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? ? ? ?

The Argus Office, Saturday Evening.

The announcement of the suspension of     the Federal Bank will hardly come upon business men in n surprise, mid the event hasalruul) liten distouiiied touconsideriible extent The bank lins been losing the con fidein-e of the public for some mouths ptiat, mid lins thus been exposed to a steady depletion of its resources i lie case has been unxiotisl) considered m all its bearings by the other mut» banks in the association, anti tiny huve final!) resohed that, a» liquida tion has become a necessity, their interven- tion was not desirable It thus rests with the shareholders of the bp nie to take such steps ns will best conserve the interests of tinircreditors 'Ihe decision ut winch the banka in association ann ed was acquiesced in unanimous!).

On Satutday morning we reproduced Borne remarks with regard to the banks' rates lor iixed deposits from the Si/dne/i Mormng Herald There is a di sire in bydney, und, we believe, amongst some of the bnnkeis m Melbourne, to reduce the rates But it maj be doubted whether for the present the Mel bourne banks will, as a body, join in a move mint to bring about an) alteration

A detailed comparison of the Bunk of Ung

land returns for the week ended 25th inst with those for the prei mus week shows an increase of -418 000 in tom and bullion, ami a decrease ol £'51(1,000 in notes in circulation, the reserve being const quuitl) buger li) £'1.14 000 Public deposits show an increase ot £224,000, other deposits a decrease of £876,000, Government securities a dei reuse of £1 300,000, aud other setuuties a détresse of £Ai2,l)U0 Hie excess ot "other' dtposits ovi r " other " setunties is £5,040 1)00 Agu inst _G,554,u00u week ago A comparison al the leading items willi those at the correspond ing date last)em is is lolloyvs -

Coln and bullion Note ciroutaiion Public deposits

Other neourltle9 Reserve

Proportion of reserv e

to Habilitiez



I Increase.

S.TCO.OOO Uccrea°e.

O.niio ¡16,1)00 Inóreme.


791,000 Dem ease.



2,760,000 .iPer Cent.

At the unction sales of tallow held in London yesterday, only n little over one-half of the quantity offered was sold. Last week's rise in medium mutton was maintained, but medium beef declined Od. per owt. The following is a comparison ol the last five

auction sales :

OMI) l.'lilO


10 0 19 0

1 7 Deo. 1(1 . Jim. 0 . Jim. 13 . Jan. 20 ,


The following is a comparison of London quotations per ton for copper, and pig iron cabled during the last


the tin, live

During the last week copper hua folien JOa. per ton, and pig iron has rispn Is. per ton. The total rise in pig iron since December Ü9 is 2a. 10jd. per ton.

The iollowingis a comparison ol the aggre- gate tonnage of sailing vessels in port bimi to arrive at Port Phillip on January 30, 1892, and January 28,18ÍI3 :


Ile_-i»_eied Tonnage.

A eompiirison ol the tonnage in port and to arrive at South Australian ports is as

follows :

, Total

[ HeRlitered


Tin totals tor Port Phillip and South Aus traba together uimpnrc as follows -

RtV littered


Registered XonnaM



In adtlition to the nbove vtssels of an aggro yitt tonnage of 8 IM tons (against 10 078 tons a j ear ago) are now en route tor undeter mined Australian ports

J lie foi lotting isa return of the upprovi

mate quantity ol grain loaded at country stations during the wetk mdtd 2ut inst, togpther with the approximate quantity at the stations on the same date and at a vveik pievmusl) -

Group of Stations.


1 utled Jan n0

Jan 19 IJan 20

Goulburn I al'e) \nrrawone.a line

Otlitrib utations Kell "line

Wycheproof Uno Swan 11 II line Main Hue

Douall! line

Ballarat Port Fair), &.O.

li Imtnera

Gippsland .

Totals (approximate)_

na Ï75

14 410 Jt. t> 4 ..JJ .1 615 1 SKI 18110 21 -uti

So Ti U00

219 14U |J7(I OH |40",4

The total quantity loaded from January 1 to January 21!-007,400 baas-compares with 470,390 bags tor the corresponding period last year. As the quantitv loaded during the week ended 2Gth inst was 219,140 bags, and as the approximate quantity at the stutions increased by 91,450 bags, it uppenre that the approximate total quantitv of grain sent in to the stations during ti it wuk mia 3ii.',G90 bags

I he English wheat market continues to be weak ni tone. 'Hie position of the market in Australian cargoes is indicated bj n sale of 8 500 quarters January shipment at 31s 9d. per 48Uib. c f.i. Parcels have been so'd at 3ls 3d. Private cable messages are m hur monj with our own adnu s Local)} tnere is more wheat offeimg, and the tone of the market is a shade easier. Quotations in town are 3s Srt to 3s S.d., small sales nt 3s 3d. being reported In oat», Bales of SOO bags are repnrti d at up to la 8d for prune Algeuun, and 2s. i k1 tor good stout Pens ate quoted at 2s 4d"ro2s 4Jcl , with sales at 2s 4íd.

'lhe import markets have been quiet to dai, and no business of importance is reported Business is pending in Mauritius sugar, lu referring to the lirst tea auction in Colombo of tin ni w \eur Mi bsrs Hathgute, Pim, and Co make the iollovving re

marks -

" Ar this the first sale after the liolidavs the lara st rp anritv ever offered lu Colombo ii on " bale was blouirhl forward, rdtlioUL.ll Irregular as vv is io be e\i *cttf I willi st lame i snln, were gene rallv dearor for leafv gra les of I ekoes und pekoe sou< hoi _s, in siiiip-uhv vviili the open u,r sales in I ondon Qlhei soil» ruled uiueh the same as before the liolidavs Bomlsiv buventgive coiiHdciuble slip poit 11 pries for i roken peko s w iib _ood leaf ap peaiauce and lui, mid al o secured i ^o-xl proportion of the dina« Cup quaht> foi tint market appears quite vf he, ondlrv cotisi le ranon Ked leaf and all low urades coniniiiided Ion,*: prices Qualiiv shows a lallilnr off, rt-allv line cup I ciiil lhe exception We ii H ei li e leaf is I older and Irtreer, niau} »-o cal ed pekoes haviuicotilv (.o'-1 piker sim h n_ nppeatance, an I iimu> of tile lane) onlj souchong lent N e anti iipaudllils would ie iii« i>a»e in oui circulai So Hi, ol Olh November lum, llu lo» vriecs eiineiit for tine glades broken ] ekoeu opciiallv and the re verse fur pekoe s iichotms being ti e causes thal bave brou.lit uboul this change in plucking Me «re, novvever pleused to note thal produterv are no1 fallltn, into their previous eiror ol plucklmr too coaiselv, which can onlv result III pio duclng the ruhhishv teas of about a viar ago Tl° foil win are the quantities orTere I and sold (un 1er i e hummer) on this inurkot lol Hie past three veins -ibtKi olleied b 8(17 ">Ililli, /old (MM.n.tlb

lilli), M i cr um ol lhe lol ilbbipped , 1S"I1 offered IS lu 71111b,soil j, ->oillb liuii.14. percent of Hu loial shipped wi> offend li*, ncn »Billi, being > lb] j er cent ol Hu »I |_i, ed Ii is no1 poseil.U

to say what portion of withdrawal« rhanped hands prix al ely after the sale but probably the priyate sales would brilia up the total sold In 1SD2 lo some 34 noPMOlb Thcbi teures, bhow that our market is inrreaainjr and irrowmg In imjrartauce and we are ailie it will still fun i<>rfiur»a-v_ if p o hirers will onlv oifermore or theil ¿,ood quallt\ teat here Shipments laM, month were a^aiu hhoit uf the estimate being ouh 4} mll'Íon<¡ ajalnnt an estimate of tlí millions _o Australia weic &li!p| ed UOOOOib To thi* shortage must I e attributed the improved tone of the home


Under date December 20, Messrs De Ltssa, Sons an 1 Co report on tüe London market in di ltd fiutts as folloyyti -

11 Currants,-HuMnc« is ier> quiet, as ill the markets for Christmas are now supplied There his not been u lar^e demand for Australia latoly, and we da not expect to see a revival for anoth r mouth or

so t ood provincial cases for bhippmsr are v\oith about 10a l)d Kleuies -There has been a fair de maud for the col oin et* and the market Is somewhat cleared at the low pi ices now ruling but theie is plenty more to come forward from Smjrna We quote-12a Gd c i f London Sultanas show no im protcmont The ox ti emily low prices now nillup should induce business* in the article Business has been dono at 14_ io lfs n"s -^mall boxes are fetching 2Ss in bond Muscatels have been in pood demand, this b'hi" Hil season of the y ear when the lariat truie is done Dat s me without alteration \\ e quote oh before, 14s to 15b '

With regard to the Enßlish hop market, Mess«* W. H and li Le Mn\ icport, under date London, December 19, 18t2, ns foi

Iowa -

" There is a better consumptive demand for all de script ions Ihe lo vu pt lees b«Mny accepted is causing some brewers to fill np for the vcar the stocks now leffcnre in avery small compass and con eist principally of theverj choicest giowthn, which

at the < nmmencemtnr were hpld for extreme tates

and good nit, lium hop*., all the o \eit descriptions havu gone also the grade just above medium

rinnncial nfifairs have during the pnst week bi en largely in i state of suspense owing to its becoming known that the allairs of tin 1 ederal Hank were un Iel consideration bj (he \ssouiited Banks I hi total clear m at the Melbourne Healing house for the week ended 23rl mst was ¿3H2 3.rl ae,unst £ 508 878 for the previous week, and í.3 S42 001 for the conesponding week last > ar Bank quotitions are unaltered I enig us follow - Discount rales at 7 to 7^ per cent for three months au 1 8 per cent, for over thie( months Oveidralt rat s ar" quoted at 8 to 9 per cent luton exceptional aecounts thin is a discretion to mal e a concession Deposit Rates-Ihree months 2A pircmt

sit months, % per cent and 12 months, 4Í per cent I xchauge rates tor 00 days sight

bills on London -Busing 7s 6d per cent discount, selling, 12b Od per cent


Ile local wheat marl et has been in a rathei ex itel stitc during the Inst week owiiiL, to the pressure to complete the load mg of \essels ch riered In tin countn the equivalents ot s 4d to Is 5d at Melbourne or 3s 3Jd to Hs 4*il ntüeilong have been psi 1 while small Ims arriving m Melbourne lor Bille have been reudilv saleable at 3s 3d In a Idition to the demand for shipment t. 1 uro ne thi le has been some intercolonial di

mann while millers have bien bujing with mon confidence lhere is a lair local and intercolonial deinnn 1 for Hour at s ead} rot^s Supjilies of malting I arlej have 1 een small

and the market is firmer at about 3s Sd for prime s imples Oats liav e been selhnj, ii eel j at unaltere 1 rated p irtlv for export to other colonies Of the maize connut, forwaid from the ouutrv a huge prop irtiou has airead) been secured for fa.vdnej and the balance lias met with a strong demand Sales during tin week have bi n made at up to <s 3 1 Peas have continued to weaken, and are now quoted at 2s 4d to 2s 4id Brun bus also weakened slightly anti is now almost stagnant at 8d to 8\d

I he state 01 I usines« in the import markets presenta no new tenture Sugirhas had a moderate deman 1 an I Queensland bnvvns(tor eiport) jellows and whites hale been gold at late rat<,s Mauittius si gars have been selling slowl) pnitly tor export J he local rennt ni « experience a good tit mund Ihe tea marUet is firm and in a Ivanci has been estnbhshid in Indian and Ce) lons Prices however still compare un favourably with prisent quotations at ports of shipmint At the tea auction sale on luesdtt) there was strong competition bi Idmgs being ver) lively Of Indians 607 packages peVoe were offered, out of which 46u pntkages were sold ihe prices realised 0J I to Is <Hd show an advance of lull) ß per cent on late rates All the Ce) lons

( ITered 630 pitkages, were sold at lirmei rates as lollows -83 half chests broken an 1 oiunge pekoe at lid to Is 2¿<1 C2 chests and 87 half chpsts pekoe at 8jd tollfl 74che¡!ts 8 half thesis and 100 quarter eh nts peko souchong nt 7-jtl to S/ti and smaller lines of souchong at S1 niul broken lent at 7 1 A. mo lerate business has also been done pi i

\atilv in Indians nn 1 Ce)lons hnve Ippn rather nttue In China teas touimon congou his been active nt ö;/l and fair salis of medium panvong have also been male Hie Custom houst statement ot receipts and de liveues of tea at the bonds for he weil ended tht 21st inst, together vv ith the stool s m 1 ond at the close ol the w eek is ns foi lows -

China Ii tila

Ccv Ion



Into bold


247 202

80 301 277 02.1

Delii cries

Stocks Jai 21


S 80 30 «

Sujo » 262 8071 4 045 7ül

*Exclusive of a portion of shipment* ex Chingtu   and Ocampo

+ Exclusive of the shipments ex Austral and a   portion of the thlpinetiU ex lloheiibtaufen

In jute goods cornsncks hnve been selling rather slowly at 5s Jd to Cs 3d for im porters parcels closing at the'higher rate A good 1 asmmimn demand is commenrmg ilrun lags are linn at Is 8<i anti gunn) bn/s at 4s Od to 4s lOJd Woolpacks are quiet nt 1b lid m bond Bonded stalks of woolpacks on 21st inst were 122 balts ngamst 1 Ifel bales at the com spon Ung date lat )enr Cement continues to move off m small lots at unalteied rates In themienls treum of Untar is fniily active at lid tartant and at Is OJd , and bicarb of soda at ¿9 10s, to £10 1 i«h has been mort attue, ant sardines have had an improved demand Salmon is selling steadily Drud fruits have also been more active, turrama fetching 5}tl dutv paid and 2.jjd in bontl for export ni w elemes Cd , and old clemes 4J<1 A "nod busi ness has bien dom in sultanas at 54_d m consequence of the hardi nmg of the London market Hops have bien hilling mort lrecly at up ro Is for Victorian Ihe new crop in the Gippsland dis tnct is reporttd upon as giving, promise of a good yield of exiellent quaht)

1 he crop bus been almost cntirilv tree trom spider Metals continue quiet Ihe demand ior fencing vv ire is at present limited bome clnuplots latel) ofTt nug have how t ver, bein taken up, lind stocks nre now more firmly hel 1 GC iron is in moderate distributing demand i inplates are m moderate di maud at 14s b 1 In oils ki lostne is steady tit 7J|d for low screws and 7Jd for patent faucets in impartid panels A good business has been done et tin I argo Law, laigel) tor shipment to Queensland Castor oil is quiet nt ¿s jld limber continues ginerally quiet bugar pine has had salis ex whaif an 1 door sroik is in demand Hie liquor trade shows hurdl) any improvement Ihe increase 1 duties now ruling have interfered with consump I tion

In our special advertising columns will bo found the tortv first half yearly report of the Queensland national Bank Limited together vv ith statement of accounts to 31st December, including London branch to 10th September 1 he net profit for the half jear, after dennet ing note tax and dividend dutj, is £11311, making with balance from previous hulf

year, ¿16 479 a total of £oC 81(1 a% ailable tor uppropnation Out of this a dividend at the nile of 10 pei cent, per annum is de Inn d al snrbing £10 000, and the balance, £10 810, is carried forward Liabilities to the shale holders consisting of capital pin 1 up ¿800 000, reserve fund ¿4b. 0U0 and profit and loss £58 020 amount to £1,311 020 , and hal ihties to tin public consisting of notes in circulation C2bl 0-11 Ulis m circulation £407 717 und deposils uni othir liabilities £8 »20 902 umoimt to £ I 279 143 the total liabilities being £10 022 970 \ssets consist of coin and bullion, El Obi 19o cash balances 1071121 monee in London ni call and on short notice £199 000 (joiirnment si lu rules, and debentures £4« MO-the totnl Ot these four items 1 eine, £1 970 310-bills remitted und ni Ira tttu £'10 511 bills le ceivable and ull other d b*s due to the bank, £8 133 1S7 and premises tuiniture, and

L Stationen £102 712 y I 1 lie liqui lators ol the J and Credit Bank of!

?Australasia announce (hit on an 1 after We 1

Incsdav ni xi 1st Icbiuuij, a dividei d of *M ?in the £ will be puvnble wall cieditors of the ¡I auk

8 Ile follow mg specie has bei n ship, ed i er

H M S Ausir ha I irLondon via ports -1 or Lon Ion-two boxessovcréions iulue£i0 000 aicoint Oeoige Withers superminid'nt P and O S \ Co one I \ vi 11 coins value tl'il nee lint leputi mash i Ki. al Mini

lhe followint, is the return ol "nun ¿c, re eived at the Spencer stieet runwni station loi Hie weet- ending Junuur. 28 lbJI - 11 117 I ai. s wlient 3 s>K bags flour 7?7 bugs Iran 28 i bugs pollard S 8"4 bugs oats 2 077 I n"s | ns 2 SOS I i¿s 1 arhy 124 lags malt 104 buhs mu/e 4 51) bags p lintot a 42b biigb i mons S.I bags shelis 21817 bum rliall li i ales lol uceo 21 laies li jps l8 lui,» me il lotttl 0502) bags and bales Is suburl nn stations-9II

bags w litut

Duung the week ended to daj 43 170 bags of produce wereeonvevel to (jeelotu, b> the inlvvavs lhe produce consisted ot the foi

low ing -Vi he it ii 822 hue,» Hour. 722 bigs Iran 2u2 I n¿s pollirl 2.s I n"s

oat« 1511 la s | eus 110 big« barlev j 10 lags poulton 71< lugs onions 121 sgs

uni eh ill ii it I b ms

Hie Austtuliuu buicltiugOompanj Limited

report that their London telegram of 27 th inQt quotes - Standar 1 silver, 3s 2 9 16d per oz , solt Spninsii lead, VI 17s (id per ton

The Lustonis revenue colletted at the port ot Melbourne to dav amounted to 42128 Os lid wlnrfnge, £200 18s , tontingent, £27 bs , pilotage, _13'l 18s_



The ^ew Zealand I/ian anti Mercantile At'enoy Company Limited, Melbourne, aro In receipt of cable a Wlces from llielr 1 orielon house, under date 27th insu as follow i -" Mutton - lustraban mutton, weighing pet tarcabc 401b to ßOlb , is yyorth 3d per lb The malkct is firmer lett-The market Is quiet Porequarters are vvoith2Jd , and hindquarters id ¡icrlb tepeo ivel),


It has been annouiiietl that mails will close at the General Post-offlce as antler -

Portsea Soiiremo-Monday, Tuestla), Wednes dav,Tbui_ay, Frida), SatiirJnj.D IO a ni , batur day 1 p in

im, viaSvdvet - BlrkfL,atc, Januar) 31,1pm

r,svi ¿EAUND, v ia Hoart'-Talune, February 4,

li a ni

SVDM.T (Oveilautl)- Monilav, Tuesday, Wednes day thursday, Friday, I JO , 4 p in , Sntuiday,

6 SU a ill

QiFK>siAND, VTA Stdnev (Overland) *-Monda), Tuesday IVetlnesda) Thursday, Frida) G 30 a ni, 4 p in Saturday, fi SO a,m

AnrtAiiir (Overlan I)."-Monday, Tuesday, Wednes dav, Thunda), brldav, 3 Ki u in

Pom Darwin, vu svd.sei *-Oltlngtu, February 2,

S m a tn

Hobart ai»d tiAmycESTOH *-Cooftee, this day, 2 p in Pateena, this day, 3 p in

lliaTrrt australia, via AnpLAinr,-R M S Aus train lamían 11, 2 pin, Fr s Hilo di la Ciotat,t t einnor) 1, 2 10 p ni

UMTHl KlMlDOH, &0., VIA AHEIAIDE.-R M S. Aiistiulla, fantiary 31, 2 p m , Or s Holienstatifen.t lanuar) 31, 2 IS p ni, Fr s Ville de la Clotat,t 1- eb nary 1 2.1fi p in

Madagascar Maiik, Mauritius Natai, Port EiiyAiimi CapkTown, Reision, "vctiEiiLKS-hr s I ¡He de la Cioiat, hebrttarv 1, 2.16 u m

H no Kono, via Svdm-v 1-Chitietu, February 2,

S JO a ni

Caí k Town Direct -Aberdeen, February 10, 3



Oaiiiornia, 4c, tia SiroYtrr -Alameda, February l8, 6 a m

I ONDos, ta, vu Stbset 1-Alameda, February l8,


New Oaiedosia, via Sydney -Birksgate, January

ti 4 p ni

* Panel mail closes an hour before the letter por

tlon of the mail

t Corresp_tlence Intended for transmission b) this vessel must be specially endorsed with the name of the ship

I Correspondence intended for transmission bv this opportunity must be specially endorsed " \ ia Sydney '

NorE.-Neusiiapersintist be posted one hour and registered letters hulf an hour prior to the time appointed for rlosiiiir malls foi place« in I ictoria or the ncighiiouiiinr colonies per aboienamed vessels Late letters w ill be reeelv ed for pUces in I iotorla and the neighbouring colonies half an I our attet the above times ptovided the full postage and late fee of 2d be prepaid In stamps



Mails per II M S S Australia will be despatched overland, via Adelaide, fur Western Australia* Ccjlon India China and the I-ast Aden, the îlcditerraneun ports the Continent nt Europe the United Kingdom (via ) rlmlis'i) and British colonies and foreign countries (via Biiudlsl and the United Kimrdom) on Tuewla\ Jamian ti

lhe times appointed for closinjr are -

Formono\ onlers at 4 p ni , Monda* Tnmmry SO for puiLüs, at 4 SO p m , Moiidax, Januan fío

>or registered letters, at il SU a tu , Tuesday,

Tammrv ill

Foi newbpapers at ? p m , Tuesday, Tanuary 11

(or ordinary letters und packets, at 2 p in , rues daj, lauuarv ii

íletwttrwi late lett*»re (provided the postaee and fee ute fully prepaid hy stamps) will be received nt Geneial Post office, 11 SO am to 12 30 p in , Od , 12.30 p m to 110 p m , Is.

Ord I nan late Ittter-c (provided the postage and feo are fully prepaid hy stamps) will be received at General Pont-omce 2pm to ¿ 45 p in , 3d , at " The Rialto,' Collins at. et t, until 4 0 jim, Cd , at SpLiK er street railway station until departure of Adelaide train, 4 ¿0 p m , Tuesday, January 81,


'Note -14ite letters for Western Australia will be received at öpencei street railway station until de ami t ure of Adelaide train, 4 20 p ui, Tuesday, January

II 2d


Mails for Ccj Ion, India, Ohma, and the East, Aden Sulz, Port Said, Antserp Bremen, and all other yarta ol Qevmauj, Continent of Europe, and the United Kingdom via Brindisi will close at the General Post* oillcc Melbourne, as follows -

KtgKered leiteis, 1 45 pm Tuesday, lannarvfll Newspapers 2,16 p in. luesdav, lanuaiv .ii

Oidinurv letters and packet«, 2,16 pin Tuesday, Jamiai_> 31

l.*ate letters will be received up to 2.45 p m January SI, proUded the postoffeand fee(Sd) are prepaid in stamp» Correspondence inn«*t be speuall} addressed per German packet Hohen



Mails for Western Austiaha, Mauritius, Matul, Fort Elizabeth, Cane Town, Mähe, Madagascar, Keunlon, Seychelles, Aden Sue?, Port said, France, Méditer ranean ports, Continent of Furope, and the United Kingdom, \ia Marsüllcs, will he closed at the General Post office Melbourne, as follows -

Registered letters, 145 p m Wednesday, Feb

mary 1 \

Newspapers _lßpm Wednesday, February 1 * Ordinär) letters and pael ets, 2 15 p m Wedne«daj, February 1

late letters will be received up to 2,45 p m Fob man 1, provided the potUuc and ice (Id ) are pre paid in stamps Con espondence (excepting that for Mauritius Natal, Port Flizabeth, Cape Town, Malle,

MadaLkscai, he union and Seychelles) must bel special tv endoised "Per H euch packet Ville de la j

Ciotat ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I