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Pahdesbus. — At the present moment this most useful appendage to a lady's out door costume, is more than ever in request. , They are generally worn composed of silk materials, trimmed with broad folds, or an open worked trimming of passementerie. The most elegant

are in muslin, lined with a straw or lilac taffeta, and encircled with rich descriptions of laces. Bonnets. — Crepe bonnets with shaded rib bons are now much worn. Some very elegant hats in paillc de riz have also lately appeared ; the ribbons being dark shaded verdant green, or in pink, in imitation of a shaded rose, com mencing with the lightest tint, and ending in the China rose colour. Others are composed of full white tulle, simply decorated with a branch of a light foliage. Mousing Dresses. — For a morning toi lette nothing can be prettier than those coloured muslin peignoirs, encircled with three narrow trillings, plaited and -fluted very small, and edged with a Valenciennes lace. This negligt is always fresh aud new, and over which is worn with a large pelerine or demi mantelet of the same material, trimmed to match. Roues.— Some are composed of the opale, others the Camtlion Bilk ; the form of these pretty dresses are well worthy of notice, the corsage and jupc being open, and laced with large silk laces, in the Tyrolien-^tyle : the openings of the body and skirt ?Veilig 'edged'

with a boujMonne trimming, a la viette; sleeves § a la Medicis. I Caps. — Lcs bonnets roods are still all the § rage 'among the tlite, particularly those caps I named & la paysanne, a la bebet, a la bretonne: I they are mostly trimmed with a ribbon Junes, p dark blue, or shaded cherry colour; some are ; decorated with wreaths of ribbon or flowers, and are. considered particularly becoming to young persons of a very fair complexion. ;? Matkmals.— The taffetas d1 Italic is now [ rnuch.iu fashion, and of which there ore a va- ' riety of patterns ; the prettiest, are thoseatgu- }, red verdant green, and Parma violet, the wood I violet and ornuge.being the most fashionable f colour this year. I Colours. — Although light hues still pre- I dominate, we see also that full rich colours I begin to be partially seen. Shots and shaded I silks are, however, the most fashionable, as I well as the ?pehink stripes. . Pink, blue, violet, grey, and lilac, retain all their favour.

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