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The latest visitors to sign the Mayor's book were: K. Wright, W. G. Ashlin and J. Leitch, Brisbane; P. P. Connell, Hughenden, and Mrs. Wal- dow, Sydney.

Official notification has been received that Constable Kane, late of Warwick, has resigned from the Police Force. He will be succeeded in Warwick by Con-

table Ridgway, at present stationed in the Valley, Brisbane.

Our readers will regret to learn that Mr. C. H. Allen, Percy-street, War- wick has been in very indifferent health of late. Her medical adviser has ordered her to see a Brisbane specialist, and it is not unlikely that a somewhat serious operation will be performed.  

A telegram from Cairns last night     stated : The death occurred in Cairns today of Mr. H. R. Storey, Bailiff of

the Supreme Court, who has resided in   Cairns for over 20 years. Deceased, who was at one time manager of a western station, is survived by his wife and grown-up family.

From a letter, which was delayed, Mrs. B. A. Spiers, of Killarney, now

knows the cause of her husband being   in a hospital in England with a wound-   ed leg. It appears that a party was practising bomb throwing, when one   exploded accidentally. Through its explosion a sergeant and private were killed outright, and Private Spiers and another were seriously wounded.

Included in the latest casually list, issued on Monday night, are the follow- ing names:—Private R. D. Purcell, Warwick, 2nd Remounts, ill. Private C. D. Lewis, 2nd Light Horse, wounded. Private A. Neden, 2nd Light Horse, ill. Private J. F. Fitzgerald, Warwick, 5th Light Horse, wounded, but remain- ing on duty. Corporal A. E. Neill, Kil- larney, wounded, gas. Private E. J. Walsh, Emu Vale, wounded.

Mr. P. Connell, a son of the late Mr. Peter Connell, of the Downs Hotel, Warwick, and a brother of Mr. Michael Connell, of the T.P.O., spent a few days in Warwick, and stayed at the Criterion Hotel. He attended the com- mittee meeting of tile Hibernian Racing Club on Monday night, and received a warm welcome from all, and especially from many of his old school mates.

The Clifton correspondent of the   "Daily Mail" writes : The news of Major W. O. Hodgkinson's death was

received here with regret, and much  

sympathy was expressed for the four  

orphaned children, three of whom were   born here. Deceased and his wife were in the hotel business here for several

years, and they were greatly esteemed.   They first conducted the Clifton Arms  

Hotel, and afterwards the Commercial   Hotel. During his residence here the deceased gentleman was a great cours- ing enthusiast, and had several good dogs.

The many friends in Warwick and district of Mr. R. E. O'Hara will be

pleased to learn that he has been ap- pointed High Sheriff for County Sligo (Ireland). Mr. O 'Hara, it will he remembered. was associated with Mr P. D. Percival in pastoral pursuits in this district, their holdings including "Dereen," and Glenelg station. Mr. O'Hara left for Ireland about seven years ago. "Irish Life" of November 9, notes that a very successful garden fete was held on September 12 on the grounds of Mr. R. E. O'Hara (High Sheriff), Newpark (Ballymote}, Co. Sligo, when a very substantial sum was raised for comforts for our soldiers.

Tuesday, November 6, was the birth- day of M. Paderewski, who has played his way into the hearts of the whole world. People who know him intimate- ly describe him as simple, kindly, and generous. At his country home in Poland he is idolised by the villagers, who congregate in tbe grounds of his house to hear him practising. Each of his fingers is insurerd for an enormous

sum. The policy covers every injury, however slight, to any part of his hands. Nervousness is a trouble that he had never got over. He paces his greenroom like a caged lion before his performances, and it is sometimes with great difficulty that he can be per- suaded to play at all.

On Monday evening last, at the Hi- bernian Hall, on tbe occasion of a meeting of the committee of the Hiber- nian Racing Club, Mr. J. T. Wallace, the popular secretary, whose birthday was the day previous, was presented with a smokers' outfit from tbe officers and members of St. Joseph's branch. The speakers on the occasion were Past District President E. O'Mara, Past President. M. J. Brennan, and the Pre- sident (John McEniery). Mr. Wallace, in reply, expressed his delight that after such a long connection with the society he still retained the confidence of the members, and it was with deep feeling that he accepted this presenta- tion which again was a proof that he

had their best wishes.

It is with deep regret we announce that the death took place yesterday morning at the Warwick General Hos- pital of Mr. Thomas Hancock, who re- sided at Millhill. The late Mr. Han- cock, who was aged 67 years, had been ill for only a short time, but he suf- fered a great deal of pain. Born in Yorkshire, he came to Australia in the year 1874. Almost at once he came to the Warwick district, and resided for a time at Pratton, Allora, and Goom- burra. Finally he settled at Millhill with his mother, who is still alive, and is 92 years of age. Mr. Hancock was a firm Englishman, and was a warm sup- porter of the Warwick branch of the Royal Society of St. George. He was a man of sterling character, thoroughly honest in all his dealings, and posses- sing a warm heart under a somewhat rough exterior. Mr. Hancock never married. Besides his aged mother he leaves, to mourn their loss, a brother, George Hancock, who lives at Killar- ney, and two married sisters, who live in Sydney and Pilton. After a short

service at the Warwick General Hospi- tal this morning, conducted by the Rev.

W. Parton Shinton, the body will be  

taken to Allora for interment. At the graveside there the Rev. P. W. Smythe,

Presbyterian Minister, will officiate.