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The Liberal and Labor sections of the Federal Parliament met yesterday and decided to form themselves into one united party, to be known as the

Australian National Party. The next move was the election of a leader, and to that position Mr. Hughes was unani mously appointed. Is there no sug gestion in this for our State Premier and the members of the forlorn hope, who keep him company? The National sections of the Federal Parliament de cided to form themselves into a Na tional Party and then proceeded to elect their leader. They did not con

tinue Mr. Hughes in his leadership as a matter of course because he was Prime Minister and had led the party at the elections. Having formed them selves into a, new party, they did what all men of business do, and made a. fresh appointment. As it happened, they selected Mr. Hughes, but they | might have chosen Mr. Cook or Sir William Irvine, for they had the right, of free choice. What the Federal Nationalists have done, the State Na tionalists must do. Having formed themselves into a new party, they must next elect their loader, and have full range over the whole party in which to make the selection. Mr. Wilson was leader of the Liberal Party, Mr. Willmott was leader of the Country Party, and Mr. Scaddan was leader of the Labor Party. Not any one of these has a. right to the new leader ship, as of course, but must, if he as pires to' the leadership, put his claim to the test of election in competition with any other applicant who may offer. Mr. Wilson has chosen to de clare that ho must continue to hold the leadership ? until some uncertain time in the future. His claim is as ridiculous as it is arrogant. It would not be allowed by boys in a mutual improvement .society, and can only be (.derated amongst men when- those men are willing to be considered as mere dumb, driven cattle. The people are waiting with impatience for the next move in the sorry game which i.s being played with their political in terests. But. the next move i.s not with Mr. Wilson at all. The next move is with the members of the National Party. If that party does not forthwith get to work and elect its leader without reference to the convenience or pleasure of Mr. Wilson, It will stamp itself as having too little sense and too little courage to carry the confidence of the people, who are tired of wishy washiness in their poli ticians, and are straining their eyes looking over the plains for the com ing of men who know, and are plucky enough to practice, the way of the strong.