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To make way for an air raid shelter for employees of Bedggood and Company's boot factory, Gover- nor Latrobe's cottage, in Agnes st.. Jolimont, is to be demolished, and Melbourne will thus lose one of Its most interesting relics. The cottage was imported in sections and was erected on its present site 103 year ago by Mr. C. J. Latrobe. It was named by his wife, a Swiss lady. The neighbourhood in those days was picturesque bushland, and the cot- tage, then considered worthy of the title "Government House," com- manded an enchanting view of the river and the hills on either side.

Now the little building is almost obscured from view by surrounding houses, flats, and the boot factory. It came into the possession of the Bedggood family about 40 years ago when the factory was being extended. The main portion of the cottage was preserved in its original state, and in more recent times, as a centenary gesture, the Bedggood family had a garden of early 19th century design planted around the cottage, and they opened it for pub- lic inspection.

Mr. H. L. Bedggood said yesterday that it was with regret that the family had decided to have the historic cottage demolished, but the air raid shelter had to be provided for employees, and the alternative to dismantling the cottage was to de- stroy the garden. As the old building was already falling into decay, it  

had been decided to preserve the garden, but the front portion of the cottage would be retained if possible. That had been decided after an offi- cial of the Historical Society of Vic- toria had visited the cottage yester- day.