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    Foster Family History - Coventry to Victoria

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The supplementary returns of polling which are published to-day do not niter the relative positions of any of the candidates. As was shown yesterday the country is very evenly divided on the"one man one vote"   question, there being 50 members returned who are in favour of that principle, while 45 declare themselves against it. The new Legislative Assembly will be composed as


Old Members returned.....69       New members...........26   Total 95

Ten of tho members who sat in the last .session retired for various reasons, and of the 2(i new faces five arc those of old Parlia- mentarians, namely, Sir Graham Berry, Mr. James Campbell, Mr. J. BosiBto, Mr. It. T. Vale, and Mr. T. Langdon.

The Ministry claim to have secured nt least 00 adherents in the new Assembly, bat the lists put forth to support this assertion will probably require considerable modification as soon as the House meets. The principle ndopted in arriving at this conclusion seems to be that all members who have not specifically denounced the Ministry a'nd all its' works are put down as Government supporters.

Twelve candidates have failed to poll a sufficient number of votes to secure the re- turn of their deposit money. They are as

follow :

Mr. T. nanson, Emerald Hill. Mr. T. Upton, Collingwood. .

Mr. J. H. Knipe, Jolimont and West


Mr. T. Cooper, Creswick.

Mr. J. Hardie,,Carlton South. ,

Mr. M. Macpherson, Dandenong and


Mr. J. T. Proctor, Korong. "._»»**. Mr. W. G. Boyle, Korong.

Mr. J. Bourke, Korong. l"~¿ 1 Mr. P. Ellis, Sandhurst South. _? Mr. James Holden, Stawell.

Mr. James Heeps, Mandurang.




Mr. W. li. Looker, the returning officer for the electorate of Eastern Suburbs, has not yet come to a decision as to the course which he will toke in reference to the failure to com- plete the poll at Camberwell. Mr. Looker deBired to consult the Chief Secretary on the matter, but Mr. M'Lean was not at his office yesterday, as it was a public holiday. The Electoral Act gives tbe Governor in Council power to rectify any misfeasance or omission in the carrying out of a poll, and therefore Mr. Looker desires to consult the Chief Sec- retary before taking action, though he Btates that he believes that the final responsibility rests with himself. Mr. Looker, who was nt Kew whilst the poll was in progress, states that it was not till half-past 0 that he received a telegram from the Borgeant of police at Camberwell stating that his (Mr. Looker's) piesence was urgently required nt Camberwell. 'There was no in- formation as to the cause for which he was required. He surmised that a riot must have occurred, and telepbone.1 to the ser- geant stating that in case of a liot the deputy returning officer had full instructions

how to act. He then learned what was the nature ot the difficulty, but it was too late to take any action. The writs are not return- able until the 3rd of May, so that there is plenty of time to give notice for the com- pletion of the poll should that course be de-

cided on.

Mr. Gillies holds that the matter is en- tirely in the hands of the returning officer and his deputy, and no one else has any right to intervene. The poll should be completed for the full specified time. After that the returning officer must receive the ballot pnpers sealed from his deputy, with the deputy's report as to the number of votes polled for eaoh candidate and the surplus papers. Upon that report the returning officer must act, and having declared the candidate with the highest number of votes duly elected he must return the writ in accordance with the terms of the act, and there his responsibility ends. It is then open for either ot the defeated candidates to appeal against the election, and the matter would in due course be referred to the Elec- tions and Qualifications Committee. This body has power to decide the question on the merits, discarding mere technicalities.

No case has occurred in the colony exactly similar to that at Camberwell, but there have been two occasions on which'a poll has partially failed on account of a deficient supply of ballot papers. The first of these ocourred in 1874 at Queenstown, in the elec i toratc of Evelyn. On that occasion the re [ turning officer adjourned the poll at the

booth in question till a subsequent date, when it was completed. Mr. J. G. Francis was Premier at that time, and he procured the passage of an Order in Council validating the poll, and no further trouble ocourred. The other case was at Newham in February, 1879, when Mr. Deokin and Mr. Robert Harper were contesting West Bourke. Mr. Sliutcr, the returning officer, postponed the poll from Wednesday till the following Satmday. Sir Bryan O'Loghlen, who was Attorney-General nt the time, wrote to the returning officer, who had not consulted him on the matter, and the result was that the notice of the postponed poll was withdrawn, and it was not completed. The returning ollicer declared 'Mr. Deakin elected on the uncompleted poll. A protest was lodged by u number of electors who had been unable to \ote, and Mr. Harper announced his inten- tion of appealing to the Elections and Quali- fications Committee. Mr. Deakin,' nftcr moving the Address in Reply in the Assembly, resigned his seat and contested the election again, so that the validity of the incomplete poll was never tested.

There are 1,S00 voters for the Boroondara Division of the Eastern Suburbs electorate, and between 500 and 600 of these reside at Camberwell, so that the return may vitally

affect the election. I



An examination of the returns yields some instructive results concerning the attempt made to create in Parliament an organised Trades-hall party capable of controlling the Legislature. In the first place, the original scheme of securing the representation of "labour" by labouring men has quite broken down. Twelve of the candidates who were nnnounced as under the patronage of theTrades-hall League have been returned. One of these candidates ia Mr. ,T. n. Dyer, a farmer, who secured the seat for Borung, and as that gentleman has now declined to be classed as a labour candidate, and has declared that he is as much opposed to one man one vote and Trades-hall domination as anyone can be, his name must be removed from the list. Of the 11 members remaining there are seven who cannot be regarded in any respect as working men. The names and occupations of the jiominees of the Trades-hall league who have been returned are as follow :

Beazley, W. D., Collingwood, auctioneer.

Bennett, O. H., Richmond, manufacturer.

Bromley, V. H., Carlton, japanner and decorative artist.

Carter, W. T., Williamstown, ex-clergy- man, now an estate agent

Maloney, W., Melbourne West, surgeon, Samuel, S., Dundas, solicitor.

Salmon, P. M., Port Melbourne, journalist. Smith, T., Emerald Hill, hat manufac-


Trenwith, W.A., Richmond, bootmaker.

Winter, J., Melbourne South, paper-ruler.

Wyllie, D. It., Melbourne North, tin-


The net result of the election in this direc- tion is therefore that while in the last Par- liament lhere were but two Trades-hall members, namely,

Mr. Trenwith and Mr. Hancock,

there are now four " working men" members, namely

Mr. Bromley.

Mr. Trenwith. Mr. Winter.

I Mr. Wyllie.

I It is noteworthy also that with the solitary

exception of Mr. Maloney, who is scarcely regarded seriously by his own friends, tile roll of labour members does not include a single man whose platform utterances were marked by.revolutionary views. The result of the polling is, indeed, further confirmation of Mr. Hancock's brilliant aphorism, so well exemplified in his own dismissal, that " everything is possible in a democracy."

The precise extent of the advance ot the Trades-hall party is shown by a com- parison of the total number of votes polled for mid agahiBt its candidates in the 30 districts which it carefully selected as likely to return labour members. In tlie case of single electorates where only one candidate appeared on each side the figures nre at once n6cert«inablc. In single electorates in which one labour candidate was opposed by two or more candi- dates, the aggregate number of votes polled by the latter have been placed as against the labour party. For inataiico, in North Mel- bourne Mr. Wyllie received 1,025 votes, Mr. Laurens 1,000, and Dr. Kose S21 ; and there- fore wo say that in North Melbourne 1,025 votes were cast for the labour candidate, and 1,524 votes againstliim. In districts return- ing two members, snell is Fitzroy, Colling- wood, and East Bourke Boroughs, the method followed has been to take the highest number of votes polled by any one labour candidate on the one side, nnd the highest number polled by any one candidate on the other side. Thus in Fitzroy, 2,337 votes were polled by Mr. Tucker, and 1.73S by Mr. Mauger, and these figures are taken as repre- senting the relative strength of the two sides

in Fitzroy.

Omitting Borung, the Trades-hall league contested So eeate in'30 districts, and the . aggregate number of votos cast for and

against its candidates was as follows :

Majority against the Trades-hall Leofuo 18,812 In the 11 districts in which Trades-hall candidates were successful the votes for and against them compared as follows :

For the Trades-hall candidates .. " " 14,341 Against them . .. H 13,555

Majority In favour, only ,. _ ,. 788 When it is remembered that the Trades hall League carefully selected the districts in which ira propaganda was most likely to succeed, it will be Been that tile outcome of ita efforts, in the direction of securing a dominating influence in the Legislative Assembly has been surprisingly small.

The following- are the detailed figures for

each electorate:

Votes recorded.

For I Against Labour Labour

Candidate. Candidato. District.

I Albert-park _ _ ?

Ballarat West ..

Ballarat East ..... Bourke East .,

Otirlton. Carlton South .. Castlemaine

Collingwood .*

Creswick,. .. H Hundas. Eastern Suburbs

East Bourke Boioughs Emerald W11 ..

Essendon and Flemington Fitzroy. Footscray Grenville Hawthorn

Jolimont and West Richmond Melbourne EaBt


Melbouruo South .. Melbourne West Port Melbourne

Prahran. Richmond

Ripon and llampdcn..


South Yarra .. Williamstown ..


The following is a list of the members of the new Legislative Assembly, so far as can be at present ascertained:-  



Andrews, Charles-Geelong. Aimytage, Harrj'-Grant. . Bailes, A. S.-Sandhurst. Baker, R.-Lowan.

Beazley, W. D.-Collingwood. Bennett, G. H.-Richmond. Bent, T.-Brighton.

Best, R. W.-Fitzroy.

Bowman, R.-Talbot and Avoca. Burrowes, R,-Sandhurst.

Butterly, M.-Windermere. Cameron, E. H.-Evelyn.

Carter, G. D.-Melbourne.

Carter, W. T.-Williamstown. Clark, W. G.-Footscray.

Craven, A. W.-Benambra, Davies, D. M.-Grenville.

Deakin, A.-Essendon and Fleming-


Dixon, E. J.-Prahran.

Dow, J. L.-Kara Kura.

Duffy, J. G.-Kilmoie, Dalhousie, and


Dunn, J. N.-Ballarat East. Ferguson, Joseph-Ovens. Forrest, C. L.-Polwarth.

Foster, Henry-Gippsland East

Gillies, Duncan-Eastern Suburbs. Gordon, W. J. S.-Castlemaine.

Graham, George-Numurkah and Na-


Graves, J. n.-Delatite.

Harper, Robert;-Bourke East.

Harris, Albert-Gippsland Central. Harris, Joseph-South Yarra. Highett, J. M.-Mandurang.

Keys, John-Dandenong and Berwick. Kirton, J. W.-Ballarat West. Levien, J. F.-Barwon.

Madden, Walter-Horsham.

Maloney*, W.-Melbourne West.

Mason, F. C-Gippsland South. M'Coll, J. H.-Gunbower. M'Intyre, J.-Maldon.

M'Lean, A.-Gippsland North. M'Lcllan, W.-Ararat.

Methven, D.-East Bourke Boroughs. Murphy, E.-Waircnbeip.

Murray, J.-Warrnambool.

O'Loghlen, Sir Bryan-Port Fairy. Outtrim, A. R.-Maryborough.

Patterson, J. B.~Castlemaine.

Peacock, A. J.-Clunes and Allendale. Richardson, li.-Creswick. Shiels, W.-Normanby-.

Smith, L. L.-Mornington. Smith, T.-Emerald Hill.

Staughton, S. T.-Bourke West.

Sterry, D. C-Sondhurst South. ' Stuart, F.-Melbourne East. Tutchell, W. F.-Dunolly.

Tnverncr, J. W.-Donald and Swan


Taylor, C. F.-Hawthorn.

Trenwith, W. A.-Richmond. Tucker, A. L.-Fitzroy. Turner. G.-St. Kilda.

Webb, W. T.-Rodney.

Wheeler, J. H_Daylesford.

Williams. H. R.-Eaglehawk. Wrixon, Sir II_Portland. Younsr, A.-Grenville.

y.os, E. L.-Melbourne East.


Austin, E. n.-Ripon and Hampden. Bromley, F. IL-Carlton.

"Bosisto, J.-Jolimont and West Rich-


"Berry, Sir Graham - East Bourke


Burton, J. B.-Stawell.

Campbell, James-Benalla fand Yarra-


Dyer, J. IL-Borung.

Grattan, W_Shepparton and Euioa. Hopkins, J. B.-Geelong. Isaacs, I. A.-Bogong.

levers, AV.-Carlton South. ^Langdon, T.-Korong. M'Kinley, A.-Toorak.

M'Kenzie, M. K.-Anglesey. Murphy, T.-Rodney.

Phillipson, G.-Wangaratta and Ruther-


Rawson, n.-Kyneton.

Scott, T.-Villiers and Heytesbury. Samuel, S.-Dundos.

Salmon, P. M.-Port Melbourne. Turner, G. J.-Gippsland West. "Vale, R. T_Ballarat West.

Winter, A.-Melbourne South. Wilkins,E.-Collingwood.

Wyllie, D. R.-Melbourne North. AVhite, J. S.-Albert-paik.

* These gentlemen have previously Bat in the Assembly, though not in the last Parlia-


RETIRING MEMBERS REJECTED. Anderson. W.-Villiers and Heytesbury. « Derham, F. 'P.-Port Melbourne.

Duncan, W.-Borung. « Gardiner, J.-Carlton.

Groom, A. C-Gippsland Weat.

Hall, G. W.-Shepparton and Euroa. Hancock, John-Collingwood. Hunt, Thomas-Anglesey.

Laurens, John-Melbourne North.

Leonard, W. H.-Carlton SouthJö

Mountain, W. J.-Melbourne South. Nin"- i, John-Albert-park. Shackell. J.-Rodney.

Smith, W. C-Ballarat West.

Uren, W. H.-Ripon and Hampden,

Young, Charles-Kyneton, . -

AGAINST ONE MAN ONE VOTE. Armytage, H. Austin, E. U. Bent, T.

Baker, P.

Bosisto, J.

Burrowes, R.

Campbell, Jos.

Cameron, E. H, Carter, G. D.

Craven, A. AY\ Dixon, E. J. Dow, J. L. ' D>er, J. H"

Ferguson, J.

Forrest, C. L. Gillies, D.

Gordon, Vi. J. S. Grattan, W.

Graves, J. H.

Harper, R. ' Hopkins, J. R. Highett, J. M. Harris, J.

Isaacs, I. A. Keys, J.

Lev ien, J. F. Langdon, T.

Madden, Vi. ,

Mason, F, C. ' M'Coll, J. H.

M'Kenzie, M. K. M'Kinley, A. M'Intyre, J. Murphy, T.

M'Lellan, AV.

Patterson, J. B. Phillipson, G.

Staughton, S, T. Smith, L. L.

Tatchell, AV. F. Taylor, C. F.

Taverner, AV. J, Webb, AV. T. White. J. S. Zox, E. L.

FOR ONE MAN VOTE   Andrews, C.

Bennett, G. H. Butterly, M. Berry, Sir G.

Bromley, F. H. Beazley, W. D. Best, R. AV.

Bailes, A. S.

Burton, J. B. Bowman, R.

Carter, AV. T. Clark, AV. M.

Davies, D. M, Dunn, J. N^ Deakin, A.

Dully. J. G. Foster, H.

Graham, G. Harris, A.

levers, AV..

Kirton, J. Vi. Murphy, E. Murray, J,. M'Lcan, A.

Maloney, AV. _



The following-supplementary and, in nearly every case, final returns of the polling have

been received :


One member. No. of Electors, 3,140,


.Thomas Hunt, Kilmore, journalist-For

one man one vote.

M. K. M'Kenzie, Broadford, grazier Against one mon one vote.

Methven, D.

O'Logblen, Sir B. Outtrim, A. R. Peacock, A. J. Rawson, H.

Richardson, R. Smith, T.

Samuel, S. Scott, T.

Salmon, P. M. Stuart, F.

Story, W. C. Shiels, W.

Turner, Georg» \ Tucker, A. L. ' Turner, G. J.

Trenwith, W. A. Vale, R. T.

Wilkins, E.

Williams, H. R. AVyllie, D. R.

Wheeler, J. H. AVinter, J.

Wrixon, Sir H. J. Young, A.




Alexandra _ ». Gobur .. .. Yarck " ».

Merton ». ,. ». Doon », .. .. Eildon _ ». _ Acheron ». ». ». Taggerty ». " ». Thornton ». ». ». Avenel ».»... Mangalore.. ..

Broadford .. " ». Strath Creek ». ». Reedy Creek ». ». Jamieson .. ». ». Darlingford .. ». .Dabyminga .. ». Ten-mile .. .. _ Enoch's Point .. ». Mack's Creek ». . ». Buxton .. ». .. Marysville .. ». Seymour .. ».

Kobyboyn " ». Wood's Point _ _ Stander'» Creek .» ». Oaffney'a Crock ,. ». Yea. Doogalook,. ». ». Break o' Day .. .. Molesworth, ». ». Dropmore .', ., .. Murrindindi " _

Totals .. .I 1,163


Majority for M'Kenzie, 7.

At the last general election the voting


T. Hunt.' ... 1,271 AV. H. Ellerker. ... 724


The complete totals for this electorate are

as follow :

A. AV. Craven .705 P. AVright.080

Majority for Craven


Two Members. No. of Electors, 3,307.


Mames Brown Patterson, Murrumbeena gentleman-Against one man one vote.

.William James Sutherland Gordon, Tara- dale, estate agent-Againat one man one


George AVarren Greenhill, Castlemaine, mining mvestor(L.)-For one mon one vote.


Gordon. I Greenhill.IPallerson.


Barker's Creek Chowton

Emberton .. Fryerstown ..

Campbell's Creek .. Yapeen

Guildford .. Vaughan Tarilta


Elphinstone.. Faraday

Malmsbury .. Redesdale .. Sutton Grange

Sutton Grange (nar

court division) .. Sutton Grange (.1.

Moon's résidence) Taradale Metcalfo

North Drummond


Totals .. ,.| 1,217



At the last general election the voting


J. B. Patteraon ....1.ÍÍ00 AV. J. S. Gordon . 1,37« R. Oliver... . ... 1,220


The following are . the complete re«

turns i

Samuel .578 Skene .378

Thomson.375 \ Reay.." 230

Majority for Samuel, 200. . ".J


'.One Member. Number oí Electora, 2,711. '


* James Howlin Gravea, South Yarra, agri- cultural selector and stock farmer-Againat

one man one vote.

Henry Parsons, Howqua AVest, farmer AgaiiiBt one man one vote.



Greta .. - South IXariBon M Moyhu

Whitefield.. Mansfield .. Dry Creek .. Heyfield ..

Howqua West .. Maindample Morrljig .. Nillahcootie Boorolite ..

Wombat .. .. Benalla East

Rothesay ,. .. Moorngag .. .. Toombullup Glenrowan.. Iledi

Bobbina warrill .. Carbour East Strathbogie


Strathbogie North Kully

Violet Town Balmattum Longwood .. Marraweeny

Upper Castle Creek Warrenbayne

Confines of Benalla Baddaginnie Swanpool .. Whorouly .. Oxley Parish Ryan's Creek



Majority forGraves, 155.

» At the last general election the voting

was- .

J. II. Graves . 905 AV. Stredwick . ... 42Ö


One Member. No. of Electors, 2,259.


*Harry Armytage, Woolimanta, Lara, bar« riater-Against one man one vote.

John liées, Little River, farmer-For one

man one vote.

Bewtlh "-'


lAta. Cowle's Creek

Batesford East .. Mornsou'8 ..

Mount Wallaco ..


Lara (Peak division)

Rothwell .. Egerton Ballan

Stelelite ..

Anakie . Werribee (Werribee div Ision)

Little Elver (Werribee dlrisiqn) Werribee (VrVndham division) Newport

Total» .'. '.I 1.066

Majority for Armytage, 519.

At tbe-Jut general election the voting


BLAmytaje .C91 :. J.Bee»-?. ... ".6C0