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SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1892.

QCELS'H JJIIII'HIMV.-Ill order that our stall may partake of llic holiday provided by Queen's llirtliday, the Exumiucr ami Time* yill bo published on Tuesday morning next, instead of Wednesday. Subscribers and advertisers will please note this change. Wc arc BO in tensely loyal that wo wish to observe Her Majesty's natal day with due pomp and


Sin Hujiira PWKKS.-The long cxpeeted auto biography of Sir Henry Pnrkes will be issued


IlKBCsii-.n WOXIK.-It is notified that the Warwick Saw Mills and Steam Joinery WoikB Iiave resumed woj-k.

SELLS' Cmcus.-This show, which caused such a mir ill Australia for a time, left Sydney

for San FranciBco last Monday.

PHESUYTERIAN SPNI>AY SCHOOL,-The annual Sunday School treat will take place on Tuesday next in Mr. Bourne's paddock, Rosenthal road.

TIUIN ALTERATIONS. -The afternoon goods train for Toowoomba on Tuesday next (usually leaving at 3'30 p.m.) will not leave till C p.m., for the convenience ol viBitorB to the sports.

CHAMPION PHIZES ton SHEEP.-The New South Wales Minister for Agriculture has consented to offer si* £50 champion prises for sheep at the Koyal Agricultural Society's Bhow

to bo held in Sydney shortly.

RELEIVINO THE Dr6TREssED.-The Govern men! are extending relief to thousands of persons weekly. There is every reason to believe that a goodly Dumber of them are im posing upon the Government.

BEAUTIFUL TBOPBIES.-The trophies to bo presented as the fiiBt and second prizes in the forthcoming bieyolfi race are now on exhibition in tho window of Mr. W. Greiner, jeweller. Tbey are prizes well worth winning.

SOCIAL GATHEBINO.-We would again remind the public of the social gathering which takes place in the Oddfellows' Hall next Tuesday evening, being the anniversary celebration of the Star ot the Sovrns Lodge, M.U. A real good night is expected.

HEAVY POTATOE CHOPS.-Germany is the greatest potatoe-producing nation in the world. LaBt year the total crop amounted to 887,747,884 bushels, giving an average of 123 bushels per acre. The average in the United States last year was nearly 94 bushels per acre.

THE MAIL THAIX.-It is reported that the time-table ol the through mail train will be altered next month, and that it will run five hours earlier in order to catch the Melbourne express. This means that the train for Sydney will pass through Warwick at 9 o'clock in tho

evening instead of 2 in the morning.

SUNDAY SCHOOL AnwvEiisAny.-yhe anniver sary of the Wesleyan Sunday school will be

celebrated .on BonAny next, when tho Rev. W.; Jeffries will pre&ch morning and-night, and j

conduct a children's service in the afternoon at 8 o'clock. A special feature will be the Binging ol suitable hymns by the children at the morn I ing and afternoon services, when it is hoped a

j large number of parents and friends will be


LIBEL ACTIONS TUBEATEKED.-Messrs. Annett and Gwynneth, Government railway engineers, Mr. Buchanan, and others of Mr. Bobb's staff, left for Brisbane by the Aramac on Saturday sight. Mr. Gwynneth openly treatens to take libel actions against the papers and parties responsible for the obnoxious paragraphs pub lished over tho recent lawsuit in connection with the second seotion of the Oairna-Herberton Hail way.

COWLEY OHCE A SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. Concerning Mr. Cowley, the Queensland Minis ter for Lands, a contributor to the Wyndbam (N.8.W.) CltronicU says:-He and I were fel low-teacnors in the same Sabbath school for nearly four years; and to think that now he is a Cabinet-Minister, whilst I am-only a poor Ecriba, He is very dark in complexion, like a West Indian, which I believed he was. He's not tall *, has intelligence of the sharp rather than

profound kind.

DEATH OF Mn. ADAMS, M.IJ.A.-Mr. Walter Adams, member for Bundaberg, died in Sydney on Sunday. He had been twice mayor of Bunda berg, and at the time of his death was presi dent of the Agricultural and Pastoral Society of that town. He had been suffering from facial trouble for some time, and went to Sydney to undergo an operation, from the effects of whioh he never rallied. The remains of the deceased passed through Warwick by the mail train on Thursday.

THE.Kma OP DIAMONDS.-A very large dia mond is in the sceptre of the Emperor of Russia-it is about the size of a pigeon's egg, and is worth £300,000. This diamond was stolen from the head of a heathen diety on tho Malabar coast, by a Frenchman, who sold it to the captain of a merchant ves sel for £10,000. Tho oaptain sold it afterwands to a Jew for £18,000. The Jew retained it for several years, and then sold it to the Empress Catherine for £90;000 in ready cosh, and an annuity of


TAILOIUKO NOTICE.-Messrs. A. & C. Frank, the popular tailors and outfitters of Albion street, wish to announoe that they have juBt received a large shipment of tweeds, worsted coatings, Ac., from Sydney, which are wall worthy an inspection by their numerous pat rons. The stock oannot be. beaten on the Downs, and customers will therefore have no difficulty as regardB choioe. The consignment consists of tweeds of all dnseriptions, cork sorews, fancy worsteds, serges, (dark and light), Venetians, buckskins (light and dark), stock inette, sergerettes, and Bedford sorde. The goods are all suitable for tho coming season. Good workmanship. IS*Fit and style gnaran


THE DEADLY CMABETTE.-The Congress of the United States is urged to suppress " the deadly cigarette" by a tax of lOdol. per 1000. According to tlie promoters of this inoaBUre, " clippings taken from papers throughout the United States show that, during the paBt year, there bavo been about 100 deaths of young men, mostly under sixteen years of age, from tho effects of smoking paper-wrapped cigarettes. In some easos there has been an analysis of tho stomach, and, in most instanace, have been found phosphorus and arsenic, wjhich is largely used in the manufacture of eigaretta paper. About 100 men have also been, consigned to insane asylumB from the same cause." Mean while, the Legislature of Ontario lias just read a second time a bill introduced by the Premier, prohibiting tho use of cigarettes by any one tinder tho age of 18. Under this Act tho penalty for smoking will be a flue of If to (if, while those who sell cigarettes to persons under

18 will be fined from 108 to 60 ff.

]'i;oi>rrT. MAHIH-.T.-Good prices ate realised for fnrn) produce in llio Tcnteificld market. We diroct attention to the report from the Star, which nppcnvs elsewhere.

POSTAL Pii!:n:i's.- A column of postal jnfor- , matiun nppcars iu this issue, which should , prove useful to our readers. lu fuluio this will I

be reprinted in our supplement.

A HOST or Ai'J' -About 200 appeals imvo , been lodged against the Maryborough munici pal assessmejjts, A third of Ihese haye been heard and a good many reductions made.

OCK fsuri'LEMENT.-Our supplement thisitoue contains the continuation of the love -"tory, " Love will Find out tlio Way," the garden calendar for May, and other items ot interest.

Tin: GOVT.IINOK'S RKTCHS'.-His Excellency the Governor, Captain Stflchev, A.D.C., and the Uon. A. S. Cowley, Minister for Lands, arrived in Brisbane from their northern trip on Wednesday evening last at J 1'80 p.m.

COIJOKIAI. FUEXCH.-A late cablegram says that Colonel French, It. A., late Commandant of the Queensland Defence Force, has been ap pointed Chief Instructor in artillery at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich.

Km Gr.or.i.F. GKEY.-Sir George Grey attained his BOth birthday on the 14th nit., and was pre. sen led with an address by the citizens ol Auck land. Sir George is likely to accept an invita. tion to visit Australia before the next session of the New Zealand Parliament.

AUCTION SM.V.B,-The auction sales to take place to-day are as followH. C. Ransomc Sale of horses. C. B. Davency-Sale of free. hold property, furniture, &c. MePouprall and Savile-Sale of cows and the IJordcr Saw Mill. Further particulars can be seen in the adver tisements appearing elsewhere.

DEBcmmxn A KISS.-This description of Mrs. Tjangtvy'6 kiss as Lady Clancarty is taken from an American paper-" There is a soft gurgling sound as of water escaping from a kitclien sink. . . . One second, two, three. . . . seven-and then an explosion as if the bung had blown out of a beer barrel. It is all over. That is the Langtry kiss.

BCKOI.AUR1 TMCKS.-Burglars in the suburbs of Sydney are operating with a neiv trick, which is by cutting the gas-pipe near the meter on the outside of the house in order to see if the house hold have retired to bed. Many people have the gas burning all night, so if no stir is made by the lights suddenly going oat, the burglars proceed with the job in the usual manner.

SBNBHTIOKAL SBOOTIHO CASE.-A sensational shooting case took place in Albert Park, Mel" bourne, on Monday night. Constable Heffernan via? found lying on his beat in an intoxicated condition, and while being removed to the lock-up by a fellow-constable Hefleraati sud denly pulled out a revolver a id fired bat fortu nately missed big aim. Better » recently lost £600 through Larkin'a defalcations.

MASONIC ACT UNION DRAWING.-This drawing commences in the Masonic Ball on Tuesday evening next, and continues up to Thursday

evening. A separate programme of entertain- ) ments has been arranged tor each evening of 1 the drawing. On the Uih-Tablauix I'ipante; on the 25th-Concert and dramatic entertain ment ; on the 26th-A cake fair and darce. The band of the Darling Downs Regiment will play selections during each evening.

ELECTMCAL ATTBACIIOS.-A ourious result has followed the introduction of electricity for Btreet lighting in Orizaba, Mexico. Millions of insects have been attracted from the mountains, and their dead bodies have collected in great heaps about the lamp-posts. Under s hot sun an unbearable! fltenoh has arisen from the de caying masses, and (ever has broken out among the inhabitants. It has been found necessary to send out waggons every morning to carry away the dead insects.

BAIN out WEST.-The official report from ; various parts of the country show that most welcome rain have fallon in those districts which lately complained of continued dry weather. Indeed, both in the south-western and central districts great apprehensions of drought were felt, and there appeared good reason to fear that in the presen t heavi ly-e locked state of the country very serious losses would be sustained. But these are dispelled, owing

to the welcome change.

Monti RETRENCHMENT,-Humours are current (says the Courier), and there is apparently foundation for them, to the effect that in the framing ot the EBtimateB to be submitted to Parliament after the vacation there will be further retrenchment in some of the Govern ment departments. This will take the forms of dispensing with the services of those offioers who can be done without, and not, as was at one time intimated, in a general all-round re. duotion of the salaries. As a matter of (aot, ei-ersisee the passing of the last Estimates rigid economy nas been exercised whenever


SNAKES IN IBEUND.-A wonderful if no startling piece of intelligence comes from the north ot Ireland. The Belfast Evening Tele

graph reports that a soaks, 7£ leet long aad nearly 7 inches in circumference, was killed on the afternoon of MarahSO by a numberof people attracted to the spot, at Norah'e Glen, near the Cave Hilt. It was subsequently removed to a contractor's yard on the Antrim road, where the teptile was inspected by crowds of people. Shades of St. Patrick 1 This is almost as wonder ful a bit of news as would be a thoroughly authentic announcement that there was not a deficit in the Queensland Treasury.

AN UNoRBAmrr- Moitmn-m-LAW.-The Win ton correspondent of the Hockhampton Sulktin reports tho following amusing episode "A. young couple made up their minds to become one, and proceeded to the parson, but while the wedding ceremony was going on the girls mother appeared on thescenc, and tried to pat a stop to the wedding, declaring that her daughter ' was not ot age. Sot the daughter had antici pated this move by wiring for a certificate of her birth whioh showed she was over the age. The mother broke the parson's window, and abused the intended son-in-law, showering curses on him. They had to bundle the bride into the buggy, and the bridegroom had to run after it. His mothcr-in-law, instead of giving the newly married couple a shower of rice, gave them a shower of stones. The bridegroom, however, said ' Good-bye, sbo is mine now,' and drove her home."

CANDIDATE FOB BOAIW HOVOKB.-Mr. E. F. Morgan, of the Albion, Brisbane, announces himself in the following as n candidate for the vacancy on the Windsor Shire Council

"Ladies and Gentlemen,-After the numerous and influential gentlemen waiting upon me, asking me to be nominatod as a candidate for the forthcoming election, to bs held oo tho 2nd June, I herewith accede to your request, and shall take an early opportunity of addressing you publioly. I am, ladies and gentlemen, jours obopiently, E. F. Morgan."

CONCESSIONS TO IIENOTBBMEN.-Lengthsmen J and other employees of the Railway Commis

sioners who cannot make use of the ordinary means of posting their letters shall be allowed to hand them to driver or fireman of any train in the usual manner, and the driver or fireman shall poet them, da)y stamped with ordinary postage, hot without late foe, at the nearest post office, and if they cannot leave tho engine

to post them they may be posted with the eta- i tion-maetcr, or any railway ofllcer to whom they i

j»my bo tendorcd. This regulation applies to i

Till the railway lines in the colony.