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Coulthard of Carlton

The brilliant play of the Victorians in the recent Centenary matches must have turned the minds of the old-timers back to the early days of Victorian foot- ball, and doubtless the Inevitable com- parisons of the past and present genera-

tions of players were freely argued among them. One of the most brilliant players of the seventies was George Coulthard, of Carlton, whose photograph appears in this column. The photograph is the property of Mr. Chas. Coulson, of 116 James-street, Perth, himself an old playing member of the famous Carlton


team. Mr. Coulson played with Carl- ton for eight years, including the pre- miership season of 1887. He was also once vice-captain of a Victorian repre- sentative team which met Tasmania. 'DADDY OF THEM ALL'   Coulthard, in the opinion of many veterans of the game, was the greatest exponent of the Australian code. Both by his prowess as a player, and by the great personal influence he exercised, Coulthard did much to place the game in the solid position it occupies today. Mr. Coulson regards Coulthard as having been a super-man in the foot- ball arena, and he was the idol of the crowds of the period. Many survive who remember the great and strenuous games of those stirring times, especially between the old rivals Carlton and Mel- bourne, in which the great Coulthard stood out above all others. Those who had the opportunity of seeing Coulthard and other champions in action would unhestitatlngly award the distinction to Coulthard of being 'the daddy of them all,' Mr. Coulson believes. This great player was justly entitled to be ranked as one of the finest all-round sportsmen of all time. He enjoyed box- ing and was often seen In contests with the marvellous Jem Mace, the then champion of the world. He was a prominent cricketer, coached cricketers, and was a leading player of the Mel- bourne C.C. He was later an inter- state cricket umpire, and took an in- terest and was a participant in other forms of sport.