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The Warwick Argus



The Warwick Argus to-day makes its

bow to the public of Warwick as a

bi-weekly newspaper. After a period of nearly fifteen years' babyhood it is, in the opinion of the proprietor, time the paper made a forward step, and, throwing off its babyish apparel, donned

the garments of more mature age. ftae whstl the Argue appeared twjpia**ak> but, owing either to want Af ikujiieiy %hr apprebiatiiotilm the part of the public, or ability oti the part of ltd

Its biweekly |»rota» , tioas did not oofckintte for atty vely great

length of tilna, and it ultimately ret

torfnffl to the dreary monotony of a1'

' a^^iS<e>;' -jlfea hu eon tinaed with uninterrupted regularity for the pact fourteen or fifteen yeara* a AihUit titoe5t'tt««t-be' admitted to allow plane being matured fof its mora freguqnt appearaooe. We are, however, hot alone blamsable for the long period the torn has had to put up with weekly bheeU. KeWspeper proprietors ntseabll toost other talk tn it tout one respect t they do not as. a aisle, find their philab> thropfav unbearable, and it therefore fo!lo#r that A&ydo not usually die* play any great abxiety to advance the i$tec&U fii «ft* «to» M*g» at the sacrifice of their own. We are not one

of the oneptioM to (ftfe<taie,:«id hence

it wae that t*r.'alttrtred tto desire to kdfiwoe the itttettssts of the towa of it*

(residents by ittcf eating tie issue of our Journal 48til'? It eeeated apparent that theincressiitg importance of the. town wae eueh aa was likely to ykld tU some thing like a fair rtturtt tot the additional labor and odtlay this at»p #t)Uld involve iu in; We judge that time to have no# arrived, and henceforth the iifto %U1 Appear tvHoe 4 week. It i» an acknowledged fact that amongst a laafe proportion of die people of the colonies, tha local preee it taken aa the mean* of arriving at aa estimate of a district's imporUnoe. It shall bo our eadaavof ia aonducting the bi-weekly ieme of the Argut, to do our part to ensure the welfare of the Warwick

district ih-this respect* We shall look for and endeavor to deserve the support of business tften .and reaidenta of (he town generally' Without this our efforts^ of 000N8, must tail; but of this being the result we have little fear.

Wo wish to say a few words or two in explanation of the days we have

for tbe inue of-the paper, Our local eotitetnporary baring chosen Wed nesdays and 8aturd*ya, we did »ot think it viae to take tfre news at second hand by continuing to issue on Thurs days, and ao hare changed the early iaaue to Tuesday, and tbe paper will in future make ita appearance oil Tuesday and Saturday mornings. "the tiine in* tervening between the Saturday's and Tuesday's igsue will, we are aware, be ?ery abort for the preparation of a paper in a town where news worthy of record is to ac&rcei but we hope, never* thelessi to be - able to wake both issue* Interesting and rcttdnMPi and with this object itt ricW *fiti publish telegraphic news from Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne, and elsewhere! up to the hour of going to prrta.

THE honorable gentlemen who write the magic letters " M.L.A." after thai? names, and who congregate at irregu lar intervals in George-street, Brishane, feata beea pkyintt at high jitlks during tbe paat week. It will be remembered that the leader of the Opposition, about a fortnight since* moved And sought to tttm a Vote of WaUt of confidence in the Ministry, and, after several nights of tedious debate, the Government forced ths question to a division, scor ing a victory by a majority of three VMM. Ju« &toto tils division WU 'taken-about midnight-one ortWo of the 1 osser light* who ait on Mr. Speaker'a left appealed to the leader of the Government to content to a fur

ther adjournaunt #i! nie debate, as they. waft anxious to apeak on the question. Mr, M'l&WaaiTH, however, refused to groat the request, alleging that the discussion had already occu pied too much of the time of tbe House, How far he wa* right in thus stopping discussion 04 A question of "jMtoh Vital tapSHftaute to the country as his works | policy, wedo not now intend to argue | hisdolng aoi however, had the one al> most inevitable qonaequettoe of inoena* lug member* of the Oppofftipiti a»d pitting tbm t0<ieiM the Very Afst op>. portunity Chat occurred of re-<>penlfcg the debate, and going over the wholes the ground that had already been tw. versed by the leaders of the party. The opportunity occurred on Wednea* day lilt, When, aa stated in the tela* grama pttblUhed in odr last, Mr. Gaooit took advantage of tbe Premier'* motion tof going ittto 8tfpply, to et pre** hli dlrtpproVfcl of the action of the leader or Govemthe&t. Io a lengthy speech, he reviewed the policy of the Go. ?etUtjtent, and expressed his determin> ation to atoHefcAU the Iwatt Estimates by opposing the passage of the amount* aet down for the .extension of tbe trunk lines into the interior shilling by shil. ling ? The member for Too wootnba was followed by Mr. Gtaiicris, attd by Mr. HottWrtk, who said he intended to op pose both branch and trunk (ittes, for the reason' that there* were -no plana on the table. He thought much money bad been lost owing to too great haate ] in oommenmttg littea; in future no money should «e voted till the lines Badbeett atiroy*d> Befefriug io the proposed fetettdi line to itilUmey, he

said that unless taken thfoU^t thetarnn j

ittg district*-whioh would increase its

. length to five or sis and twenty miles- j j it could not be made payable* The!

trdttk lifte* conld not be oonstructed! for anything like the amounts »et down fof them, and the ultimate 00U sequence of the House sanctioning their com mencement would be additional tax

ation. Therefore he intended to op- j pose the vote. Mr. Btvblbt followed, attd ib opening a lengthy speech con demnatory of the Ministerial works, policy, expressed his determination to use every means in his power to ob

struct thja pastage of the railway items, of the Loan vote, intimately the Aottae went into Supply, and £100,000 for immigration Was passed, not, how WW, before a aoupie of hours had been mK in discuasloti. At I o'clock on Thursday morning, tbePatfati** moved the railway vote of £1|1P0,000, The Oppoiltion appealed to the leader o( the Qovernmedtto "Bottsent to 4 post ponement of the vote, but Mr. M'Il w&tftH distinctly indeed to do so, and preparation! were Made bj the Opposi tion to stonewall the vote. Hon. mem bers on both sides prepared to make a night , of it, sad talking ftgawat time wui resorted to. Scenes, anything but eTedttible to those members Who cre ated them, occurred Hot Infrequently, and sbvend Mmesi m learn from the Cqntttft the Chairman was appealed to "with a vie# to the maintenance of

Parliamentary practice." The House

cat mt till 8 oolock in the Afternoon, 1

when the Speaker took the chair, and Thursday's sitting was commenced. After the dicpusal of the formal busi ness, the PbeHisb again attempted to fa foe the railway vote, bat the Opposi tion immediately feeommeticed their " stonewall" tactics. Tbe sitting was merely a repetition of tbe pfevioila ttigfctr* and included disattiflitiotta on the suitability of the graste* of the western interior for hay (Mr. GBIMSS))

tbe untameable nature of tbe wild as* 01 the wilderness (Mr. MOBEHKA.D), Ac, The aitting continued throughout the night, and up till 1 o'clock on Friday anernoottt when, according to the forms of the HoiUe, it died a natural death that is, it h*d ttktont the alloted weekly span allowed by the eeeaional order*. And thus, after three day* and two nights oontittuott* kitting) the bmines* of the Home was left in etactly the same position, if we except the passage of the immigration vote, as it stood when the House met on Wednesday afternoon. We notice that the metro

politan papers are extremely wrath at the. conduct of the Opposition, arguing that the oonrse they are pursuing is un* parliamentary, ana can have no good result. The former accusation may be trde, though We rather incline to a

contrary view, but the latter is not. That it is unlikely to have any good result we are quite prepared to admit)

but there can be tlo question tint if it were persisted in it Would have the ef fetft of bringing About a diisolutiu", and we hold atodtigly to tile opihion

that if the constituencies were again I ..afforded the opportunity of expressing [ their opinions, Mr. M'Ii.WSA.ith would i find that, though he leads a majority of the recruits who were elected to the Assembly Ltot November, he eertainl/ doe* not represent the opinions of toe majority of the people.

We learnt toward* the latter end of the week, from members of the Oppo sition, that the "stonewall" tactics were to be resorted to when the vote came on again yesterday. [Our tele grams, beloWi intimate that an tinder* Standing has been arrived at.]