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Trans Track Now Unusable

Present condition of 300 yards of the route has rendered virtually useless the thousands of miles of road link between W.A. and the Eastern States. This startling information reached Perth in a letter from Mr. R. Mackie, manager of Madura station, to the Royal Automobile Club

of W.A. "'Last Sunday there was a very heavy storm, over three inches of rain being registered at the home- stead," Mr. Mackie writes. "'This has destroyed about 300 yards of Madura Pass near the top, washing out about four feet of the track.   'It is absolutely impossible to get up, even with the aid of   horses or camels. "I would appreciate it if your club would get in touch with the authorii ties responsible. Alternatives 'There are alternatives to Madura Pass, but they are far more dreadful than the track which has just been washed out," said well-known over- lander Aubrey Melrose, today. 'If one can get over Mackie's Pass, at Medinie, fifteen miles east of Madura, it is possible to travel along the top of the Hampton Tableland and join the usual route — if you are a good enough bushman to find it. "I am willing to bet, however, that an ordinary modern car, loaded with an average driver, would not make the first hundred yards of Mackie's Pass. 'The boulders would beat them, though old, unloaded models with

Follow Rails really high clearance can scramble to the top. "Another alternative is at Nullar- bor, 250 miles east of Madura. "From there one can reach Cook after a difficult 90 mile or so across the plains, but after that it is neces- sary to follow the train line over killing limestone outcrops for 250 miles to Rawlinna. "Carlisle brothers have a pass on their property about 35 miles from Madura. "This is hard to find and hard to negotiate. The Carlisles will show motorists where it is if they are home, but they are often away for months on end. "Probably the best way to get through would be by getting per- mission from Mr. and Mrs. Hogarth, of Mundabrilla station between Madura and Eucla, to use their pass; but this, too, in- volves desert travel and all sorts of difficulties. "'In any case, it is quite likely that the downpours in the locality have done as much damage to the other passes as they have to Madura. "If any more evidence of the need for a road is required, surely this latest happening supplies it. "Weather conditions like those just experienced, and a couple of enemy bombs on the railway, would mean Western Australia's complete isola tion."