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Ilion Watbr Tuis Dát-Mo-nlng, 1.H, saltar

noon, 1 40

JunoS-Oam MlndN frosh,rroAtbero>oudy, Ino Barometer, SO 90 , thoriuouiour, 64 1 p m Wind M strong »weather cloud}, tbroateulm Baromvlor, SOBO, tbormometor fll 4 |i m «lud NNW, frrsh, weather cloud), throalouuur Barornoter,

.0 01, thermometer 6b

Juno 3-y am Mini] NNW, fresh, weather clou ly, dull llarorailer .0 88 thermometer, OS 1 pin Wini \> , (run »oathor c oudy, «ne. Baromolor EJ 03 , ihorinomctrr ej 4pm Wind M N \V light, marner cloudy dull Barometer,

SO OS, thermometer D'


Taramune, 6 B, 1,281 tons, Trios Sanderson, from ttoncastlo BOlh ult Ja. Patorson and Co , agents g s 000 tons W Maul, from Newcastle 80th ult. two passengers Jauges Patonon and Ve,


Shannon, bg, 20Q tons, R IXayoi from Mago Island, vlft Suva 0th ult Pigott Brothors and Co ,


Lass of Gawler, bg, 212 tons, J O Dixon, from Chortlwn, Java, April Ï3 Victoria Sugar Company,


June 3

Chimborazo, s.s. (Orient Hue) 3,847 tons, J F   Ruthven R.N R, commander, from London, via Ply mouth April 21, Naples April 29, Port Said srd uls,,   Suez 6th ult., and Dlego Garcia 18th ult. Passengers. -Saloon: for Melbourne-Mr and Mrs H C Hal   lowe,s Rev Dr Dunne, Rev Mr Maughun, Rev C L Handcock, Mr Douglas and Miss Douglas, Mr R Cousens Mr R.G.H. Cooper, also 32 second saloon     and 88 In the third cabin and steerage. For Adelaide     -Mr K. Hosking, and nine in the third cabin and   Steerage. For New Zealand-Rev. J u Kerina Rev. A R Cox, Messsrs. C. N. Swabey, H.C.   Lance, J D Hugbes, and H Balfour; also   IO second saloon and two in the third cabin For Sydney-Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Wesley, family and   servant, Mrs. Spurling, Misses Spurling (five), Miss Banahan, Miss Bergin Miss Fitzpatrick, Miss Hands Mtss Hayden, Miss Allen Miss Aylwin , Miss Syrian Dr T Lane, Rev. M. O'Brien Rev. F. Donegan, Rev.   J Lonergan, Messrs P. Aylwin, A. Humphrey, A.   Cochrane, H. J. Bedford, E. W. Wallington, Shepherd, J Booth, B. M. Mackay, and M Laren also 33 second saloon and 132 in the third cabln and steerage Mr.   Thos. H Cunningham, purser. Gibbs, Bright, and

Co., agents

Rubicon, seh, 01 tons, H J H'Arthur Irom Waratah Buy 20th utt Wlscbsr and Walker,


Julia Percy, s a, 660 tons, II rluRh, (ram Portland, Boltast, ami Warrnambool Passongors-saloon Mrs Florestcr, Mlserm Alston, Dowling, Meters J H Morris V Howard, lloonoy, and It in lbs steerage Thompson, agent

Cheviot, s . , 1 420 tons, W Donaldson tram Stoney June 1 Paasougere Baloon-Mr and Mrs Levy, Miss Wood Messrs W W Ison, U K. Bail Lnpbon R. eregan H J Smith St. J mt do I! M'Kay,and20 in the stoerago ffm Uo«ard Smith and Bona



Sierra Estrella, 1,130 tons, - Murdoch, for New


Florence, 70 tons, T Hughes, (or Dock Blror


Redondo s 715 ton» E Johi son, (or 8ydnoy Wm Botvard Smith and tiona amenta

City ol Adolaido s a 824 tons, A M'Intosh. (orSyd- ney Poesrnt,era-saloon Mr and Urs W M'Georgf., Captain and Ure \\ Ulis Mr and Mrs L h Freeman Mr and Mr* Jut frletr-her, Mesdames Blake at.d Ohlsholm, Misses Ty eon, Hotelier (three) Ulilies M Gillies, Allan, Robortaon, Brodribb Podtnoro und Willis, Moeurs. W A Cooko, W H Warron, J Hone Q Hope, H M. Williamson, Wm Bead, Cookson O Q Parker Peter Olaj more li W« Ho, M E Collins, JI H V \\oavis,J Dui,an, _ HomphlU, P Neilson H Topping, and 27 iu tho sleerago W Siddeley and

Co asenta.

South Australian, s s , 412 tons, T W Lockyer, (or Adelaldo Passenj,ors-saloon Mosdames A K. Samison, Egglnstono Mooro Murphy W Jordon, Sarah Cassidy, Misses E Tnis« A Hunter, P.voj, -gglostono, Claylld, Goydor, Sónico, Kelly Russell, Fitzgerald, Prisb>, Morara A II Terrell, T ii. Wilkinson, Klapproth A. M'Loan, G W Oreon, 1 II Williams, L Brookman, M Kenülo II. W Bick (ord, Stuckoy Stephens Ballan, Matter Ihomaa A Janies, and 35 lu the steerage James h Ogdou,


Oingtleo, 837 tons John Pringle, (or Fromantlo. S do Beer and Co., agents

IMPORTS - Junb 2

[A apodal charge is made (or consignóos' annouueo

msnts Inserted in this oolumn ]

Taramung, (rom Newcastle-1,600 ton« coal Ka&by, Irom Kowcasvtu -1,700 toas coal

Shanuou Irom Moro Island, v aSuva-94hlscotton, COIbgs colton seed, l,8c0 bgs copr\, 10,000 cocoa, nuts

43 pkga sundries

Loss o( Gawler, from Java -031 bsktfl sugar

Jula 3

Julia Percy, (rom Portland, Belfast, and Warrnam- bool.-1,273 bgB potatoes, S03 bga grain, li bia wool, 4 bin skins, 1 pipo tallow« 140 Bhoep, and 20 tuna son*

dries. .

Ruh i con, from Waratah Bay.-1,100 uga lime.

Included In tho manifest of tho Loch Torrldau ara tho following couslgnmonto :

1,000 ca Dunville'* old V.M, whisky, 8 qr.-oika vory old, and 22 qr -esks ordinary Long John's Bun Novia

whisky.-Hiwry M'Oüioak akd Co.

EXPORTS -Junk 2.

South Australian, for Adelaide -10 ca echo apps, 4 ca varillan, S pit ¿s glass, 15 es btfcntta, 12 bars lrou, 8 pkga nails, 46 colls rope, 3 pkga prluthttr materials, 10 coila wire, 10 bus tapioca, 1 crano, 13 pkgs telephone materials, 0 stones, 10 ca lard, 60 ogs. onions, 8 bskta Kamo, 5 pkga o>Btors, 6 cka soft »mp, 825 bga oats, 170 pkgs tea, 113 bga rico, 3 qr >cha wine, 7 pkgs drapery, SO m champagne, S3 eft ale, 15 pkga groceries, io be» coffee, 5 pkga fancy gouda, 40 qr .cka brandy, 77 pkgs machinery, S3 pkgs rum, 6t> bgs potatoes, 7 pkgs cigars aud tobacco, 7 pkga hops, 0 pkga stationery, 13 pkga tr< ca and plants. St. ska oatmoal, 47 ca cheeee, 21 Ïiktfn dru tra aud medicines, 8 pkita, 5(10 pkgs

rait, 8 pkga whisky, 8 pkgs furniture, ISO pkgs mer-


Clirgaleo, for Fremantle,-7 ca stone carving, 5 ca baking powder, 80 pkgs hardware, SO kga hatter, 0 pkgs drugs, 88 bia pressed bay, 80 bia chatT, 12 bga rice, 6 tons potatoes, 602 pktrs sugar, 06 pkgB hlscufis, 85 pkgs tea, l8 pkga tobacco, 723 bgs oats, 10 tres beef, 440 bgsll'nr, S40 pkga ao*p, 200 ca oil. 350 cs kerosene, 20 bl« woolpacks, 5 Cfl wine, 170 ogs bailey, 200 v» jam, 14 pk^a Mindrie».

City of Adelaide, for hydnoy.-SO pkga paint, 3 ca i oleos. 6 bis woolpacks, 0 cn mur, acid, 30 bxa tin

plates, 21 colts rope, 8 cs cakes. 28 ca collup, 1 crano, 2 I chaffcuttera, 2 pkgs ostrich feathers 5 nkg* cement ornaments, 10 C3 BpuUtlng, 0 ompty tunks, 110 pkgs Bynip, 42 pkgs biscuits, 535 liga flour, 300 pkgn potatoes, l8 bua onions, li bcku game 8 cratea vegetables, 0 homes, 30 000 mata, 0 bgu Iwrsefued, 121 pkga machinery, 50 cs galvanised Iron, 811 pkes toa, 200 bga rice, 16 pkgs hardware, 25 ca whisky, 0 pkgu tobacco 10 pkgs groceries, 11 pkga drapery, 6 pkgs Stationery, 25S pkgí manufactures of niutnlj, 21 cs jim, 6 pkgs glasBWKro, S pkgs cigar*, 20 drums oil, 4 trnka bout*. 40 ska oatmoal, 40 ogs barley, 0 pkga

books, 24 pkgB merchandise

Hod one! o, for Hydnoy.-14 tins lard. 3 ploughs, 8 o vi; na, 6 pkga cement ornamenta, 4 pkgs (gaa-maklog machino), 7 cs Millard gooda, 14 plena agricultural implement*, 50 bdla wire, 23 pkgs zlnewaro, 50 b<s

woolpacks, 523 bg» flour, 47 cks currants, 3 to ka malt, i SOO bxs candles, 2.550 bgs eli»17, 40 cttos vegetables,

10 bia bair, 8 oka camtlng«, 9 bgu sawdust, 50 b#s scale, , 100 ca whisky, 10 ska oatmeal, 4 pkga moil c1 net, 420 ' bgfl potatoes, 282 stones, 410 bga onions, 20 bgu carrots, 400 cs fruit, 126 pkga tea, 21 ox« soap, 806 bga bran, IS pkga planta and seeds, 6 pkga stationery, 03 pkgs drapery, 49 pkgs merchandise.



Arrived -Jone 2-Rubicon Bch , from Waratah Cay Jane 8-Ohlmborazo b b t from London (¡Juuih Channel) Cupley, eh from Load n tMouth Oh&unel) ¿Moora, bq , from Sjdnoy (anchored). Mavis, pilot tch , from outsldo station

Hu I lud -Juno .-Apollo, k » for Circular Head , Vivid bq for Newcastle , HaRonlla ach for WQbteru Port, Oily of Adelaide Sydney Smith Ans trultan e fl, for Adelaide , Fiore oca Klllott, k, 1 r K1 vor Cam Judo 8-Mb via pilot Bon , for outeide


CAPE SCHANCK. Inward -Juno 8-7 a.m Sch


Inward-Jm o 3-0 30 am Cheviot, as 3 30 p m Ga7ull>, 8 8,5pm Martha fore and aft uch

put Into Waterloo Bay ,1pm Maffra, fore aud>alt



In wird -June 8-116 p m Bon Volrllch, ah , bonod to Coolong all well


Outsldo- June 2-Sir *V Law non and Abstainer Inside -June 2-Muffra


Arrived -Jane 2 -Julia Percy, from Belfast Sailed -June 1-Truder for Tasmania


Arrived-June 2- Barrabool from Mol bourn o Ju e 8-Sapphire whaling- bat quo from Hobart , Th.rn, from Tahoo , I/ich Lee from Humboldt ßa>, Belén» from C1 ruo ia r Heart Blrtmatu, front Ado Iaido a-Iamanff, Kellawarra from Brisbane

Sailed -June I-M L Lit cb fluid for Manilla, via NeHcattllo Juno 2-Wakitipu for Wellington

Neuitfele Ly eo*mnon for Melbourne Victoria, City of Melbourne, You YanK?, for BrlBtane Aberdeen, tor Shanghai Juno 8-Caroline for B-txvla


Arrived-Juno "-Menmuir from Sidney Oover nor Blackall, from Kock) am j ton Him (»booler, from Liverpool Juno8-K«m ut fr in 8>d ley

Balled-Juno 1-Derwent f>r Maryborough Juno 2-Katoomba for Cooktown , Merkara fir Nowcaatte, Corea, for Sydney . Menmuir, for Hong Koog


Arrived - Junol-Boomorang Phillis, and Doornail

from Brisbane

Balled -Juno 1-W Turner, for Suva, John Nicholson for Manilla , Confuiente, for Nelson , Wjatana for Wallaro), Kmperor, for Rockhampton Juno 2-Ti lu a, for Melbourno


Arrived-Juno 1-Tmttnnia from Molbourno, Urlhes, from Natal, Franklin, from Wee tero Aus tralla, Coorong from uutporta. June 2-O lan cut tiom NowctBtlo, Investigator from Mdbour e, C}ßnet from Uiver Le »on Alert from Geograf he Bav June 8 - Ravenaliddale I1 ritz Kouter, from London, Kndora from Barrow on Fumosa, 8yd noy

from Melbourne

Balled -June 1-Penola for Melbonrno via nu» ports luno 2-Victorian f r Melbmrne, Lutiitanla, for London Juno 3 - Bydnov, for Marseilles


Lat 87deg iOuüp 63sec S . Ion Oh SOujId

64 Ssoc. £

Timk Bam*-Timk of Djiop

At WUliaiuuiown Juuo 2.-Hi

Corrosponding to

Oreonwi'-ta Moan Tluio June L-16b. ÏOoi. 6*2«. Oat« ani Hour

tlarorootur Se« Luvul

Attained Thcrmo

tenu, of


Jur» 18pm

Juno 2 h a.m .. Jnrifl lian

80 040 2D 07« ÏBB07


47-0 d10 ess