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REPRESENTING the latest in streamlined theatres, Hoyts, Fremantle, has a floating screen, powder bar, a crying room and a host of novel and attractive features. The new theatre will come into use for the first time tomorrow night, when citizens of Fremantle and environs will have the opportunity of seeing what Fre mantle enterprise and capital have helped to create.

Centrally situated at the junction of High, Queen and Newman streets, and within only a short distance of the town's civic headquarters, the new theatre gives accom modation and comfort com parable to the best ideas in theatre-construction! Effective Treatment Its imposing, rounded front epi tomising the modern touches of the whole design, the new theatre makes excellent use of the triangular site on which it stands. Its ground and first floor are fit ted with a number of generous-sized double glass doors. On the ground floor these doors provide entrance to the building, and on the first floor they make an extension of the lounge

and lead to the balustrated balcony. From the balcony, open to the air, the effect is much like that of ship board. The theatre accommodates about 1300, and maximum comfort and easy visibility are assured. The two-storey .building has a cement-rendered front, finished in an attractive biscuit tone. Biscuit ton ings, too, are a feature of the inte rior decoration. Foyer SIX double glass doors give access to the entrance foyer. The effective ness of the design — its happy color harmonies and the unusual tonings and effects — are apparent at once. The entrance foyer is payed in red tiles and the walls are finished in a soft pastel green. In the centre of the foyer is the modernly-patterned ticket box, its dark wood frame and artistically-shaped glass sides and canopy again suggesting how care fully attention has been paid to effect and harmony in the whole design.

Edging the red paving is a circular section of the two-toned burgundy carpet which is used in such gener ous quantities in the furnishing ? scheme. / To the right of the entrance is the box office. Just beyond is the en trance to the stalls, approached through double dark wood doors. To the left of the entrance is tho wide carpeted stairway, which leads to lounge and circle. The stairway is flanked by a mod ernly patterned balustrading to the first landing, then by chromium plated handrails. Several flights of steps lead to the lounge and a fur ther short flight leads off the lounge to the circle. Main Entrance OTRIKING effects have been ^ achieved in the main entrance and in the lounge and circle. Walls of the entrance have been finished in soft pastel green shade. The entrance is circular in shape and the ceiling treatment represents a continuation of the circular motive. The ceiling of the entrance . con- ? sists of circular patterns, which be come smaller and deeper as ? the centre of the entrance is reached. A fluted column is a central feature. Like the walls, it is finished in the soft green shade used so effectively throughout the building. Leading off the main entrance is the manager's room, stalls entrance and men's and women's .. dressing rooms. The lighting fitments conform in. design to the general theme, are mod ernly patterned and show liberal use of chromium and light biscuitcol ored glass. They contrast happily with the prevailing colors and yet provide all the light necessary. Edging the largest of the circular effects in the ceiling is a fringed band of heliotrope. The contrast is unusual and highly effective. Even more extensive use of green and

heliotrope contrasts is made in the lounge. Through the stalls entrance, aisles carpeted in two-toned burgundy lead to very comfortable seats. Each seat is upholstered in Dunlopillo and ample room is provided between the rows of seats. Auditorium rpHE auditorium shows how well -*- colors have been blended in the achievement of a rare form of wall treatment. From near the proscenium, four streamlined fins sweep back towards the rear of the auditorium. From above the prescenium another large fin sweeps back towards the circle. Running parallel with this large fin are two others which house the .- inverted frosted glass light boxes which play a' big part in the lighting scheme. The wall treatment in the auditor i- . iim is novel and effective. The shad ings are of soft green and biscuit. Up to the streamlined fins the walls are so finished as to secure a rip pled effect. The stage draperies add to the restrained but colorful note. The proscenium curtains are of am ber mirror velvet, and the back stage draperies are of a modern art silk. TTHE effect in the lounge is par ? ticularly striking. Circular, the lounge has its ceiling finished in the circular-moulded pattern as carried out at the en trance. The largest circular opening in the ceiling is fringed with heliotrope and the lounge furniture, finished in green fabric, has also edgings of heliotrope. ' The ceritral light fitment is a large circular-shaped one, very smartly patterned with large biscuit-colored bowl and chromium fitments. T EADING from the lounge are -*-* men's and women's dressing rooms, a modern powder bar and carpeted entrance to the circle. Opening off the lounge are double glass doors, which give access to the wide circular balcony. Green cur tains, with faint heliotrope tonings, front the glass doors. At either end of the six large doors are curtains of heliotrope shade. Carpeted steps lead to the circle and rows of luxury seats. Happy color effects, liberal comfort for all patrons, and novel arrange ments all bespeak success for Fre mantle's new theatre.

Section of the lounge at Hoyts, Fremantle. Two-tone bur* gundy carpet, pastel green walls and ceiling, specially tex tured to provide a silk like finish, and harmonising furni ture help make the lounge a wholly attractive room.