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'Sentimental, Bloke' Is Next STUDIO EXTENSIONS

Australian talking picture production has made great progress in Melbourne and Sydney in the past six months, and the time has now come when we may confidently expect the industry to be placed on a permanent basis, says the 'Herald.'

The extent to which activities will oc carried on in Melbourne will soon be known, because Efltee Film Produc tions has put its faith in 'The Senti mental Bloke,' which cost nearly £20, 000, and will base its future policy upon the reception of that picture. If the public response is in accord ance with expectations the company will immediately begin preparations for a more comprehensive programme, and consider the question of making pro vision for the simultaneous production

MISS FREDA BONNING, a talented member of the Jim Gerald Co.

of two pictures. This would mean an extension of studio accommodation and equipment. AUSTRALIAN STORIES Mr. F. W. Tliring, the managing di rector, has rigidly adhered to his origi nal plan of. making Australian pictures from Australian stories. 'Pick and the Duffers,' when will cost about £15,000, is to follow 'His Royal Highness,' a musical farce upon which the company is now engaged.. It will cost more than £20,000. Mr. Thring hopes to make a big film of the pioneers of this country some day — an Australian 'Covered Wagon.' The part which 'The Sentimental Bloke' is now playing makes another interesting chapter in its romantic his tory. When one considers the extraor dinary popularity of the poem, the play and the silent picture it comes as a shock to hear from C. J. Dennis that at one time he would gladly have ac cepted £100 for all rights. 'Doreen' was the first contribution to 'The Sentimental Bloke.' Thev thought of continuing the full story in verse did not come to Mr. Dennis . until months later. During the next two years he add ed verses until the work was complete. Then it was declined by a Melbourne publishing firm! TECHNICALLY PERFECT In Sydney Mr. Dennis received a very favorable offer. The author had signed an agreement, and was on his way to post the document when the thought oc curred to him that the book might some day ba made into a play. He then wrote In a clause reserving dramatic, picture and platform rights. The Efftee production of 'The Senti mental Bloke' prqyes clearly that talk ing fi!ms of technical excellence can be


made in Australia. Since the pre-view took place several revisions have been made, and as a result the picture moves along more smoothly and convincingly. For this latest variation of his woris Mr. Dennis has provided an admirably planned scenario, covering most of Me highlights of the earlier productions on the silent screen and on the stage, but with the dialogue considerably im proved. The principal character, that jf the Bloke himself, has been made d. more romantic personality than in pre vious conceptions in order that the love story of the Bloke and his Doreen may be more engaging to the general public.