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North-Bast .Oundas Tramway.

One result of the present visit to Zseban ofuMr Back, the General Manager of Tasmauiau QcvernansHt rtiiways, is tbat the first eeotioo of tbe No th-East Dundas railway will be opened wi bin » few flavs, as soon as the H«l# loooootiv* tUet ' has been working on tbe line ao be repairad.

Tbe station for this secti m nil! be fiv« miles from Zeeban, and oi )se to UcKim mie'a sawmill ( and jMsaen jers and goods will be carried to and torn that point The new locomotive lately arrived for this line is « splendid engine, add a pronounced snecen in every way ; she waa built to the order of the manager in Ulatcow, and is tbe only oae of tbe type it the colonies. Tbe loecimolive is guaranteed to draw 60 tons up a grade of one in 95, but she easily negotiate* 10 tans o»-*r the guaran teed weight. The little engine that has been used ao far fur i&c construction v undergoing repairs, s'ud directly «be is ready for work again the tiret stage of the tramway will be officially opened for public traffic.

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