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LONDON, Dec. 18.

The trial of Emma, otherwise Kitty, Byron, for the murder of Arthur Regi nald Baker at the Post-office Court, Lombard-street, City, on November 10, was concluded yestefday.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty, with the strongest recommenda tion to mercy.' Sentence of death ,,was' passed. [While thousands of persons were happily parading tiie City streets iu the dinnear-iiour yesterday (says the 'Mail' of November 111 a mm was ttabbed to death by a young woman within, a stone's throw 01 the Man sion House.. Tho name of the man is believed to,, be Arthur Koginold Baker. He was a Stock Exdmnge dark, and about 35 years of age. The young woman who ia alleged to huvo killed him tuld 1/he police that her name ! was Kitty Byron, and she gave the address of. friends at Loytongtone. Her age is 23. I It was in tho post-office passage between! Lombard-street and King William street. | and just, outside the Lombard-street post- , office doors, that this startling ciime was committed, in the sight of several people. Although the City generally . was mating merry, over the Lord Mayor's procession there was tho usual presi of business at 'this over-busy office, aud scores of men and boy* were passing the spot every few moments. It was just after -half-past 2 o'clock n-hen a sudden mr of 'Minder!' caused people at the posl-olnuo counters to rush, to the doors, and a crowd to gather in au instant in the narrow court.

A quarter of an hour, earlier a young woman of attractive appearance — slight of figure, with dark eyebrows, black hair, and I handsome features — wen), into the post-office ' and sent an oxpress- letter to the Stock Ex- j change. It is said that she had done st-! frequently, and then awaited the arrival of , the person to whom the letter was a'ddreased ' — the maa sho,ia alleged to have killed ye3-'

tcrday. , She waited a few minutes, and then Mr. Baker joined her. . He was stylishly 'dressed in frock coat and silk hat. She was taste fully attired iu black, aud carried a muff. They entered into cowfirsation for somo minutes. It became obvious tliat they were quarrelling, and when- the lcud and angry tone of their conversation attracted atten tion they loft the post-office and entered the passaga Jfliere is a recess of several feet on the opposite side of the passage, and the couple sUkkI talking there for a moment.

KNIFE HIDDEN IN A MUFF. Then, while people were within a few yards, the young wornaai, it is alleged, 'drew from her muff a knife with a blade several inches Ions;, and quickly, witii much force, struck her companion* with it in tho face. The blade penetrated near the left temple, causing a terriblo wound. As the man: staggered and turned, it is said that she strutk at him again and plunged tho knife in near his heart and between his shoulders. He fell literally in his blood. It was a spectacle tliat made the hearts of onlookers stand still. In a moment several men sprang at the girl, and handed her into the cus tody of a constable named Hunt.- She seemed appalled at what she had done, and quietly gave up the knife, the blade of which wasS kopt open by a spring. She was taken to Cloak-lane police station, and there charged with murder.]