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? The popular drama, 'For the Term1 of His Natural Life/ was prosonted at the Perth Town-hall last night by Mr. Charles MacMahon's Draniatio Com pany, and it is sufficient to Kay that the

reproduction was a nuccees. The dramatisation of tho story does not of necessity preseutthe stii;ring incidents iri..the connected' form which goes to make Marcus Clarke's novel so intense ly interesting, still the 'scene's in convict hie provide a powerful drama, .the pro gress of whioh is closely followed by the audience. Mr. H. O. Willard as Richard Devine, alias IUifus Dawes, who. its, call- ed upon to undergo terrible punishment for iv crime of which ho was innocent, was very effective, and succeeded in on liuting the sympathy of the audience. Tho part of Mr, North, the kiudi-hearted chaplain, would in other hands have ap peared comparatively unimportant, but it was raised above the commonplace by the ability with which it was played by Mr. Bert Bailey, Mrs, Harrie Marshall, as Sylvia Vickers, interpreted tho char* acter admirably, but the other ladies' parts were not important, Mr. C, M, Keegnn, as Matt Gnbbett, the cannibal,, and Mr. Vincent Scully, as Captain Mau rice Frere,' made these worthy indi viduals appear as abhorrent as the occa sion demanded, while the little humor that is allowed to enter into the grue some story was supplied by Mr. W, IT, Cowan, in the charaoter of Mr, Mackin,

and Miss Alice May as the convict Vetch. . ? At the close of the second act the drawing for the bicyc-le given away by tho management took place. . Tho num bers representing the tickets bought on the three nights were placed in a revolvr ing barrel, lent by Mr. J. Charles/ and a little girl from tho audience was then asked to draw one of the tickets. The number drawn was 151, which repre sented the ticket held by Miss Sylvia Forrest, who was declared the winner of the bioycle, The drawing was under the supervision of the Mayor (Mr. Alex. For rest, M.L.A.), Cr. Potts, and Mr. Salt well.