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'SiX BOB A. DAY TOU .Rim.' ^


A letter has been received .by, friends in Brighton from Captain HJ T. C. Laj-h, 7tli Battalion, A;T,r., wiiO ^ recently bec-n reported aa┬╗ wounded in the Dardanelles operations. He says that prior to going to the. starit Uie leather belts were taken away from officers, and other Chanses wctp mail.-.

in their equipment, so that at a few yards distance, except by the fact that he does not carry a rifle, an officer can nbt be dislinguished from a. private. ?'This,' says Captain Layh,' 'gives ' * ?chap r a fetter sporting ' chance/'' '-''A ? general who came over from France was -lecturing^' the Australian- troops in Egypt just -before they left for the Dardanelles;- so as to' give' them sbmc pblnts that would be of service to them in the field. Hetold theni, inciden: tallj-, that -his- own brigade of 11,000 men,^ during tlio'fightJngin-'Frahce; had ' been ' brought down ' to 1,300, through casualties. . 'So things there must have been humming somrt' An cld.Scotc'.i scldler-Vdf the r-Sauth Afrjf can war, who arrived in the Allies' lines when things were at tlieir hottest, was, according to fiie same 'authority, wel :cpmcd,':by the rergeant-major In the

trenches. ';'? 'I am glad tb see you, Pe ter,' said he. -'You1 have come over to fight; for yoiu- King and country.' 'It's the fact, inon,' said Peter, 'that in less than five minutes I was- fighting For My' Bally Life.' The staff officers told the Australian?, says Captain Lay'li, that the Germans find the range with their artillery by ?firing six rounds slicrt.. .Then they probably shoot another, sis that go too far, but the next ..lot. drop fair in the trenches. These feelers are called V-r the Allies . '.'bouquets,1' and now and again the Tommies in the trendies re port in their letters, and to incn they .-meett.;who- may be posted elsewhere, that the Germans are 'throwing flow ers' at them. .'I believe that. as soon as the first six rouTids drop cur .troops ^vacate th&,tTen-:hjBS:,EomctiJiies until the Germans have finished with theni, and as soon as the artillery firing stops they man them again, and' await the infantry' charge, fohlchii* tho'lnevltabJo sequel.'. 'Howicyer bad things are' at tha:'fr6nt,'i'saya :tho captain, 'I wish they would shirt us from liere.-''; :It Is bitterly cold'- In , thtf -dcsrrt 6f Egypt The wind fairly cuts -you, and^the safe? gets1 as-'-colfl 'as 'cliarlty; about' sih! -hour after-- sundown:' They call' our fellows in Egypt 'six tob a day tourists.' '