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Disastrous Fire




6trahan, Friday.

During the early hours of this morning tbe Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company's station at Regatta Point, the terminus of the Straban-Queenstown line, was completely destroyed by fire. But few were aware of tbe disaster until they roBe this morning, and oven when informed of it expressed their doubts as to tbe veracity of their informants, but a close inspection proved that it was only too rue. . _ . _

As near as can be ascertained tbe are broke out at about 2 o'clock, originating in tbe lamp-room at the south-west end of the station, and spread right along the entire length of tbe buildings, devastating tbe whole structure, including the lamp room, waiting-room, ticket office, and Mr Tim Buckley's refreshment bar, which bad only recently been opened, and was expensively fitted. Mr H. Gill, btationmaster, Mr Boon, another of the company's officials, and Captain Boon wete quickly on the scene, followed shortly alter by others, and every effort made to save tbe buildings and to obtain tbe compapy's books, traffic papers, and cash. In this latter they were entirely successful, but to stay tbe flames was an impossible task, although water was freely used. Finding this, they turned themselves to saving tbe station lately erected for the Regatta Point railway ex tension line, and although not more than 12ft distant it now stands intact, with bat very little dnmage done, and which will cost but a trifle to repair. 'Several truoks which were standing on tbe line between tbe two platforms had to be uncoupled and each one pushed away to a safe dis tance — a laborious task— but not before they bad been damnged to a small extent. Mr H. C, Driffield, superintending engineer of tbe Mount Lytll M. and R. Co., and Mr Lindsay Clarke, wbo had been staying over night at Straban were present shortly after tbe outbreak, and directed and assisted in the efforts made to subdue tbe flames and save other property. On visiting tbe place this morning all that could be seen was a blackened heap of rains, with here and tbere a (ew charred timbers ; piled on top was a mass of bent and twisted galvanised iron, which once

had been tbe roof of tbe structure. Where the refreshment bar had stood the ground was littered with broken rUps, some of which bad been melted by tbe beat and moulded itself into grotesque Bbapes. How tbe buildings clone by — Mr Nichol son's store and Mr Higgins' Railway Hotel— escaped is a matter for wonder, for tbe flames leapt high and far, and tbe occupants hid a trying and anxious time but by strenuous efforts and tbe use of wet blankets they maniged to eave their properties from destruction. Of tbe two the store was in tbe most imminent dan ger, what little wind there was fanning tbe flames in that directiou, and, on tbe other hand, oarryiog them away f torn the hotel. Tbe cause of tbe outbreak is unknown, and although many opinions are hazirded it would be unwise to suggest any reason here, A special train arrived two hours prior to the outbreak, but whether a spark from tbe engine caused tbe conflagration is, of course, a matter for enquiry. No inconvenience will be suffered by travellers, temporary officeB having been already established. With their usual push the Company will commence at once with the ereotion of a new station. In conversation Mr Driffield eaid that the buildings were partially insured, but in what company he could not state pre cisely. He estimates tbe damage done at £1,000. Sympathy is expressed on all sides for Mr Buckley in his heavy loss. He had only just stocked tbe refreshment, bar, and bis loss is estimated at abont £200, which, it iB stated, web uninsured. The telegraph line to Queeostowo, which ran at the rear of tbe b tat ion, was destroyed, and direst communication in terrupted for a time. Mr J. Crump', post master, gave this matter prompt attention, and communication was soon restored. GOVERNMENT AID. [BY ELEOTRio~TELEGRAPH.1 (rBOH OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT), Hobart, Friday. The Government have decided to allow tbe Mount Lyell Railway Go., who have bad their station at Regatta Point burnt down to use the Slrahan station tem porarily.

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