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P. J. Manraon,

I,» ' I


THERE was never yet philosopher or Spartan warrior Who for any length of time could b$ar (he pangs of toothache quietly. At eaoh times our whole life seems olouded by the iateoso anguish of the nerves-there is no health in. the world and DO happiness. A man at such times wilt promise anything so that he may obtain relief Toothache was the same in Shakes* peare'B lime as to-day, with the difference, h<ftr» ever, that to-day we have the benefit of long years and centuries of experience and expexi* went, and are blessed with simpler methods of eiidiug our sufferings A decaying tooth can be filled and made almost. as good as it was originally, or toothache can be stopped in a simple, expeditious, and (with the aid of anmstheticB) painless manner by resorting to a competent dentist to have the offender removed.

The re'ief not to be obtained by a king two hundred years ago is now possible to a peasant.

Mount Garabier to-day has advantages not. possessed by London a ceutury ago. In Mr, EV J. Maweon the town has a highly competent dentist, who by teaching and study and obser vation has accumulated all the knowledge of his, profession gained in the dim past. Mr. Maweov. studied dentistry in England, and practised U,x some time in Bradford, Yorkshire, and otb er English centres. Doming to the colonies he took the diploma demanded by the regulations in Victoria, and established a practice in Melbourne, He was in the hp.bit of making tripa Into the country, and frequently came to Mount Gambler to atfjucf patients here. Ten years ago, partly owing to ill-health, he opened in business in town, although is con nectioa is twenty-fivo years old. Ha is qualified to praatioa in Victoria and South Australia, and is the only dentist in Mount Gambier who has won his diploma in the last, or won a diploma at ell, Mr, Ma won ia one of a family of dentists, eight of bia relatives being ia practice.

The aurgeiy of Mr. Mawaon ia situated cu the MacDonuell Bay road aear Mao's Hotel, and there he is possessed of the best connection in dentistry in Mount Gambier, His surgery is* equipped with the latest appliances recjuiredj> which means a good deal, for great strides hav&i been made in resent years Iq the methods fa1/ lowed and the contrivances used. Mr. Maswa performs all fcinda of practical, surgical, and meohanliial dental work. He has been proved by hundreds of local residents to be goalie and moBt expeditious in e&fcraoiias teeth, There is a special hnaols in this perforraanoe possessed by fet? delists. In the other branches Mf. Mawaoa does Wgh-olasB dental work, He is en aocom* pushed operator in filing teeth) and is able to' do thU difficult and delioaia work with a mini*

mum of trouble to tho patient. All binds of' fining-*gold ot otherwise,«=»and soallng worif; are dons, and sets of artificial

am manufactured. Mr. Mawsoa'i1 charges are moderate. His local eonnectioa1 averages a considerable sum per snouts, and i^ is fortunate that Igsftl people have to oompeteut a deutUt in theis mld*fc. Bv»ry auffem