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A five»_ct drama of a sensational cbaiacter, by Mr, G Darrell, waB produced at tbia theatre on Saturday evoning, amidst BO many and such frequent manifestations of applause from a large audience that it may be pro nounced to have beca entirely successful Ihe Rcene of four of the acts ia laid in Ana tralla Moat of the characters are Australian, the incidents are Australian-borrowed mostly from those which occurred in con nexion with the Kelly gang of bushrangers nnd the hero and heroine aro Australians-of the stage type, like the rest. 'Ihe open ing of the drama takea place m an Engliah country maneion, tho ancestral home of the Cheaters, and residing there are the ostensible owner Worthy Chester, and hie daughter, Clarico.aud anephew.Ivo Carew Chester, by a sérica of raab speculations, has placed himself m the power of a money lender, ono Eli Grup, who IB the possessor of a mortgage over the estate and other papers and securities telling against Cheater Ruin impsnda, and Grup offers to Bavo the credit and honour of the Cheatere if Clarice will consent to become bia wifo This young lady is in love with her cousin Carew, the attachment being mutual, but poverty ia a bar to thoir union, and under picsauro of circumstances Clarice is almost com polled to accept bia ault At thia juncture a dens ex maehma nppeara, in the peraon of one Matt Morley lie announces hnnBelf aa a returned Australian and an old friend of the family anxious to renew his ac quaintancesbip with it Ultimately Chester indignantly rejcctaGrup'a offer, preferring ruin and exposure to hia daughter a aelf-aacrifice Grup, furious thereat, throws off hia mask of civility, and warns the old man that on the morrow he will take possession of the mansion, and not one of the proud race o' the Chesters shall ever Bet foot within ita walla again Ihe Australian thereupon inter posen, declaring himself to bo Morley Chester, the long supposed dead son and heir to the late owner of the estate, and claims his right and title to present possession Subso quontly Grup asaumea formal proprietorship, den] lug Matt Morley'a identity, the latter having lived under that assumed name for 20 vearB in Australia At tins period " Bubs Berkely, an adopted daughter of Morloy a, arrives with a cablegram from the coloniOB announcing the discovery of rich gold in Morley's claim, and urging his immodiato ra turn Morley, with Bubs, sails for Australia, to gain sufficient money to establish his Lnglish rights, and Carew and Clarice omi

erato with thom In the third act the cha- racters, with divora otbora, aro discovered on the El Dorado rush, and in the midst of tho Quoon'a Birthday foativitiea a nugget worth IO 000 ia unearthed from Morloy s elwin by Ina mate Ben Brewor This nuggoe is placed in the local bank, and on tho next ni(,ht tho bank ia stuck up by Dick Duggan,

bushranger, and his maleB, and a desperate struggle ensuea botween the gang the officials, the diggers, and police, and ultimately the gang ia overpowered and the gold saved. Meanwhile, Grup, hearing of Morley's good fortuno, and fearing his return to England, has arrived in Australia, and subsidises Duggan (who has broken gaol) and his mates to molest Morley and prevent his departure Duggan, bearing a grudge agaiuBt Morley, readily comenta, and abducts Bubs Berkoly, and the last Bcono of the act BIIOWB tho attack of Morley and tho police on tho bushrangers' lair, tho rescue of the girl, the burning of the hut, and semi destruction of the gang In the last act Bubs and Morley aro married, as are Clarice and Caren

the villains aro unmasked, and justice meted out to the wrongdoers all round There ia thua a rapid euccession of exciting incidents, attended by numerous melodrama tie BltuationB, a copious discharge of nlles and revolvers, many hand to hand encounters, much tribulation on the part of the heroines, a considerable display of muscular energy on that of the hero and the doughty bush rangors, one of whom ia got up like an old friend in the " Miller and his Men, ' and a great demonstration of valour by two suc- cessful diggers, as well as an exhibition of ferocious vindictivenesa and general " CUB sednoss" by tho wicked outlaws It must be added, m jtiBtico to the author, that he maltes no attempt to croate any sympathy for the ruffianly bushrangers, one of whom is represented m BO odious a light that ho ia called before tho curtain more than once to be hooted and howled at by the audionco Among tho more stirring episodes of the dramatic story aro tho burning of the bushrangers' hut, and tho attempt to throw a special train off tho rails at tbo clos0 of tbo fifth act, whon thore ia a mortal conlhct botween the bnganda and the happy couples who aro on their way to tho vessel which ia to convey them to England, and the etago is littered with a not very choice aBBortment of corpses Fortunately it is tho reprobato characters of tho drama who aro shot down, while tho virtuous people escape, if notwiih out a scratch at any rute with their lives and with thoir gold, which they aro taking home, with characteristic imprudence, matead of bank drafta

lho character are well caBt and Batisfac toni j sustained 'Ihe part of the heroine devolves upon Miss Essie Jonyna, who baa in her tbo materials out of which a good actress may bo made, provided abo does not fall into tho mistako committed by BO many youthful membora of the profeaaion in these colonice of imagining that suecos«, or a good position on tho Btago, ia to be achieved at a bound, and that incessant study and pereevering hard work can bo dmponBod with. There wero portions of hor performance of the character of Buba Berkley on Saturday even- ing winch denoted a natural aptitude for emotional acting.but atprosont hor expression of it is crudo and unequal, and wanting in that light and shade and delicacy of gradation which uothing but practice, oxpenonce, and intelligent observation and reflection can supply In proportion aa Misa Alice Deor wyn, the representative of Clarice Choater, discards that self consciousness which gives too much prominence to the young lady who nats and too little to the part BIIO portrays, and which ia altogether destructivo of the necessary illusion, aho becomea moro accept

ablo and her scenes in the first and fourth aota benefited accordingly Mr Charlea Hol

loway's Dick Duggan, the bushranger, was one of tho beet played charactora in tho drama Bound in conception-and uniformly oxcollent in tho exocution Mr. Darrell IB ruggedly vigorous as Matt Morloy, the Anglo AustraJian, who walka unannounced into tho drawing-room of a young lady, commencea Bmoklng a cigar, accosta her with impor tiuont familiarity, Bpeaks and acts with a brusquo rudoness, and is then assured, in all aerlousneas, and without a touch of Barcasm, that he la a gentleman If Mr Appleton would only drop the habit ho haB acquired of indulging in an occasional whine and drawl, bia ability would qualify him to make a part Like Ivo Carew vory much moro effeccivo than be docs Mr Olly Deering rendorod the part of Eli Grup appropriately repulBivo and Mr Harry Leaton did Ina beat to Infuse a certain amount of humour and vitality into the charactor of Plan tnganot Snuffer, who is on /Esthetic foot- man In the fourth act, and a eorry caricaturo ol in "Pationco" during tho re moledor of the pieco romalo domestics «ho unat-ko thoir aspiratea aro bocoming a _uia_uco on tho stage, for the voin has boen already worked out, aud Rebecca Ann, aa impersonated by Miss Constance Doorwjm was Bomowhat de trop Mr E Palmor, Mr W J Holloway, and Mr. H Daniels each contnbuted to tho succesa of the drama, which will bo repeated until furtbor notice, and there wero enthusiastic calls for all who had taken a prominent part in it at the end

of «ach aob

Tus marriage» celebrated at the civil ofllco, ou tha Capitol, llome, during the Carnival week, reached tho extraordinary number of 165. Ona day alone there nero no fewer than JW.

Tra Moorish Governor of Casablanca Morocco, having sentenced eight Jewesses to be publicly bastinadoed by order and m pre sonco of an interpreter of tho British vice consulate, great indignation was manifested by the European residente, i.nd protests wore lodged at the American, French, and Spanish Consulates. The outrage has beon reported by the vice consuls to their respectivo Ministers at Tangiera, who havo addressed nates to tho Uritluh. representative.