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The Christmas of 1915 Ttiil be re membered in the future pages of his tory- What next year will bring for us is hidden mercifully perhaps, in any case wisely. Except in the case

| of children we cannot use the dear


j old formula-"A Merry Christmas"

I at a time like this when tears are so


| near the eyes and the heart so full of

| anxiety for the dear boys away,

j Bat it is not with gloomy forebod ! ings, or with gloomy homes that we

can help our boys. It is not with sad faces we should let the cdildren's memory go back to this historic Christmas- We must show our pat riotism our belief in the justice of our cause, our trust in our country by a cheerful optimism that will inspire courage in evey man that has to bear \ part.

For one whole day we must put away sadness. Christmas really be longs to the children who cannot understand war, and for their sakes let us do all in our power to make them happy.

Without spending money requirea for other purposes make the house and table as festive as possible. If you know anyone worse off than your self share your Christmas with them. In the evening sing our beautiful national songs and Christmas hymns. Then send silent greetings across the sea to Tommy and Jock those splen did men who have borne the horrors of the war. Think when safe in our comfortable homes, with gratitude and admiration of their bravery, for titude, andcheery spirit. Good luck to you, Tommy and Jock. The Great General will surely give you His ap proving words-" Well done, good and faithful tenant."