong northerly and W.N.W. winds. On Thursday last the         wind shifted suddenly to S.W., and blew a complete drift for about three hours, and then steadied into a strong gale until making Cape Otway at midnight on July 27. The Heads were entered next day, 86 days from     London, or 84 days from off Dartmouth. The ship Is in admirable order, as usual, and a discharging berth will be found for her at Sandridge railway pier.

TUP ship Loch SIoj, from Glasgow, passed Cap Otway on Saturdaj,bnt did not sot through th_ Heads until jesterdaj afternoon Tho Loch bloj has gunpowder on board, and will bring up at tho outer anchorage bho comes to the consignment of Mcsbrs White, Alford, and Co

Tile faramungon her present \ojagcfrom New castle has had au experience of exceptional I j heavy weather, which resulted hi her sustaining some damage to her deck fittings Tho mischief was dono after rounding Wilson s Promontory on tho afternoon of tho 27th inst Tho winds, which had been north westerly all tho way from Newcastle, gathorcd fresh force in tho straits, and had increased to a hard gale off tho Promontorj When off Cleft Island the wind veered to bW, and for four hours rated mt» hurricano violenco This brought up a tremendous sea, which mado clean breaches over tho vessel, and was dangerous while tho gale was at its height Ono towering sea of moro than oui i

nary volume broke on deck and carried away tho after steering whee), breaking it short off bj tlio stock Tlio binnacle and ever j thing elsa movcablo on deck was swept awav bj tho resistless rush of water, and a portion of tho malnrail also went The weather moderated carlj on Saturday morning, and continued easier on tho remainder of tho passage Tho Taramung left Newcastle at noon on tho ¿)th Inst, and passed Gabo atop in on tho Mb Tho Heads were entered at 10 minutes past 10 a m on Saturday, and on arrival in the baj at half past 1 p m , the Taramung went alougsidu tho steamship Killarney at Sandridge railway pier to put coal into lie

TUK honoowarra, also from Newcastle, fell in for a hharo of tho bcavj weather bj which the Taramung was overtaken The Kotioowarra left Iscwcastle at

half post 1 p in on tho 25th inst, and had northerly and S \\ winds until passing Gabo at 5 p m on tho 20th Fresh N W and westerly winds continued thence to tho Promontory, which was rounded at 1 pin on tho 27th Strong NW winds with hard squalls and heavy rain wera then fallen In with until posing Capo Liptrap The wind then shifted into S W , and increased to a very heavv galo, iiccoiu panied with a high head sea Port Phillip Heads weio entered at half post 6am on Saturday.

Tho arrivals from the westward, as well as those from the eastward, have also something to say cou corning the heavy weather raging along tho coast during the lattor part of last week Tho In \ cstlgator, v.hich left Adelaide at half past 0 a.m on thu 20th inst, arrived off King ston at half past 10 inn same day, hut wau prevented from culling there on account of a hcavj gala which had arisen, and which waa attended with hard squalls and a storm oí thunder and lightning There was a rapidly falling barometer, and in the faco of all this Captain Brown considered It his w iscst course to proceed 011 to Mel

bourne. Tho gale continued to increase, and tho sua with It, and when off Cape Hanks at7am on tho 27th tho squalls carne down witt» hurricane force, and were accompanied with hail Towards noon tho t,alo abated, but tho sea still ran high During this period tho wind vocred N W round westerly toWbW, from which point it blew with greatest force As tlie wind hauled further to the southward it de creased In violenco and the squalls were less frequent Tho lowest reading of tiio barometer dm lug the gale was 20 30 and while the tempest was at its height some si if, ht damage was done to tho after steering gear bv an intrusive bca Capo Northum borland was passed at 1 p m on the 27th and Capo Otway at 0 a.m on tho iSth, tho Heads bciiiL entered

. ipili

lids and

showery weather wero cx"i«rieíiecd

IHK Victorian hence to Adelaide, win passed hy the Investigator at 0 p m on the 27th inst off Capo


Tur brig Albert the Good left Wollongong on the 12th inst, and had light W N W w inds tu Green Cape Northerly winds carne next until j awain;, Catto * vcrard on the 17th when vcrv hcavj galea set in from SW. and raised a high confused sea This lasted until the 20th, and from that date until arrival tho winds wero from W.S W to S S "W and moderate Tlio brig entered tlio Heads at 4 p m on Thursday iast but did not gat up to the anchorage until Saturday

Tim Esk, which for tho present has taken tlio ?ilaco of the Southern Cross lu tho Hobart

rode hit Hobart at half-past 8pm on tho 25th Inst Goose Island was pasaod al 10 minutes past 10 p m on tho 26th, and Curtin Island at ß p m. on tho 27th Port Phillip Heads were entered at 10 munîtes twfore noon on Saturday Moderato nc&thcly wads and a heavy head sea wero met with to St Patricks Head, and thenco to Curtis Uland N W gales with a high sea and severe hall squalls prevailed From Curtis to Cape Schanck tlie gales wore /»tim S W, and thcro vvus a tremendous nea and thick wjuallj w euther On the remainder of the

."sago tho Lsk fared bettor with regan! to winds

and weather

Tin ship John Dnthlo, from London for Sv dnov, passed Capo Otwo) just beforo mldda) on Satur


Tur s s Julia Poro) loft Warrnambool, nt 8

pin on the 2uth, rounded Capo Otway at bull past 1 i a in oil the 29th, entered tile Heads at 20 minuten | past 7, and reached Queen s wharf at 11 a m Sho o\ jicrlenced moderate southerly winds to tlio Otway , thence to tho Heads light N 1 and lino

lui' Llndus, from Nowcastlo which passed tho Promontor) on Saturda}, goes on to Adclaido w 1th her


J ni-steamers Buiiln)ong mid Clt) of Adelaide, for ^fc)duc), and Mangana, for Launceston, left tim ha)

on Saturda)

Tun Blackwall liner Tlio Lord Wanlen, has had v cr) fair despatch vv ith tho taking in of tier carno, t and on boturdo) abo hauled off from Sandridge rail

wav pier to tho ha), whence she leaves for I outloii to morrow morning This ship takes a full of wool, tallow, leather, bark, and other colonial pro ducta, ami also a few passengers She is in good trim for tlio vo)ago

Tur barque Hudson for Nowcastlo, was towed from the bn) v osterdav by tho steamer 1 haros

TIIK steamship lvitlaruo), from 1 oo chow made good pro_,ro_ with dlsehaigo of her cargo of tea on baturdav, and It is expected that tlio lost of it w ill bo out to nicht or to morrow morning Tho movements of the Killamc) aro not )ct definite!) (l\ed, and there

is talk of a charter to lndii with hon>cs and baek

with a Calcutta freight Ibis would billig the K11 larno) just in timo for tho wool bcason


Tho steamship Iberia, of t!ic Orient Uno, arrived on Saturday flight from Lou "on, \ ii I *\y month and thu Sue/Canal, with innils, passengers and c"i±,o rho lix ria, IL M ill bo recollected took tho place ot tho Cotopa.i M hon tho latter had nor 'twecn-aeel «gutted by fire wUiloshe was in dock _ho Is a «ibter vessel

to tho Lipiria t>o well and fnvournblv known In iho ' Australian trndu In connexion with tho Orient line,

and th!. fs tha Iberias second vl_tt to thcuo colonie. llLr lli_t trip was a pronounced MI«,ess in even way

nnd so favourable nnd assuring wcio the results that It has been arranged that sho »hall be .ctalned In tho Australian bcrvlco In order to identity her still moro with local interests, the directora huv o rcsoh ed to lit bor np with icfri^crating machiner,), HO that bhe mai take a part In tho fiozcn meat tudo along vv Uh tlio other steamship« of tho Orient line Iho ncccssar) ordcis lu»o been given, and on tho roturn of tho Iberia to London fiom this vo^agd tim requisite machinery will bo in read i

neus to bo erected, nnd a spacious chamber will ho fitted up Tho Iberia lins taken well with pas_enc,c._ on tills vo>ngü ami osu .60 people have como out bj hci Of these 70 wcro

for Adclaido and 110 for Melbourne ISO aro for S>dnov 16for Isuw /oalnnd, and 77 for Tasmania Of the Tasmanian number Wi arc Government Immi grants Theo hive como out under thu new Immi gration 1 emulations of tho Tasmanian Government lhere was onlv one death-that of Mrs 1 ninia Hair-tow who died on tho 2d rd. hist, of consumption Tho health of all on board was of a satisfactory character dm ing the voyage The accommodations in all classes were kept in thorough ortlci

Iho usual methods of killing timo at t>ca w ero resorted to with much bucecss Concerts a fane) dicss b ill, clocutionan and other entertainments weio earned on, and best of nil M Horace I'ous.ard, tho eminent violinist, delighted tho passengers with specimens of lils accomplished musical skill The passengers in thesu pleasant socialities received encouragement nnd all from Captain Shannon nnd his olllccr», who did all tho) could to render Hfo on board agree .hie Tlio Iberia has accomplibhcd a quick passade although her full {.teaming btrengthwos not put forth Thu total steam ing timo is given nt d8 da) s 10 hours, and nu average speed of 12 hnots was iniintaiiicd Iho Iberia however, can .team her 11 knots with caso when occisión requires Thu mails brought hv tho ll>cria were contained in 12 bi¿a, and on fici"ht, besides a lull cargo, «hu lias -bMOOOO in specie foi Melbourno and b)dno) The Iberias sailing date from Ujndoii is tho 14th ult, but mulls and liles of Lnjibh papers to dato 22nd ult, vi. Urintlisi, wore put on board atSuc_ Thulbeila, after embarking pnbscnucrs took her dcpartuio from Plymouth on the 10th ult, and lind moderato winds and Jina wcathor to Is a pics, w heneo she sailed on tho 2drd ult After clearing tho Canal thu Iberia left Suc" on tho Suth ult, and had tim usual tropical weather doun thu Heil beato Aden which portBho left about "am on tho 4th hist Hie weather thus far hod been pleasant, but strongfe W monsoons and a heavy sea prevailed nerOBS tho Indian Ocean Iho Iberia reached Ado laide At 8 a m on tho 20th inst, and nftoi landing mall-, p-sscnscrs, nnd cargo for bouth Australia she left at J n m on iho 27th btrong winds from fa \\

and a high sea wcio fallen hi with on tho run round tram thu Gulf Capo Otwa> was signalled at half

past 11 am on baturdn), nnd tlio Heads were entered at half past 4 p ni , tho lxi> being reached at half post 7 pin On arrival tho Iberia was boarded mid cleared bv Mr T D I lam mond, sonior ImmÍLration oilicor Tho Iberia hav ing a clean bill ot health from Aduhldo, was cleared Inward without tho Gcrviccs of the health ofllcci bein j ro quired Iho Iberia brought up in tho baj, where sho will remain at anchor until the vo) ago is resumed Cargo for this port will bo put ovursido into lighters The steamer KCECUO was lu attendance on tho Iberia

on Saturday night, and passengers wore convoyed by her to Sandridge Mr J C kegg continues to dis charge tho duties of purser, and w ith customary fore thought ho had tho files and despatches for " Tho Argus' In readiness fordetivery on the arrival of thu Iberia On thevojngo tho Iberia passed tho com panv s steamer Orient, ono da) out from .Naples, nnd on tho 2nd hist, thu I u si tan hi, in tho lied Sea, off Job el Tier, and on h riday last, thu Cuzco, heneo to Adelaide, cn routo for landon