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The Thebarton Annual Races commenced on Tuesday, when there waa a large number of persons present upon the course ; not quite so many, perhaps, as might have been ex- pected to attend the first day's racing, but this waa to be accounted lor bv the fact that it waa New Year'a Day, and many of our citizens had found private reaourcea of amuse- ment in preference to the attraction of the racecourae. We should imagine on a rough computation that there were slightly over 2000 persons in attendance. The weather waa very propitioua, although towards the close of the day the rain rendered it somewhat unpleasant for the return. The morning was a little sultry, and the road dusty in conse- quence of the large number of vehicles travelling it ; but for the sports the day was a capital one. The road shortly after noon presented a very lively appearance, and the ride to the course was extremely pleasant. Arrived there, every- thing was found in tip-top trim, and we may safely say that we have never had better arrangements at any previous races in South Australia. The commodious Grand Stand was well filled, and Schrader's band was stationed on ita highest seat, and played various pieces throughout the day.

The circus waggon, drawn by eight beautiful horses, waa alao present, and contributed not a little to the enlivcnmcnt of the proceedings.

We have already given a full description of the arrange menta made by the atewarda. and we will not therefore recapitulate them further than to remark that they gave'the moat entire satisfaction. The lunch was provided by Mr. Aldridge, and was well got up and equally well patronised. In betting there waa but little done, the ventures evidently being ".sweepstakes." The only betting of any consequence we give in its proper place below.

The stewards were Messrs. E. M. Bagot, G. Bennett, C. Jenkins, and W. Hughes. Judge-James Chambers, Esq. Starter-John Haïmes, Esq. ; and Clerk of the Course, Mr. .W. H. Formby. We will now proceed to describe theaport The first event ot the day wa3 the


A sweepstakes of 4 sovs., 2 forfeit, with 40 sovs. added, for horses the bona fide property of butchers from 1st Dec, i860. Heats, one mile and a half. The winner to be sold by auction after the race, and any surplus over 50Í. to go to

the fund.

1. Mr. W. Hughea's eg. Frank, 5 yrs., 9 st. li lb., blue, jacket white apota, yellow sleeves, black cap (Holmes).

2. Mr. O. A. Walton's br. g. Unknown, aged, 10 at. 1 lb., blue jacket.'pink sleeves, blue and pink cap.

3. Mr. J. Greenficld'a r.g. Indigo, 6 years, lOst lib. white jacket blue and white Cleeves, black cap (Sadler).

4. Mr. G. Bennett's b.h. ATeno, 4 yra. 9st. 7lbs., scarlet jacket, black cap, (Simpson).

When the horses were brought into the saddling pad- dock, the lot were very much admired, more especially Indigo, certainly a very well formed horse. He did not, however, appear to be much of a favorite, and we think that tile odda were decidedly in favor of Frank against the field. Thoae who know Simpaou's performancea of courae backed Veno, and beta were made at 25 to 1 upon him. Un- known looked a fine powerful horse, but in the paddock did not appear in very good trim. When brought to the starting-post, however, he plucked up, and at once got

into more favor.

First Heat. - After one false start the horaea got well away together, and kept their placea until about the mile startiug post, where Unknown shot a-head about a length, Frank following on his near quarter ; Veno, however, picked up at this time, and, when opposite the Grand Stand, about halfway round, edged in between the two horaea, taking the lead, which he kept right round. Tho roan wa3 by this time forsaken, and, although evidently hard pushed, could not recover his ground. Veno waa now closely followed by Frank, the Unknown dropping off a little near the atraight running, when he again picked up ; by this time, however, the heat waa completely between Frank and Veno. By a little display of "Simp3on'a own," the brown horae auddenly shot ahead, and passed the winning-post first by about a length. The race for second place was almost neck and-neck between Frank and Unknown, the former winning by about half a-lcngth. Indigo all behind. Time, 3 mina. 4


Theorder in which the horses will place is aa followa:

4. Veno .t 1. Frank .2 * 2. Unknown .3 3. Indigo .o

Second Heat-At the start in this heat Indigo, Veno, and Frank, got well away together ; Unknown following, how- ever, hard up, soon passed Indigo, bat the four were well huddled until half way round the course, when they begun slightly to separate, and at the straight running the race was very between Veno and Frank ; indeed it was

impossible within half a dozen strides of ¿he poai to tell which would win, although every one qf courae felt that Simpson had the advantage. Both riders were loudly cheered, and the two horses carne in within half a length of each other, Veno first. The placea were

i. Veno ., ... i

1. Frank ...' .2 2. Unknown .0 3. Indigo .0

Time, three minutes. After the race the winner was offered for sale by Mr. Charlea Jenkins at an upset price of 60t, the surplus to go to the tunda, but a9 there waa no offer

he was passed to the owner. He ia a remarkably fine horse. very strongly built and runs ueU, but bia off fore foot did not look all there. The hoof appeared split, and he had a bar shoe on ; thia, however, did not affect hia yesterday's per- formances in the least. Regarding Frank, an opinion pre- vailed that had the jockeys been changed the fortunes cf the race would have been materially altered. Simpson's riding was certainly magnificent, and he displayed much judgment throughout"both hent3. We do not in any way mean to dis- parage the performances of Holmes, who exhibited both skill and tact, but we are sure he himself will admit the superior ability of his antagonist. Under any circumstances both were deserving of great praise, and as for the chesnut. he ia a very game little horse, and haa evidently bean well trained. His performances of Tuesday (although losing) in no way belied the confidence which had been placed in him by many. The next event of the day was tha '


Asweepstakea of 10 sovs., 2 ft, with loo sovs. added. On« mile and a half. Twenty-one nominations. The entries for

this race were as under : -

1. Mr. C. B. Fisher's b.c. Typo, 3 yra., 9 st, light blue

jacket, white cap (Simpson). «

2. Mr. P. Jewell's b.m. Blue Bonnet 3 yrs., 8 st io lbs., scarlet jacket, black cap (Radford).

3. Mr. P. B. Coglin's b.m. Nancy, 3 yrs., 8 st. io lbs., tartan jacket, scarlet cap (Sadler).

4. Mr. C, B. Fisher's b.f. Twilight, 3 yrs., 8 st. IO lbs., light bluejacket blackcap (Robinson).

The favorite in this race at the commencement of the day waa, we think. Twilight, but then it was not known who waa to ride Typo. Aa soon aa the teleeraph announ-jd Simpaon aa hia jock, the aspect of affairs changed, and he was pretty freely backed at io to I against the field. B'.u« Bonnet was also well thought of. The lot got a beautiful start. Radford (who by-the-by seems to have suffered con- siderably in training for 8 st. lOlbs.), taking the lead, which he kept half round the course, where he was passed by Simpson, closely followed by Twilight, Nancy being ail behind. Twilight and Typo then ran nearly- neck aud nek for a short distance, when Blue Bonnet again shot ahead about a length, catching Twilight and passing her just at the straight running. Typo was at this time about two lengths ahead, and kept his position, coming in an es ay winner. Time, 3 minutea 3 seconda. The order in which the horses were placed is aa under :

1. Typo.I 2. Blue Bonnet .2 . 4. Twilight .3

3. Nancy - .(J

It waa evident that Twilight could easily have taken second place, but that she was held almost from the com- mencement of the race. Typo was greatly admired and showed a remarkably long stride. On being unsaddled ho did not look at all distressed. Indeed he was not even warm. He ia by Muscovado, we believe, out of a colonial

mare. The next event waa the


1. Mr. W. Filgate's br.h. Karey, 4 yrs. 9st. 3 lbs., white

jacket, black cap (PowRing . .

2. Mr. P. B. Coglin'a b.h. Vanish, 4 yrs., 9 st. 3 Iba., tartan

jacket, scarlet cap (Sadler).

3. Mr. It. T. Poole's eg. Mack, 6 yrs., 10 st. 1 lb., blue and

red stripe jacket, black cap (R. Poole).

4. Mr. C. B. Fisher'B b.m. Midnight,!* KS., O st> light blue

jacket, white cap (Simpaon),

To tell which was the favorite in this event i3 a somewhat difficult task. Both Rarey and Midnight had numerous admirers, though we think the fact of Simpson being entered to ride the mare turned the scale slightly in her favor. Mack's previous performances obtained him many admirera, but it was quite anticipated that he would stand but small chance. Respecting Vanish the card announced him as drawn, and considerable surprise was excited when he entered the saddling paddock. The reason he had been drawn was, that two days ago he had the misfortune to quarter-split his near fore foot, and it was thought he would be unable to run. However, he appeared at hia place with a circular shoe on, well padded and strapped, and he really appeared to suffer but little from the effects of his misfor- tune. The shoe was put on by Mr. Crabbe, under the super- intendence of Mr. Jordan, Mr. Coglin's trainer, and to appearance answered admirably. The knowledge, however, that the horae waa next door to lame, prevented speculation upon him. He is a very fine horse to look ut, and poaaesses good power, and under other circumstances it is impoaaible to say what he might not have accomplished. Hia owner at all events proved his confidence in him by allowing him to run in his present condition. We will now endeavour to

describe the race.

First Heat.-At the start the horses got.well off together. Midnight and Rarey taking the lead, followed at a length by Vaniah, Mack being behind. Thia order was kept for a quarter of a mile round the course, when Midnight shot somewhat more ahead, the other two closing up and running almost neck and neck at a couple of lengths behind. When half-way round the course, Midnight put out at tremendous speed, and went ahead about two lengths on the inside of the coursa After this she kept gaining ground at every stride until near the straight running, when Rarey laid out in splendid style; and taking somewhat the inside of the courae, began sensibly to gain on the mare. By the time thy horse rounded into the straight rnnning, he had closed up with her, and the race was now furiously contested, both riders punishing hard, and the horses being almost neckend neck. Themare, however, now showed her superior length of stride, and shot ahead about three lengths, when Simpson held her in somewhat, and won by about the same distance easily. Time, 4 min. 1 sec. Places

4. Midnight .1

1. Rarey ".2 3. Mack .0 2. Vanish .0

On unsaddling both Midnight and Rarey showed aigas of the punishment they had undergone, the latter, especially bsing spur galled on the oflside. They were allowed a ''spell" before the aecond heat, during which was run


for 201. a side. One mile. The entries being aa follows: -

1. Mr. II. H. Bickford's b.c. Volante, by Witton, 3 yrs., 8st Gibs., amber jacket, purple cap (HallJ

2. Mr. Raglesa'a br. g. Zeuo, bj* AVitton, 3 yrs., 8st. alba., acarlet jacket, black cap (Fergua).

This wa3 a closely contested race. At the start the horses were well together. Volante being outside, about half th» distrauce. When naif round he rook the lead, which hu kept, winning by about a length. Time, 2 min. 13 sec.


Second heat.-In this hi.'it Vanish and Mack were draw;:, the contest therefore lying between Midnight and Rarey. At the start the horses got well aw ly together, both held hard and »Midnight slightly ahead on the inside of the course. When about half round the horaea begnn to push out, 1 tarey

commencing creeping up alightly. About thia time betting ?* become somewhat animated, 100 to 10 being offered on the mare. On entering the straight rnnning the pair wer-j el'!*« up to within half a length, but Simpson shot rapidly out, and came in a winner by about three Iength3. Time, 4 min. 9 ace. The mare was much ad- mired, and some betting promiaed between Victorian ¡j»ntle mun present and her admirers. The Hon. G. C. Hawker o:fared Mr. Herbert Power 50 guineas even that shs would bsat the celebrated Victorian horse Flying Jib wlieiisivcr they should meet,'and the bet was taken. The sams gen; Is- mail also offered an even loo/, that Soith Australia won! t beat any lots which Victoria could bring against her on ill ; first meeting from date, but we are not aware that th". h-;t was accepted. The mare i3 entered for the Welter Stiles to-day, but we arc informed that she is drawn.

Tiie next race on the card was the


A sweep3fakes of one and a half sovs., with 15 sovs. aided, for butchers' untrained horaea uaed in the trade from Dacember 1, IS61, and that have never started for p-.iMi.: money except Hack Stakes. Heata, one mile. Weight, n st. The winner to be aold by auction alter the race, aud any sur plua over 30/. to go to the lund.

The following horaea were entered :

Mr. Hughea's br.m. Zoe, 5 yrs, amber jacket, bite, cap


Mr. Bennett's b.h. Mus. 4 yrs., scarlet jicket, bik. cap


This race waa well contoäted, the horses being almost nol- and neck to the straight running, when Jewill shot ahead, closely followed by Dignum, who picked up as thev near id the winning post, and came in first by about a length. Tim :,

2 minutes 15 seconds.

Second Heat-This heat was equally well conta.stcd, Zoe again coming in first by about a length. Time, 2 minutes

14 seconda.

Tliis closed the programme for the day, and a rush was at once made to the various conveyances, the rain falling some- what aharply ; all available meana of transit was 30011 takea up, and many persons were left behind, several walking home rather than wait for the return of conveyances. So far aa we are aware, all were transported to town without accident. We understand that Hia Excallency has intimated hia inten- tion of being present to-day, when the programme will c-'im prize the following events :-Maiden Plat«, Welter Staket. Private Match for 20i. a side, Hurdle Race and Hack Stakea. The firat race will start at 1 o'clock.