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National Stations

3AR presents the news today at 6 45am, 7 45, 12 50pm , 4 15, 7, 11, and 11 30 Part 2 of "Don Pasquale" will be presented at 2 Dinner music comes on at 0 15, and the BBC radio newsreel at 7 30 Percy Code will conduct a programme by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, beginning at 3 The Mastersingers' Quartet comes on at 10 15

3LO's news will be heard at 10am , 6pm , 9, and 9 30 Jim Carroll will describe Moonee Valley races In the "Calling Aus tialia" programmes at 5 30 Mr W S Kelly will speak on "British Farming Under Fire " At 7 23 Mr Pierre Mann w ill speak on "Free France " Denis Collinsons Starlit Hour begins at 8 Montague Brearley will conduct a programme by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at 9 35, and "To-night We Dance" comes on at 10 30

Tomorrow's 3AR news comes on at 6 45am , 12 50pm , 4 15, 7, and 11. Divine service from St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, will be broadcast at 11 Records by Ignaz Friedman (pianist) will be heard at 6 At 7 30 the ABC play department presents ' Mr Smart Guy," written by Alec Coppel At 9 45 during the All-Australia session there will be a recorded talk by Chester Wilmot

3LO will broadcast the news tomorrow at 10am , 6pm 9, and 9 30 The civic re- ception to Mr Menzies in Kew will be broadcast beginning at 3 15 At 9 45am the Special Air Force Re&ervists' session will present a talk by an RAF officer, who will speak on "An Aircraft Carrier."


Todaj at 12 5pm, 3UZ will broadcast the Town Hall reception to Mr. Menzies At 6 45 Percy Taylor will present his "Argus" sporting session, when he gives results of all major sports Mrs. 'Olmes and Mrs Hentw lils tie come on at 8, and the first of a seneĀ« of programmes en- titled "The Witches' Tale" comes on at 8 15 At 8 45 "Name the Singer" will be heard, and the BBC news at 11.

Tivoli Time comes on at 5pm on Sun- day, and at 8 Jim McCully will bring news and views of Hollywood in the "Hollywood Movie-go-round" At 6 45 the Coolmlnt concert will begin, and at 7 Darrod's Theatre of the Air The BBC news comes through at 9, and "The Watchman" broad- casts at 9 45 THE ARGUS news will be presented at 10 20